Laju Eghimea

Authored by M Lyon
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Saracen
  • Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Weight: 138.89 lbs
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Age: 23
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Character Biography

Laju Eghimea
Pronunciation: Eye-may-ah

General Information
Born: 2375
Place of Birth: Vekobet, Kendra Province, Bajor
Family: Laju
Father: Buln (Commander, BSG Tryggur, Deceased 2398)
Mother: Etitu (Maden name, Zado Etitu Deceased 2375)
Brother: Breeje (Lt Commander, BSG Örlagaríkur Deceased 2398)

Character/Family Biography
Family Connections:
Laju Sofe (Connection: Sister-in-Law, Maden Name: Suska Sofe Deceased 2375)

Appearance and General First Impressions:
Eghimea is an average build (if not on the smaller side) Bajoran female. Her short cut brown hair is always kept neat and professional despite the burns on the side of her head. Unseen under her cloths, her burns run the length of her right side of her body. She has a rarely seen smile that has been described as kind. Normally, her face wears several masks fitting to the situation. Her mannerisms are typically sharp and direct.

Her love of Bajor is reflected in her three tattoos hidden under her shirt. There is a tattoo of her family emblem and one of the Bajoran Crest. These two tattoos straddle her chest just over her heart. On her back opposite of her heart is, is the holy symbol of the Celestial Temple.

As mentioned above, Eghimea has burns that start at her mid-right leg and go up to her neck. There are burn marks on the side of her head, which she covers (partly) with her hair. These burns are deep and can distracted from her natural beauty. These scars are nothing compared to the sense of hollowness in her eyes.

Eghimea is extremely loyal to her friends and family. This loyalty is only seconded by her passion for her faith and Bajor. Second Lieutenant Laju is a perfectionist and refuses to allow herself to fail. Her love for reading has only fueled her photographic memory. Eghimea has always been an over achiever while being forced to grow up in the shadows of her father and her older brother. This has only driven her to push herself harder and further. As a result, she takes failure personally.

When In Uniform:
Second Lieutenant Laju stood at her post wearing her Bajoran Star Guard Uniform. It wasn’t one piece jumpsuit that was more common during the raise of the Militia days. Yes, she had a set of those, but the reborn Star Guard preferred comfortable uniform. Black combat boots with grave plates built within. The shine on the boots put these Star Fleet crewmembers to shame. They were like black mirrors at the ends of Eghimea’s legs. Her white paints with black stripes were light and flexible, though like the boots designed for work in space. Her white blouse with black stripes down the sides was a button up from the left side. Made of the same material as her paints. Though not a space suite formally, the uniform was designed to allow the wearer a very basic level of protection should life support in a section be lost. A black leather belt that was equally shined held her blaster on one side and her standard flashlight on the other. On either hip were two utility pouches. On her left chest, she wore her Bajoran comlink, now officially linked to the ship’s central network. On her left collar she wears her Second Lieutenant rank, and on her right, she wears her Bajoran Star Guard Insignia.

One could gather a great deal of information from what a person wear. Eghimea’s uniform, while expertly polished and organized, it speaks a lot to the organization that she belongs to. Uniforms that were designed to ensure that the wearer is protected during events such as loose of life support means that they are accustomed to working about ships that were less reliable than their Starfleet counterparts. While there are plenty of places to be flashy, over all the entire uniform was rather practical. And yet, the pride she took in her organization spoke for itself.

Personal/Family Background:
The Zado/Laju has a deep history of fighting for Bajor. Hailing from the Kendra Province, the family has seen more than its share of hardships and suffering. During the years of Independence, the Family’s Patriarch gave them the mission of keeping Bajor free from all other foreign powers. A mission that the family has sworn to fulfill. They hold a deep routed hatred for Cardassians and a general distrust of the Federation.

Miscellaneous Notes
Eghimea has a d’k tahg, that was given to her from her father upon her graduation from the Bajoran Military Academy. He won the dagger from a Klingon Warrior in personal combat during the siege of DS9. There is an emblem representing the former owner’s house near the hilt.

Official Records

Official Bajoran Military Academy Transcripts
Years In Attendance: 2391-2396
General Grade: 3.3GPA
Areas of Focus: Piloting and Small Formation Tactics

Training Officer’s Note
Arriving with a name like Laju, much was expected of Cadet Laju Eghimea. And while she didn’t disappoint, we found that many core fundamentals didn’t come easy for her. Though this never stopped her from pushing herself.

One of her weaknesses is her inability to accept failure. She will push herself beyond exhaustion and right past physical injury. She will continue to push herself until she does overcome any obstacle that is placed before her. Two surprises that we uncovered during training was her quick love for historical readings and study (Especially Military History and the study of historical battles)

Though this pales in comparison to her natural ability with mathematics. Combined with her skills as a pilot, Cadet Laju Eghimea would often out pace our own simulators. This combination made her a natural pilot.

