Dr. Solomon Kane

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Research & Development on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 218 lbs
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Age: 28
Actions Available

Character Biography

Spouse: Alexis Claire Kane

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

New Detroit Leadership Academy – Diploma
Greater Metropolitan Detroit Vocational Institute – EMT Basic; EMT Advanced, EMT Paramedic
Detroit Fire Department – First Responder Paramedic; Air Rescue Specialist Certified
Star Fleet Academy – Medical Section Training - Emergency Medicine P.A. / Advanced Trauma Management; Engineering - Fabrication and Design; Science - Experiment Design and Laboratory Logistics Specialization

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Partially Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Passable, Can convey moderately complex ideas, Can read / write, accent discernable and minor errors in grammar; P2 = Passable, Can convey simple ideas and emotions, Can read /write with effort; P3 = Can convey simple ideas, cannot read / write without assistance; L = Limited, can recognize less than 25% of spoken words, cannot read / write):

Federation Standard – F
Chinese (Mandarin) – F
Spanish – P3
Vulcan – P
Andorian – P
Orion - P

Service Record:
New Detroit Fire Department – First Responder Paramedic; Air Rescue Specialist
USS Stephen Hawking – Science Officer; Away Team Medical Specialist
USS Chernov – Science / Medical Officer
USS Ogawa - Chief of Research and Development

First Responder of the Year, NDFD
Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, Star Fleet

Physical Description:

Kane is a striking individual, standing over six feet tall and weighing over two hundred pounds. While that alone is above the human average, he is also covered in tattoos from his neck to his ankles. His ear lobes bear small scars from multiple piercings. His hair is brownish-blonde, as is his beard, and is usually kept just barely within uniform regulations giving him a somewhat aggressive look. He has multiple scars across his body from his youth and time with the NDFD Rescue Squad. Subject has state-of-the-art and heavily modified cybernetic hand in replacement of his left hand.

Psychological Profile:

Subject possesses above average intelligence and a great aptitude for medicine, engineering, and biological science. He has a quick temper and is not above physical confrontation if provoked. His upbringing has instilled a significant distrust of authority, and he is slow to trust. His demeanor is aggressive and confrontational, but that is tempered by a strong sense of duty and loyalty. Subject performs extremely well under pressure which is key to his success in his chosen profession.

Subject is highly artistic, both in the visual and vocal music arenas. His innate talent for drawing and painting are far above the norm, and his vocal ability is something he could have pursued professionally had his upbringing been more conducive.

It should be noted that the subject has a strong desire to protect and help those whom he perceives as weak or fragile. This character trait has led him on more than one occasion into verbal and physical confrontations with coworkers, law enforcement agents, and superior officers. These occurrences have given the subject a reputation for being unstable and violent; but this is not entirely accurate. The subject, quite simply, is a born protector. It is core to his personality, it is reflected in his career path, and it is the reason for his success in said path.


Born to unknown parents in the slums of New Detroit on a colony world in the Cestari system, Solomon was named by a worker at the orphanage in which he spent his first ten years for a character in an old pulp serial book. At the age of ten, the orphanage was destroyed by fire and the children left on the street and Solomon spent the next eight years living homeless. Incredibly, he managed to ensure that he went to school; forging documents allowing him to attend a charter school and receive a rudimentary education through high school.

His educators noted an aptitude for biology and hard sciences early on, but without any real support outside of the classroom, Solomon’s opportunities were limited. He was gifted upon graduation with a scholarship to a Vocational School, where he was able to work part-time and attend classes. He graduated at the top of his class in EMT training and took the Fire Department Exam immediately afterwards, passing on the first try. He was hired onto the Department as an EMT but showed great skill and worked his way up to Air Rescue and Paramedic. It was here that Solomon truly came into his own.

New Detroit held many of the societal problems that it’s namesake had centuries ago: crime, corruption, vice, and poverty. The Air Rescue Squad was tasked with retrieving injured persons from hazardous areas including burning structures, HazMat spill areas, and areas in which violence had broken out to such a scale that casualties had to be evacuated. Kane was trained not only in the medical aspect of these operations, but also in manning the defensive systems of the Evac vehicles. He became quite adept at vehicle weapon systems. He was also a natural at maintaining these systems with little access to parts and equipment. His ability to ‘make do’ and get creative with the system mechanics and electronics kept the Air Rescue Squad up and running more often than not. These abilities got him noticed by a Star Fleet officer who had family evacuated by Kane during a high-rise fire that was started by a gang battle. She convinced him that he was wasting his potential and encouraged him to join Star Fleet. He applied, but with his background he was rejected. This made him furious, but also created a drive to do what he had been told he couldn’t do. Using all his resources, he traveled from New Detroit to Earth.

Arriving in San Francisco, he went directly to the Academy with a copy of his application, references from the Fire Chief and multiple coworkers, and the Star Fleet officer who set him on the course. With all of these in hand, he walked directly into the lobby and said to the receptionist “I‘m here to join Star Fleet. I’m not leaving till you let me in.” and slapped the documents on the desk. He was there for four hours refusing to move, arguing with every administrator that arrived and probably would still be in that spot save for a singular occurrence.

A large crash occurred just outside the Academy entrance. Hearing screeching and the impact followed by crunching metal, Kane looked and saw several people injured an three vehicles on fire. He rushed out to the scene and immediately began triaging the injured. He then saw a child trapped in the back seat of one of the vehicles; it’s parent’s unconscious in the front. Two Star Fleet Security officers ran past him and started trying to pull the door open. Kane knew it was useless and knocked one of the officers out of the way, grabbing his phaser from his belt. He fired at the hinges, opening the door and pulling the occupants to safety while suffering second degree burns to the palms of his hands, face, and forearms. He continued to work on stabilizing the people until medical response arrived on the scene, at which time he promptly passed out.

