Eela Dasca

Authored by Lindsay B
Biographic Information
  • Position: Lt. Governor on Oed V
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Haliian
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 65
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Character Biography

Full Name: Eela Uvara Dasca (pronounced EE-la)
Rank: Captain (Ret.)

Hair: Black (tinged with silver)
Eyes: Hazel

Appearance: Like most Haliians, she has a slight bulge and indentation above each eyebrow and a crevice between the brows running down the bridge of her nose. Her skin tone is a light olive.

Date of birth: 2335 (March 9th, Standard Calendar)
Place of Birth: Amaru, Reqren, Halii


Name Relationship Year Born- Died Notes
Dr. Sayra (Jerik) Dasca Mother 2309 - 2366 Forensic Anthropologist. Died in Borg attack on Jouret IV
Torlo Dasca Father 2300 - 2366 Healer/Herbalist. Died in Borg attack on Jouret IV
Cory Fletcher Ex-Spouse 2332 - Human. Computer Engineer. Married in 2358. Divorce granted, 2398. Image
Carridee Sevren Daughter 2361 - Human/Haliian. Psychiatrist. Married in 2395. Lives in San Francisco. Image
Kian Sevren Son-in-law. 2355 - Napean. High School science teacher. Image
Alais Sevren Granddaughter 2398 - Haliian/Human/Napean.
Jourin Dasca-Fletcher Son 2366 - Haliian/Human. Pilot & Instructor. Based in Sol System. Image
Halenia Uhsren Maternal Grandmother 2280 - 2396 Healer/Herbalist.
Dokoren Jerik Maternal Grandfather 2282 - 2385 Mayor of a small town (Alsuwenen) on Halii.
Dr. Quiri Suusa Paternal Grandmother 2260 - 2391 Professor of Botany and Ecology.
Lieutenant Kevit Dasca Paternal Grandfather 2258 - 2325 Pilot for Haliian Defence Force. Died in the line of duty.


Haliians are native to the Federation world of Halii – renowned for its crystal formations and beautiful waterfalls. As one of the few telepathic species in the Federation, the Haliians share many of the same social nuances of other telepathic or empathic species, such as Betazoids. Haliians often find it hard to truly connect with non-Haliians, and this has the unfortunate effect of limiting their interactions with other Federation species. Due to the nature of their telepathic abilities, Haliians are either far more prone to physical contact during social encounters or avoid it entirely depending on individual in question. Haliians also share a deep fondness for holidays – of which they have many – which almost always involve music.

Physically, Haliians are similar to other humanoid species within the Federation; however, the natives of Halii possess distinctive bulges along the bridge of their noses and just above their brows. Haliians tend to have close family bonds and numerous festivals and holidays. Much like other telepathic species, Haliians struggle with the use of deception, and will often misinterpret it during social encounters.
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Year Event
2335 Born on Halii.
2352 - 56 Starfleet Academy
2356 Assigned as Ensign on USS Majestic (Miranda-class science vessel) as a Junior Counsellor.
2358 Completes Master Degree in Psychology.
2358 Married Cory Fletcher.
2359 Promoted to Lt. (junior grade) and assigned to Starbase 388 as Assistant Counsellor.
2361 Birth of daughter, Caridee.
2365 Promoted to full Lieutenant and made Head Counsellor on USS Berlin (Excelsior-class).
2366 Birth of son, Jourin. Parents die in the destruction of New Providence Colony on Jouret IV. In coping with her grief, discovers a desire to do more. On the advice of a mentor starts Command training.
2367 Assigned additionally as Second Officer of the Berlin.
2369 Promoted to Lt. Cmdr and assigned as XO on USS Leeds (Nebula-class).
2372 Promoted to full Commander.
2373 2nd Borg invasion and Battle of Sector 001.
2373-75 Dominion War.
2376 Dasca tried to keep going after the war, but was burnt out and needed to do something else for a little while. Asked to be reassigned to post-war trauma teams. Contemplated leaving Starfleet but ultimately decided to stay. Did this for 6 months before doing a stint as an instructor at the Academy Annex on Psi Upsilon III.
2377 Promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Steadfast (Sovereign-class).
2392 Medical Discharge from Starfleet [Redacted].
2393 Recruited to Federation Diplomatic Corps.
2398 Assigned to Oed V as Lieutenant Governor. Named Commander in Chief of Starfleet forces.

Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Science, Psychology (Minor in Diplomacy) (2356)
Masters of Science, Psychology (2358)


Haliian (fluent)
Federation-Standard (fluent)
Napean (fluent)
Betazoid (partially-fluent)
tlhlngan Hol (conversational)

Commendations (2360, 2373, 2374)

Extended Tour Ribbon (with Cluster x 3)

Special Commendation, 2375
Citation: The Leeds answered a Starfleet distress call for the survivors of a destroyed vessel who were stranded. But because this was on the front lines, getting in and out was risky. Eela led the team by shuttle and they discovered one of the stranded crew was suffering from severe psychological issues. Thinking the rescuing team were the enemy, the officer shot at the team, injuring two of the Leeds’ team. Putting herself between her crew and the struggling officer, Eela managed to talk her down and in the end used her touch telepathy to connect with the troubled woman before anyone else got hurt.

Christopher Pike Medal of Valour, 2392
Citation: Though the details of events leading to the destruction of the USS Steadfast are classified, Captain Dasca’s actions were nothing short of heroic. Leading her crew through a difficult situation, they were able to save the lives of a world that was home to sixteen million people. Though there was a significant loss of crew, Dasca’s quick thinking and exemplary leadership ensured that as many as possible made it home safely. Dasca and her crew earned the heartfelt thanks of a possible future member of the Federation and the deepest respect from Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.


Born to a forensic anthropologist and a herbalist, Eela grew up in a home that valued arts and science. History was seen as important for learning lessons and passing down information was an important part of everyday life. It was a joyful home and the Dascas loved finding ways to celebrate.

Eela is empathic with a degree of telepathy that is usually honed in touch through specific situations. It can be amplified greatly using a canar crystal.

Her parents were not surprised their daughter joined Starfleet and encouraged her fully. Eela is an only child so after her parents’ death, she clung to her crew as her adoptive family. This continued throughout her Starfleet career though has been harder since her retirement. The destruction of the Steadfast shook her greatly and even after she regained her physical health, Eela never quite found the same verve for life. So much so that it led to the disintegration of her marriage. They are now divorced.

Her work in the Diplomatic Corps has been rewarding and gave her something to focus her immense experience on. Her appointment to Oed V is unexpected but an intriguing challenge she is strangely looking forward to.


Eela is battle-hardened and suffers no fools, but works to not be standoffish. She is generally adventurous (will try anything once) but not a glutton for punishment. She relies on her instincts and empathy to navigate everyday situations. While she is no-nonsense, she never assumes she knows more than others and is always willing to learn from those around her.

She considers herself bisexual and has had relationships with different genders over the years.

Best friends with Rear Admiral Roger Kellen. Served together on the Berlin and have stayed in touch since they both moved on.

Her mentor was Captain Ano Hoda of the Berlin. They still remain in contact and it was Hoda who convinced Eela not to give up on Starfleet, but take the break she needed and get back to the path she fought so hard for. He put in a recommendation for her to get her first command and he is a part of the reason she got command of the Steadfast.

Painting, dancing, music, reading, botany.

Medical Record

Year Injury/Illness Treatment
2361 Gave birth to 1st child (half-Haliian, Half-Human). Full-term, no complications.
2366 Gave birth to 2nd child (half-Haliian, Half-Human). Premature birth at 30 weeks, out of an expected 44.)
2373 Fractured right ulna. Osetoregeneration and terakine, 10mg.
2373 Mild concussion. Tissue regeneration and rest.
2374 Multiple lacerations and bruising. Tissue regeneration.
2380 Levodian flu. Fluids, 3% Hydrocortilene.
2386 Radiation poisoning. Hyronalin, 2 injections, 12 hours apart.
2392 Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury See file entry.

