Serral Echei

Authored by Nicole Cline
Biographic Information
  • Position: Science Officer on USS Chernov
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Vulcan/Betazoid
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 5'11''
  • Age: 29
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Character Biography

Basic Info
Name: Serral Echei
Rank: Lt JG
Occupation: AI/Cybernetics Scientist
Current Posting: USS Chernov

Ethnic Background
Species: Vulcan/Betazoid
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 06 May 2242
Age: 29
Languages Spoken:

Physical Appearance
Height: 5‘11’‘
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Green-tinted
Handedness: Ambidextrous
General Appearance: Serral has dark brown/black hair, Betazoid black eyed, and pointed Vulcan ears.

About the Character

Family Information
Mother: T’ren
Mother’s birth year: 2201
Father: Luson Echei
Father’s birth year: 2217

Maternal Grandparents
Grandmother: T’rosas
Birth year: 2158
Grandfather: Stollok
Birth year: 2147

Paternal Grandparents
Grandmother: Viarro Agroivi
Birth year: 2190
Grandfather: Aamril Echei
Birth year: 2193

Sylvak (half-brother, 2231)

Promotion and Service Record
Promotion and assignment History

Service History

Educational Background
Schools attended
- Betazed University of Science
Qualifications and degrees
- PhD, Cybernetic sciences and AI
- Masters, Biomedical engineering
- Studying online for PhD in biomedical engineering.

Ages 0 – 10
Serral’s mother was a Vulcan ambassador who spent months multiple times over the course of a few years stationed on Betazoid. While she was there, she fell in love with logically chose to marry a betazoid, a scientist working for Betazed’s department of environmental conservation. She had to return to Vulcan, where she raised Serral alongside his half brother from her previous spouse. On Vulcan, T’ren gave him a Vulcan name and raised him as a Vulcan - with his Vulcan ears and the green tint given by his Vulcan blood he looked close enough that he could usually pass for a full-blooded Vulcan, save for his black eyes. Serral and Sylvak, his half brother, got along, though Sylvak was eleven years older than Serral.

Ages 11 – 20
When Serral began to develop his empathic abilities, T’ren didn’t really know what to do with it. It was interfering with Serral’s practice of Vulcan meditation. So, when T’ren was called to a diplomatic mission when Serral was thirteen, she chose to separate her two kids, sending Sylvak back to his father on Vulcan, and Serral to Luson Echei, his father on Betazed. Luson and T’ren were still together, but their jobs kept them separate, T’ren a Vulcan ambassador and diplomat and Luson a scientist heading up Betazed’s department of environmental conservation.

Serral had met his father, he’d even visited Betazed before, but living with him full time was still weird. And Betazoid culture was really different from that on Vulcan. He felt out of place. The best part of it was that he learned about his empathic abilities. T’ren got him a ride to Betazed on a starship, and he spent most of his time listening to the stories of the officers.

A year later the unthinkable happened: The destruction of his homeworld. There was no reason to think his Vulcan family wasn’t on the planet at the time. He’d lost everyone. It was a few weeks later his mother turned up, having come to live with him and his father.

Serral put himself into his studies. He became interested in science and planned to persue a science degree.

Ages 21 – Present
Serral specialized in cybernetics, AI, and biomedical engineering, receiving the Betazoid equivalent of a PhD and worked for a year in a lab on Betazed where prosthetics were designed and developed before joining Starfleet.

Misc. Notes
Medical History

Psychiatric History

Current Recreational Interests

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