Travis Morgan

Authored by Roy Stamps
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Ark Angel
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 137lbs
  • Height: 5’9
  • Age: 23
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Character Biography

Brief history of Travis Morgan

As a boy born in the rough streets of the Chicago District on Earth, Travis was a more or less responsible child. At the age of 12, he started a paper route with the Tribune for those who didn’t have the luxury of all the technological gear that most people used to read the news. Some still preferred it the old way. So each morning, he would jump on his motorised bike and go pick up his papers and make his rounds.

Upon completion of his daily job, he’d go home and eat breakfast with his brother and get dressed for school. By the time Travis finished his grade school years, the Paper route that he had done was phased out completely.

Travis also took an interest in Judo. So after school, he would go to the local Boys and Girls Club and train in the Japanese Martial Art of Judo. It was a dying art form, but one he enjoyed and it Instilled him with confidence and the exercises they did left him in pretty good shape as a by product of his training. By the time he graduated grade school he tired of Judo and set his sites on yet another Martial Art called Hap ki do. This was an art dealing with joint manipulation and throws and kicks mainly. There were also strikes and blows that could be delivered, but it was mostly defensive. He trained in that discipline for the entire four years he was in High School. He was no Bruce Lee, but needless to say he could take care of himself well for a young man of 18 years of age.

Upon graduating from High School he sat with his father Trevor to discuss his way forward and his future plans. During the conversation, Star Fleet came up. So they sat together and consulted his person communications device and they checked it out to see if that might be a possibility. During their search, they discovered that his grades in school were sufficient to request an exam from Star Fleet, so they applied for it.
A few weeks later, he was granted a chance to go to the local Star Fleet recruiters office and sit the exam. A few days later he got the results. He had passed. His father was proud of him to say the least. But his mother did not want to see him go. The family had never had anyone in star fleet and maybe this was a good thing, she thought.

When the day came for his scheduled departure for The Academy out in sunny California, he sat down with his younger brother Maurice and gave him a few of his favorite items. He gave him all of his Airsoft gear and his motorised bike. Maurice had a bike of his own, but his brother had a job and he had a nicer bike than his, so he was pleased. They said their good byes, he kissed his mother Deloris good bye and his dad went with him to the transport station where they would beam him over to the Academy. They called it a site to site transport. Then entered the station in down town Chicago. They approached the section that was clearly marked for Star Fleet personnel only. He gave his information to the staff on duty and was cleared to transport. He said his good byes to his father and promised to do his best. He turned and walked through the transport door way and was instantly transported over two thousand miles away.

When he materialised again, he was standing with several other new recruits. Here they would go through reception and get their class assignments and dorm room information. They went through an induction where all the rules and regulations were explained to them and what was expected of them. Then they were paired of into small groups from which they chose their room mates. They would have two days to get the lay of the land. Monday morning they would be expected to attend their classes and be on time. Once they got all their gear, they were released for the week end. It was suggested they use that time to sort themselves out rather than focusing on having fun and drinking too much. There would be time for that when they had something to celebrate. Until then, concentrate on what was important. Getting good grades.

That was four years ago. Travis was 22 now and it was time to graduate Star Fleet. His first job was on Earth as a Security Officer. By his 23rd birthday, he had decided he wanted to explore space, so he applied for a ship placement. Soon, he got his wish. Now an Ensign, he felt he was ready. Leaving your planet was a big deal to him, though he had training in space, it was always close to Earth. This meant he’d be leaving this solar system, and that was something else. But if he did what he was trained to do, it should be a piece of cake.

Today was the beginning of the first day of the rest of his life and he was excited.

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