Which brings me to her single biggest weakness. When she believes she is right, she can be stubborn and argumentative. Her inability to listen to other points of view makes her unsuited for Command School. And that is the tragedy of this report. Cadet Laju Eghimea has been praised and rewarded an equal number of times as she has been cited and disciplined.

First Posting
Bajoran Star Guard: Örlagaríkur (Kendra Class Corvette)
Commanding Officer: Lt. Commander Laju Breeje (Captain of the Örlagaríkur)
Posting Dates: 2396-2398

Commander’s Notes: 2397
Cadet Laju Eghimea has repeatedly proven her ability to pilot the Örlagaríkur and even started to best some of our more experienced pilots. I don’t doubt that within a year or two, she might be the best pilot in the entire fleet. She still fails to demonstrate the necessary personal skills and attitude for leadership. I cannot in good confidence recommend her for promotion to Second Lieutenant.

Commander’s Notes: 2398
It has been a rough year for Cadet Laju Eghimea. While her other skills continue to grow and impress, her leadership skills still are left wanting. While I won’t block her promotion to Second Lieutenant, I am still not recommending her for Commander School. However, there is change in her. If this change continues, I will make the recommendation for Command School Trials next year.

Medical Leave of Absence:
Stardate: 2398030.8-2398080.8

Current Assignment: Officer Fellowship Program:
StarFleet USS Saracen
Report Date: 2398082.5
Authorizing Officer: Colonel Zado Fanuca

Awards and Commendations:
Bajoran Purple Rose (wounded in service, The Pycok Incident)
Starfleet Medal of Commendation (awarded by Captain Paul Hilson USS Thunderchild, The Pycok Incident)

Sealed Records

The Pycok Incident:
Stardate: 2398030.5

The Federation Liner, Crimson Dawn with over a thousand souls on board reported a navigational error. This error placed the Crimson Dawn dangerously close to the Badlands. While the Liner was attempting to correct their navigation error, they were attacked by a raider ship which was identified as a salvaged Vor’cha class Battle Cruiser. Unable to flee, the Crimson Dawn issued a distress call.

While on patrol, two Bajoran Corvettes (the Örlagaríkur and the Tryggur) received the distress call and rushed to the scene.

Despite being heavily outmatched by the salvaged Klingon Battle Cruiser, both Bajoran ships engaged and fought back the much larger warship. According to recovered data recorders, the battle was desperate holding action. The Bajoran’s plans had been to keep the large warship away from the Liner till the USS Thunderchild could arrive. Sensor data revealed that the weapons of the two corvettes were having little effect on the larger ship.

During the battle, the Tryggur was destroyed with all hands lost. The Örlagaríkur suffered severe damaged. At this point, the Liner was all but helpless to the attack that was soon to be coming. The Raider Ship started to move in for the kill, leaving a near helpless Örlagaríkur behind. With the Crimson Dawn attempted to call for help once more. The Thunderchild was still minutes from the scene.

As the Raider lined up for its kill shot on the Crimson Dawn, the Örlagaríkur preformed a near perfect Picard Maneuver. This last-ditch effort placed the Örlagaríkur directly in the line of fire between the two ships. The incoming fire smashed the Örlagaríkur and blasted holes in what was left of the Corvette’s haul. Moments later the Thunderchild leaped from warp and drove the Raider off, and thus saving the Crimson Dawn.

During recovery operations it was discovered that of the one hundred and thirty-five crew for the two Bajoran ships, only one crew member had survived the encounter.

Captain Paul Hilson awarded the crewmembers (nearly all posthumous) of the two ships, Starfleet Medal of Commendation. Eghimea was later awarded the Bajoran Purple Rose for her combat wounds from this incident.

Useful Common Information about the StarGuard

When Bajor joined the Federation, they disbanded the Bajoran Militia. Those (few) who didn’t want to leave and join Star Fleet, remained behind and formed the Star Guard. The Star Guard is more like militias of the old colonial days, underfunded and ill equipped, though they more than make up for it in loyalty and enthusiasm.

The Bajoran Government officially doesn’t endorse the Star Guard, though the Government does give them nearly half of their funding. The rest of the funding is made up of the various families (like the Laju) who support the StarGuard and sees it as the natural heir of the Militia. Officially the StarGuard answers to the Ministry of Justice and this normally remains true.

In hopes of helping improve cooperation and lessen distrust with the Federation of some more radical members of the StarGuard, an Officer Fellowship Program was developed between Starfleet and the StarGuard. Since its creation, not one member of the StarGuard joined the Fellowship. After five years the Officer Fellowship has been in operation, Laju Enghimea is the first to “volunteer” for the program.

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