Yavia Crockett

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Deltan
  • Weight: 120
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Age: 32
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Character Biography

Name Yavia Crockett

Position: Nurse Sacred Heart Hospital
Nickname: V
Born: 2366
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Hair: Bald
Eyes: Blue
Species: Deltan
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120
Build: Yavia is very athletic, lithe, and toned
Complexion: Naturally tanned, with smooth unblemished skin.
Identifying marks/features: Like all Deltans she’s his hairless except for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Yavia is of average height, toned and lithe. She enjoys exercising and it shows. Like all Deltans she is bald, but will often wear outrageous styled and/or colored wigs. She does this because it’s fun, but also for when she doesn’t wish to draw attention to the fact she is Deltan.

Personality traits

Yavia has a history of becoming attached to her patients, of becoming too compassionate and too involved. She won’t step aside or back down from what is best for her patient, even if the family doesn’t agree. Especially anyone trying to harm them. To the point it has gotten her into difficult situations.

Her passion is end of life care, no matter the age of the patient. To give enjoyment and comfort where everything seems so bleak. To listen to the stories they have to share when no one else will, but it took a lot out of her. She gave too much of herself to it and she left my position when her last patient passed on.

She hates shopping in the way most Deltans do. If she has a specific goal or purchase to be made she can spend all day, but she finds it annoying and inane to simply wander from shop to shop with no purpose.

She adores long hot baths with bath bombs because she likes the way they fizz and bubble against her skin. It is something she does for simple indulgence and just for herself because she can.

Strengths: Receptive, Reliable, Passionate, Altruistic, Charming

Weaknesses: Unrealistic, Overly Idealistic, Condescending, Intense, Overly Empathetic

Personality Profile Type: Protagonist ENFJ-A

Protagonists (ENFJs) feel called to serve a greater purpose in life. Thoughtful and idealistic, these personality types strive to have a positive impact on other people and the world around them. They rarely shy away from an opportunity to do the right thing, even when doing so is far from easy.

Personal Information

When asked why she chose nursing her reply was, “Because it makes a difference. Not in large big ways, but small ways to individual people. Sometimes society is so stuck on encouraging people to make big sweeping differences we all forget that we are individual people first and foremost. When people are injured or sick they are at their most vulnerable, and I like that I get to be there to help them feel better, make them feel cared for and safe until they can do it on their own. Whether that’s the patient or their loved ones sitting in the room. I like that it’s not the bigger picture, but the single brush strokes.”


  • Citizenship: United Federation of Planets. Resident of OED V
  • Place of Birth: Delta IV. Yavia grew up on an archipelago near the equator.
  • Religion: Respecting and living with the rhythms of nature


Yavia and her family do better in short periods. She is very close to her grandmother and her great-grandmother before she passed. Like most Deltans, she is very close to her mother, but her mother doesn’t understand why Yavia left Delta IV, and why she refused to take the vow of celibacy while off planet. She exchanged letters with her dad and his family, but since Deltan relationships are fluid and change she didn’t grow up with them for long. Her family mostly says her grandmother and Yavia have too much human heritage in their blood. Which always makes Yavia grin, saying, “It gives me an excuse to rebel.” Her grandmother is probably the only person who would come visit her on OED V.

Name Relationship Job Location
Vaxa Mother 1/16 human/Deltan Delta IV
Ahia M - Grandmother ⅛ human/Deltan Delta IV Moon
Ashaina M - G Grandmom ¼ human/Deltan Deceased - Delta IV
Eyard Father Deltan Delta IV
Ralea M - GGG Grandmom Deltan Deceased Moon
Walter Crockett M - GGG Graddad Human Deceased Moon

Martial Status
In a Relationship with Charles Tenkiller and Sharah Fayth


Early Education

  • Primary Education:
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Awards:

Secondary Education:

  • Major:
  • Minor:
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Awards:
  • Extras:



Hobbies and Interests

  • Colors:
  • Pet:“I have never had a pet, but I think I would like having one if I didn’t work so much. Perhaps a beagle. My great great grandfather had 3 of them
  • Movies/Holos:
  • Books:
  • Favorite Subject:
  • Hobbies: Baseball and is known for her line drives, straight down the middle of the field, Exploring the green spaces. She enjoys the air and sunlight. She likes to hike and warm baths with fizzy bath bombs. She is a skilled swimmer, and loves to surf, but was never very good at it.
  • Vacation: She always wanted to visit Malea and surf the waves under their double moon.
  • Music:She plays a Ipralt Flute. Her skill is very basic. It is made from the branches of the Ilprslt tree of Cojnbev VIII. One end is drilled and the limb hollowed out by allowing worms to tunnel the pulp inside. The worms are removed before they eat all the way through then finger holes are drilled along it. The flutes are never straight and the shape and the striations made from the tunneling allow for variations of sound due to the striations. The sound is both chilling and mystic. She likes playing it because it’s weird and different. Growing up, her experience anyway, there was no music unless it was very formal. Formal settings, professionals, lessons that were practiced strictly. They listened to music but did not create it. She says that’s why she likes her flute so much, the sound is not perfect and she is certainly not trained. Another small piece of rebellion.
  • Food: She likes complex meals. Whether that is a single dish or varied complex and simple dishes paired together. A combination of aroma, flavor, textures, and spices meant to tantalize the tongue. She enjoys spicy food and her favorite morning drink is an iced hazelnut coffee. She prefers hot drinks, but they make her sleepy


Medical and psychological history

  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment

  • Blood Type:
  • Vision:
  • Fitness:
  • Handedness:

Service History:

Year(s) Event Position Location
2366 Born Delta IV
2384 - 2388 Jynko Medical University BS Nursing Delta IV
2388 - 2390 University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing RN Earth
2390 - 2397 PHPC of Alpha Quadrant Private and Home Care Nurse Various
2397 - Present Sacred Heart Nurse Oed V

Awards and Citations:

Back Story

A wicked grin tugged at the corner of her lips, “That’s because I am part human.” She sipped slowly from her wine glass while that sank in. There was quite the myth that other species, though compatible, could not maintain a relationship with anyone not Deltan because the other person would go ‘insane’. Hogwash is what it was - well mostly. “My great great grandmother fell in love with a human man. They loved each other deeply and decided the risks were worth being together. It was important to him, and so she took his name and they moved to the Deltan moon of Cinera. When he died she and my great-grandmother returned to Delta. No, my grandfather did not die from his obsession over my great great grandmother, nor did he go insane. The rock bed on the Cinera had become unstable in the southern region and he was helping to stabilize the area. There was a rock slide and he was crushed. Their story always resonated with me, and so when I left Delta, I changed my name in their honor.”

A delicate lift of a shoulder preceded her answer. “They were not happy. In the generations since my family stayed on Delta and only married within. Our human heritage is seen as a thing of mild curiosity. Deltan’s, as a society, are very xenophobic. Oh yes we are part of the Federation, we work with anyone to improve the lives of others, but when it comes to.... relationships, connection, love, passion there is very much the stigma that no one else is evolved enough or worthy enough. I don’t believe that and find it counter intuitive to being a member world. I have also been a bit rebellious my whole life. Not only did I take a human name and embraced that heritage, I refused to take a vow of celibacy when I left Delta.”

Since I made the choice to leave Delta I have gone wherever I thought I could help. Each place a new adventure, and I have loved it. I thought I would always just move from place to place. But I love it here. I didn’t expect that when I arrived. I didn’t expect for the restlessness to go away and to be wake up each day wondering what new thing would happen rather than wondering when I’d be leaving and where I would go next.

it’s rather a cliché story. I love my work, everything about it, even the sad parts. Working end of life care there are a lot of sad parts. I was with my last patient 3 years before he passed. He was quite wealthy. He had siblings and children in spades. They were all quite spoiled. He left me a small sum, no fortune by any means, and two small shares from his last investment. He had also arranged for services from an investment accountant. His family thought it was quite wonderful that he thought of me, since I had been ‘out of work’ for three years.” She rolled her eyes a little. “That was until they had to divide their fortune amongst themselves and they squandered it. Then they claimed I stole it. See I did quite well with the investments he left me, and the accountant invested the money that was left me. I have quite the nest egg now. I could live meagerly off of it for a couple of years. Instead I keep working and it allows me to do things for others and occasionally spoil myself.”

It went to court and the judge threw it out. Every so often they try to find some new argument to use. My lawyer takes care of it.”

I found myself in need of a new job. At the time Sacred Heart was struggling. They have a great teaching program, but they weren’t pulling in enough experienced staff. Oed like any colony on the edge of the Federation is rough and dangerous at times. After the need for the dome the colony was, is still trying to rebuild. I’m a d@mn good nurse, and I could do good here. So I came.” She brushed one of the ribbons at her temple back. “And out here there is always the chance for adventure…if you don’t work too much.”

“I have always wandered to where I can be of use, where I am needed. Oed needs nurses though, and needs people who love it. I love Oed, the people and the community. I love my work and the family at Sacred Heart. I don’t have any plans to leave. I feel at home here.”

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