Micah Pikelsimer

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Federation Security Agent on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 239 lbs
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Age: 62
Actions Available

Character Biography

Wife: Shara Calloway

Parents: Claude J. Pikelsimer, Father, Deceased / Margaret Pikelsimer, Mother, Deceased

Siblings: 3 Sisters, 3 Brothers (one deceased age 9)


General Education - High School Diploma
Star Fleet Marine Corps Academy - Marine Training
Star Fleet Marine Corps Academy - Advanced Combat Training; Advanced Weapons Training; Demolitions; S.R.I. (Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence); Escape and Evade; Psychological Warfare Certified
Star Fleet Academy - Security Division Command Training
San Francisco Police Academy - Graduate with Honors; Range Control Officer; Lead Investigator Certification; Crime Scene Analysis Training; Detective Certification

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Partially Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Passable, Can convey moderately complex ideas, Can read / write, accent discernable and minor errors in grammar; P2 = Passable, Can convey simple ideas and emotions, Can read /write with effort; P3 = Can convey simple ideas, cannot read / write without assistance; L = Limited, can recognize less than 25% of spoken words, cannot read / write):

Federation Standard – F
English – F
tlhlngan Hol - F
Vulcan – P
Romulan – PF (2 of 3 dialects)
Andorian – P2
Orion - F
Ferengi - P2
Cardassian - F

Psychological Profile:

Subject is one of great willpower and decisiveness, much more so than the average human. He is dedicated to his goals and tasks with a single-mindedness that borders on obsession. He is capable of multitasking, but dislikes outside interference in his doings. He uses his abrupt and sometimes abrasive demeanor to keep people at a distance, but is extremely loyal to those he cares about. He is also vengeful in defending perceived wrongs to those individuals on an almost biblical scale.

Subject presents with PTSD due to his experiences in the Marines and at the hands of the Cardassians; and he holds a great deal of resentment to government officials of the particular species. He is accomplished at restraining his more violent capabilities, but he consciously refuses to mince words in the vast majority of situations.

Physical Description (Current):

Of average human height but on the high end of muscle mass for his size. He has been described by service personnel as “built like a Fleet docking tug. Not much to look at but can push anything out of his way.”

Brown hair graying at the temples. Cut short in the fashion of Marine regulations.

Numerous scars cover his body ranging from phaser burns to lacerations to puncture wounds. Most noticeable of these is a lattice-work pattern of red lines across his back, chest, and thighs. These are a result of enhanced toture over a period of days at the hands of a Cardassian terrorist interrogator.

Left arm is completely replaced by an artificial limb. The limb is a fully functional combat model possessing enhanced overall and grip strength. The subject refused a synthetic skin coating, insisting on leaving the metal housing visible. The subject further modified this housing by having the Star Fleet Marine Corps emblem etched into the shoulder.

Awards and Citations:

Rifle Qualification (Sharpshooter)

Pistol Qualification (Expert)

Good Conduct Medal (six awards)

Fleet Marine Service Medal (four awards)

Embassy Security Detail Medal (four awards)

Marine Corps Achievement Medal (five awards)

Multiple Campaign and Action Ribbons

Purple Heart (Four Awards)

Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

Silver Star

Special Certifications and Qualifications:

Rated as combat ready in all Infantry Weapons Platforms in Star Fleet Armory, and many of varying species.

Close Quarters Combat Expert, Certified Instructor - LINE Fighting Phases I - III

Demolitions Certified

Zero- G Combat

Ship Boarding and Raiding

Star Ship Weapons Systems Qualified

NCO Leadership Course

Staff Aide Course

Armory NCO Course

Station Defensive Systems Operation Qualified

Advanced Training: Small unit tactics, Station Security Operations, Investigative Procedures, Crime Scene Analysis


Micah Conrad Pikelsimer was born in Pawnick, Tennessee; one of 6 children and the youngest boy. He grew up in the woods and fields of his family’s farm and was an avid hunter, fisherman, and all-around outdoors man. By the time he was fifteen, his mother would say “That boy done spent more time in the woods than he done spent in the house.” His father died when he was twelve, and a great deal of the time he spent outside was to hunt for food for his family, who existed well below the poverty line even in modern times. This was due in large part to their refusal to adhere to government conventions and rules for garnering assistance.