Eela uses an anti-grav brace around her torso to take the pressure off her spinal column and reduce chronic pain. It’s not required for her to function but makes everyday life better and easier. Regular physiotherapy and massage therapy aide her circulation and reduce pain. Regular exams of her spine are required to monitor for deformity (loss of height, alignment and failure of fusion) and adjacent segment disease that might affect her spine above and below the fusion.


  • Terakine (for pain)
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Flexeril (muscle relaxant for sleep)

  • Psychological Record

    Year Notation
    2352 Psych-test during Academy application process. Shown to be curious and resourceful and deeply compassionate. Second-guessed her decision to interfere in a (staged) situation but was able to talk through her reasoning and conclude that she had made the best decision she could under the circumstances.
    2366 Received period of regular psychotherapy following the death of her parents which occurred a week before she gave birth to her second child. Diagnosed with postpartum depression that was complicated by deep grief. The need for weekly sessions dissipated after a year.
    2373 Conflict with the Borg triggered Dasca’s grief and she experienced frequent panic attacks. Revealed her deepest fear was that her parents had not actually died but were living nightmare lives as Borg drones.
    2375 Loss of friend (Lt. Keelin Davis, Sciences) during battle with Jem’Hadar.
    2376 Evaluation post-war before she was assigned to trauma teams. Eela shown to be suffering from burnout but mentally resilient. A change of pace and assignment advised.
    2392 Post-trauma counselling after Dasca regained consciousness following her coma. While she was focused on her physical recovery from her brain and spinal injury (and the complicated feeling both brought up), Eela refused to deal with the deep grief of losing her ship and 32% of her crew. Once it became clear that Dasca would not ever meet the physical requirements to remain in Starfleet, she experienced acute distress and became more amenable to psychotherapy. An anti-depressant was prescribed while she worked through the complicated feelings she was experiencing.
    2399 Continuing therapy after an incident with her ex-husband led to the realization and confirmation that the relationship has been emotionally and psychological abusive and he was a narcissist.

    Eela is a calm and rational woman who is also not afraid of emotions. Her psi-abilities lean her towards connection but like some Haliians, pulls away from physical touch as it can be overwhelming for both parties. It requires her to work to build connection in other ways even if it can sometimes cut her off from others to her intrinsic nature.

    Despite this pulling back and her years as a leader in Starfleet, Eela can be effusive when she chooses to be, often reserving her true feelings for those that have earned her trust first.

    As a leader, Eela is charismatic but also sincere. She believes fully in giving people the respect they are due and expects it in return. A perhaps fatal flaw is her instinct to place herself between serious danger and those who cannot defend themselves and/or are at risk of harm. While noble, perhaps even heroic, it might reveal less importance placed on her own life versus serving a higher purpose, and it has cost her dearly.

    Lieutenant Governor’s Office

    Role Person Notes
    Executive Assistant Cort Belanger Human, age 38, Image
    Admin Assistant and Receptionist Elema Sreer Napean, age 27, Image
    Starfleet Aide-de-Camp Lt. Sherri Watts Human, age 29, Image
    Security Detail Lead Senior Agent Hasid V’ter
    Security Detail Lead Senior Agent Feleck Nords
    Security Detail Lead Senior Agent Taliso Gan Bolian.
    Security Detail Lead Senior Agent Chuck Mangioni Human/Betazoid
    *[Note: Dasca’s security detail are supplied by the CCDA at the Lt. Governor’s request. The above four are in charge of the others assigned to her protection.]

    Health Team

    Role Person
    Primary Physician (Lt. Commander) Doctor Sharah Fayth
    Physical Therapist Jal’na
    Medical Technician Master Chief Trond
    Massage Therapist Reesa
    Orthopaedic Surgeon Doctor Eraras
    Mental Health Practitioner Séan Iven

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