Oliver Ezeami

Authored by Scott Kafader
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Betazoid/Trill
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 22
Actions Available

Character Biography


Mother: Jenna Ezeami (Betazoid)
Father: Sehjan Risun (Trill, unjoined)
No siblings


Oliver (or Ollie to his friends) was born in 2376 on Earth in the Hawaiian Islands after his parents had been displaced during the Dominion War. His father was a fellow of the Trill Science Ministry and, while not a Starfleet officer, he worked very closely with Starfleet scientists on many projects so the family decided to remain on Earth after their displacement. Oliver was named after one of his father’s best friends and given his mother’s surname to honor Betazoid traditions.

Growing up on Earth sometimes presented challenges to Oliver. He often found himself torn between three cultures, not quite fitting into any particular one. He did not have the full telepathic abilities of his Betazoid heritage (though he and his mother often communicated this way, with many a practical joke played on his father), he never felt drawn to the traditions of his Trill heritage and they always made it very clear that he would likely not be a candidate for joining because of his Betazoid capabilities, limited though they were. The people of Earth, too, found him to be alien in nature, despite the fact that he had grown up among humans and didn’t experience either of his parent’s worlds until he was older. His friends growing up sometimes found it disconcerting that he could read their emotions, intentions and sometimes the random strong thoughts so he had few good friends. As he became a teenager, though, he discovered surfing and his exotic features proved to make him very desirable and lead to many shenanigans with boyfriends who wanted to know exactly where those Trill spots ended. Toward the end of high school, he managed to rein himself in a little with the goal to become a Starfleet officer. Unfortunately, this led to his only serious boyfriend deciding he couldn’t handle the thought of a relationship separated by lightyears.

Oliver completed the Academy and his cadet cruise in 2398 and was commissioned as a Starfleet security officer.

Physical Appearance:

Ollie has wavy, dark hair which he keeps cut short to medium length and typically ends up looking fairly mussed by the end of the day. He has the completely dark eyes from his Betazoid heritage. While his skin is fairly pale on its own he tends to sport a tan from surfing, though this has faded some with his days on board a starship. He is well toned but also has a smaller frame. The spots from his Trill heritage are a lighter brown with a somewhat irregular pattern below his collar bone.

Personality/Psychological History:

Ollie tends to be very outgoing and quick with a smile. This began as somewhat of a defense mechanism as a child when he felt like he may not belong in any of the three cultures to which he belonged. Ollie is also very energetic and rarely can sit still for long periods. During his Academy years he took up meditation and martial arts for his preferred combat style in an attempt to channel some of that energy and find his inner calm. As a half Betazoid he is an empath and can perceive the emotions and intentions of those around him. He has been known to use this to his advantage to get his way in the past.

Medical History:

Ollie has a small scar on the underside of his left jaw where he was struck by a surf board. He has no other pertinent medical history.

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