He woke in the Academy infirmary. Standing by his biobed was a Star Fleet Admiral who was staring at him. “You don’t look like Star Fleet, that’s for damn sure.” he said. “But… you definitely have the right attitude. Welcome to Star Fleet Academy, Cadet. I’m interested to see what you make of this chance.” And he turned and walked away. Confused, Kane lay back and was processed into the next class over the next few days.

His time at the Academy was notable for several reasons. First, he was selected by his classmates as class leader for the first two years. This was promptly rescinded after a brawl with three older class-men. Second, he finished third in class after the General course. An instructor remarked “He would have been first had he not spent so much time in front of the Disciplinary Committee.” Additionally, he finished not only in the top ten percent of the Medical course, but graduated as Physician’s Assistant with advanced coursework and his previous experience. He was also selected for advanced training in Emergency Medicine , all of which he completed with great success. Most remarkable, was his insistence on cross training in Engineering and Science courses. He finished his Academy career as a Medical Officer with both Experimental Engineering and Science qualifications; an uncommon feat with an even more uncommon combination. He was sought after by several posts, but decided that he would prefer a ship based assignment, even if it meant temporarily foregoing some of the non-medical interests he had.

He was assigned to the USS Stephen Hawking, a Search and Rescue vessel, for his Cadet cruise. On board, he developed a reputation as a great doctor and a solid tactical officer, but a hard person to get along with. He did make a few friends, but the nature of his childhood meant he kept them at arm’s length. He proved himself to a capable officer overall, and he was promoted to Ensign and then Lieutenant Junior Grade after his actions assisting the evacuation of a stricken Federation vessel caught in an ion storm and being dragged into a gravity well. Kane boarded the vessel and remained even when given the order to evacuate. He drug two unconscious passengers to the transporter room and beamed out less than a minute before the ship collapsed in on itself. Kane’s actions saved the lives of several personnel thought lost and earned him the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry with his promotion.

He was then transferred to the USS Chernov, to serve as a Medical Officer. He held this position for almost a year, when he was promoted to Lieutenant and named the Chief Medical Officer.


Solomon Kane - Tactical Mission Specialist / Covert Operations Specialist / Medical Intelligence Specialist

Agent Kane is hereby assigned as Covert Operative 97008, duty station USS Chernov.


Agent 97008 was peripherally involved in Operation DreamTime as a member of the Chernov crew. His skill set was… underestimated. After the failure of the mission, Kane and one other member of the crew were responsible for revealing the former Agent In Charge’s identity (and also responsible for the agent’s injuries - Note: Agent 97008 is to never be assigned to operational activities with Agent 5403). Kane’s intellect, coupled with his unorthodox operational design, make him a useful asset to the Section.

Department of Temporal Investigations:
Subject: Kane, Solomon
Anomaly Date: <REDACTED>

USS <REDACTED>, investigating a subspace anomaly at coordinates <REDACTED>, encountered a series of extra-dimensional plasma bursts that blew out several power relays and were then alerted by their Security officer that a lifesign of unknown origin had appeared in one of the Jeffries Tubes at the location of a blown relay. Investigation of the area discovered a human male, approximately mid-twenties, in an unknown uniform similar to that of late 23rd Century Star Fleet, unconscious in the tube. Subject was taken to Medical and isolated. Preliminary scans showed off the chart readings of an unknown radiation and 3 to the third power saturation of chroniton particle infusion. At this time, Temporal Investigations received an alert and dispatched agents.

Agents arrived and took custody of the now conscious individual who claimed to be a Star Fleet Medical Officer named Solomon Kane. Subject was… not cooperative… and was sedated after causing serious injury to two DTI agents. Records indicated an individual by that name and description entering Star Fleet Academy around the time of the Romulus Incident, but that Solomon Kane was killed on board the USS Maltesian during evacuation efforts. DNA comparison showed subject was a match. Subject classified as ‘Extra-Dimensional Crossover Specimen’ and transferred to the custody of Star Fleet Intelligence.

SFI- Sec. 31 File# Aplha-Delta-97008

Debriefing of Extra-Dimensional Crossover Specimen revealed security issues. Subject had knowledge of classified Intelligence operations from previous century, some of which contain threats to Federation security. Cross-reference with DTI for assistance.

Section 31 Agent 79776 File Summation (audio only):

“Okay, so this is weird. This guy, Solomon Kane was, and now is, a Star Fleet Medical Officer and a Medical Intelligence Officer for our department… but in an alternate reality. Not the Mirror Universe, but another. Apparently in his, when Romulus blew up a rogue Romulan decided that it was going to exact revenge and blew up Vulcan. Except that guy had moved backwards in time and blew up Vulcan before Romulus exploded… or something like that. I dunno. I’ve been arguing with this tattooed jerk for six weeks and I have had it. He’s such an a$%^#le, I just want to be done with him. Fortunately, the Brass have decide that he is more useful in the field than in a lab, so he is getting a crash course in modern medicine and some more Intel training over the next year or two… so now he is not my problem. Thank the gods. Dude is a nightmare to deal with.”

Star Fleet Medical Command:

Lieutenant Solomon Kane is hereby reinstated to the Star Fleet Medical Corps and licensed and authorized to practice medicine and care for patients in accordance with all pertinent rules and regulations. Summary personnel file attached.

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