Micah was an average student in school, but an above average athlete. He was selected a High School All-American three years in a row. This led to him being offered a partial scholarship to attend college, but Micah knew his family couldn’t afford that expense. So instead, the day he graduated, he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Pikelsimer was a text-book recruit. He was first in line, loudest at sounding off, and an impressive fighter. He was designated Sharpshooter due to his skill on the range. He graduated from boot camp with honors and was promoted to Lance Corporal before leaving the base. He was assigned to 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Infantry. He was part of multiple combat and policing operations while on duty there, both planet-side and ship based. It was during these operations that he was awarded his first Combat Action Ribbons and his first Purple Heart, when he was hit by phaser fire while boarding an Orion vessel. For his actions, we has promoted to Corporal. During his recovery, he was ordered to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Pikelsimer would serve in the 2nd MEU for several years. During his tenure he was part of multiple ship-board Marine units, and became somewhat of a specialist in small unit tactics, boarding, and counter-boarding operations. He would be promoted several times, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. He also developed a reputation for being an extremely hard hard but fair NCO who pushed his Marines hard every day He was also know for being a tenacious fighter. As was written in one of his evaluations: “Staff Sergeant Pikelsimer is the embodiment of the historic mascot of the Corps, the bulldog. He’s ugly. He’s loyal. And he’s mean. He will fight the enemy not only to defeat him; but if his unit has suffered injury at the hands of that enemy, Pikelsimer will return that pain on them ten-fold. He will hurt them. THEN he will beat them. He will then break his platoon off for Physical Training and a ten-mile march with full gear because they let themselves get hurt by the enemy. He is built like an attack dog, with the matching disposition.” This reputation would garner him praise from the fleet, respect from the enlisted who served under him, but condemnation from many of the brass. Many officers would be called on the carpet to account for the actions of Pikelsimer. While many of the officers he served under relished having him in their command, he would still be demoted to Sergeant twice but each time receive a meritorious promotion within a matter of months. He would also be awarded another Purple Heart, multiple Combat Action Ribbons, a Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, and the Silver Star. This he earned during combat operations against a rogue Cardassian group operating a slave-powered mining facility in an asteroid belt.

Staff Sergeant Pikelsimer led a squad of Marines into the facility with the operational objective of shutting down the communications array of the facility to prevent them calling in reinforcements. Unfortunately, the mission was compromised and the Cardassians were tipped off that the Marines were on site. Pikelsimer and his squad succeeded in crippling the array, but the squad was attacked. All but four were killed and those four, including Pikelsimer, were captured. Without being able to broadcast the signal that the comms were down, he knew that there would be no one coming. Over the next two days, the Marines were tortured and interrogated, with Pikelsimer receiving the brunt of the Cardassian attention. His fellow Marines stated after that whenever the interrogator would start in on them, the Staff Sergeant would begin hurling insults at them until they focused on him. This was done for the safety of his team, of course, but Pikelsimer had an objective. Every time the Cardassian got close, Pikelsimer would try to lift the restraint release key from him. Eventually he was successful. When the interrogator left Pikelsimer released his bonds, freed his team. They waited for the interrogator to return, and Pikelsimer, surprising the Cardassian from behind, overpowered him and forced him into the restraints he previously occupied. He killed the interrogator with his own tools, and the Marines covertly crossed the complex to find their equipment. He broadcast the signal, but in doing so alerted the Cardassians. His team fought against them for over an hour, and Pikelsimer was severely wounded. Fortunately, the Marine attack was launched and the rest of the assault team arrived in time to save them and transport the Staff Sergeant to safety. He was awarded the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry and Silver Star for his actions, and promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. He also received a cybernetic right arm. He refused to have it covered in synthetic skin, and in his off duty hours wore no sleeve on that side of his clothes. He had the Marine Corps emblem etched into the shoulder while on leave.

After his last combat tour with the MEU, he was given three months leave before he was reassigned. He refused the leave and left for his new duty station. Marine Detachment - USS Mastadon. He served as the NCOIC on board for only a short while before he was tasked with overseeing the ship’s Security Section when the Security Chief was suddenly transferred. He was promoted (against his will) to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and made the Security Section Department Head. He performed admirably in this capacity until his transfer to Star Base 3 as the Chief of Security, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He served in this capacity for two years when he suddenly and without warning retired from active duty.

Returning to Earth, he was recruited by the San Francisco Police Department, ostensibly as a trainer but his demeanor and temperament were soon marked as appropriate for field work. He earned a intimidating reputation quickly, and was soon pulled from the police force to work on a higher plane… Federation Security, or FedSec.

Pikelsimer operated as an undercover FedSec agent for three years before being tasked with: <REDACTED> Upon the successful completion of that operation, he was assigned as Agent-In-Charge of: <Redacted> He spent eighteen months in the role before being named Special Agent; a title held by only a few hundred FedSec personnel. With the new role he was free to conduct his own operations, investigations, and conduct arrests anywhere in Federation space and on any member world. Additionally, he could coordinate operations outside Federation territory with local governments and law enforcement agencies. To this point, he has accumulated a success record few other agents could boast of.

Theme Song: Beer For My Horses - Toby Keith

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