Alexander Carpenter

Authored by Adrien Jouve
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 65 kg - 143 lbs
  • Height: 1,75 cm - 5'74"
  • Age: 29
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Character Biography

Alexander, originally Alexandre in French, was born on Earth in France in 2369. He lived on Earth only two years before leaving with his parents on Diphyke, a desertic planet located in the Gamma Quadrant, near the border of the Delta Quadrant. His parents were sent to this planet to study the apparent trace of a former civilization and to do research on the planet’s resources and wildlife. While being independent researchers, Alexander’s parents were supported by Starfleet on this mission and were given more liberty than a Starfleet Officer. And so Alexander spends most of his life on this planet, learning with the colonist already present to survive in the desert and learning the Nomad way of life.
His life in the desert had an impact on his appearance more than on his parent, due to his young age and his growth. His body was adapting to the environment, and so his skin became tanned permanently, he became slim due to the lack of water, his body sweated less and his pupils turned from brown to gold due to the high concentration of an unknown particle in the atmosphere, unique to the planet. He is the only one of the nomad group to have golden eyes (not lace or leather) and was part of his own experiment later in his life to analyze the phenomenon, both as the scientist and the subject.
Although life was rough, both physically and mentally, Alexander was happy living the life he have. His parent, worrying about his coming back to the civilization, were insistent about teaching him French, even if he didn’t want to. They wanted him to keep a trace of his nationality, even if he forgot it. They also taught him science, which was less difficult since the boy was eager to learn about the universe and he wanted to actively be part of his parents’ research.
They traveled with the Nomads colonists for about 15 years, before settling in a freshly built Starfleet outpost. That was the hardest part of Alexander’s life since he had to learn a completely new way of life, but he managed to learn, and although he didn’t like the outpost, he had to admit it was much easier to do experiments and research. Yet, he still wanders hours in the desert to break the routine in the outpost, and because he was nostalgic for the group.

His life completely changed, in 2981, when one day, Borg’s troops arrived on Diphyke and started to assimilate anybody they find. Of course, the Borg was a known threat, but Starfleet had thought that the Collective wouldn’t dare to approach Cardassian territory, but it appears they did, and it resulted in having his parent killed. Today, Alexander admitted they had the luck to be killed instead of being assimilated, but he was still furious at the Borg and managed to take down one of them. He also successfully hide until the Borgs left, but the remaining ships were broken, and he didn’t have the knowledge to repair them. Using his talents, the young man reprogrammed a Borg and disabled his communication device, and asked him to repair one of the ships, which he easily did. After that, he deactivated the borg and thought of bringing it to Starfleet for a better analysis. He took the Borg with him and managed to travel to Earth, his home planet he had long forgotten, and to deliver the borg body to the Starfleet expert. He also handed them a report about what he had discovered on the Borg while he was traveling on the ship. The man’s knowledge had interested Starfleet, and they decided to enroll him as a Science Officer.

Quick aside on Alexander’s last name
Alexander’s name is “Carpentier”, but people kept mispronouncing it for “Carpenter”, and it still bothers it now our days. Even Starfleet Administration had issues with it, and so Alexander was now registered as Officer Carpenter in Starfleet Database. He still presents himself as Carpentier, to honor the memory of his parents.

Alexander is a very capable officer. He is very loyal and practical. He would do anything for his comrade, even if it means death. The desert made him learn he could die any day, any time, and he accepted it. He can appear to be cold to strangers, because he is analyzing them, to see their potential.
Another side effect of Alexander’s life in the desert is his obsession with water. He never spills water, nor any liquid, and can reprimand someone too careless with his own water, both the external liquid and the body water.

By coming back to Earth, Alexander discovered a lot of new things that he came to like. For example, he adores rain. He was quite shocked the first time he experienced one, but now he sees it as a blessing.
Alexander also loves macarons, which he often eats when he has some tea. He also likes lasagna, a plate he found complex and delicious. He also loves lettuce, which he finds refreshing and light.
Alexanders didn’t have many occasions to eat different aliments on Diphyke, which is why he like to do cooking by himself. He is constantly learning and enjoyed both the process and the eating.

Starfleet Service
Alexander enrolls in Starfleet in 2381, after running from the Borg. He enters the Science Course and graduated from it five years later, in 2386. He also had a degree in exo-planetary studies. He then served on various starships and starbases until he’s been recently called onboard the USS Manhattan as Chief Science Officer.

Bithdate: 10/09/2369
Birth Location: EARTH, France, Sol System
Residence: EARTH, France, Sol System

Physical description
Tanned skin
Black hair
Golden eyes

Science course (2381 - 2386)
Degree in exoplanetary sciences

Starfleet Service Record
2381 - Join Starfleet (Science) Academy
2386 - Graduate from Starfleet Academy - Science Course
2398 - Reporting for Duty on the USS Manhattan as Chief Science Officer

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