Aasrel Izei

Authored by Lucas Foxley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Height: 5'7''
  • Age: 26

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Character Biography

Basic Data
Full name: Aasrel Izei
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Posting: CMO, USS Azimov

Ethnic Background
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Male
DoB: 09 Sept 2373
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Betazed
Citizenship: Federation
Languages Spoken: English

Family Information
Father: Abilod Koiri
Mother: Kolehi Izei
Maternal Grandparents
Grandmother: Juneho Izei
Grandfather: Inleh Brazid
Paternal Grandparents
Grandmother: Rwoxi Koiri
Grandfather: Abum Otrai
Masas (24 Sept 2371, 28) - Married Vexi Ichula
Keyana (16 Feb 2377, 22)
Nieces and Nephews
Aazod Ichula (Masas and Vexi)

Spouses: None
Children: None

Physical Description
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brown
Identifying marks/features: Borg plate about three inchest long and two inches wide along the side of his head. A Borg implant runs along his right arm and hand as well as down his right leg. Scars on the right side and middle of his chest, fainter than they were to begin with.
Short physical description: Aasrel is an average height. He was never overly athletic, but he keeps in shape for Starfleet, to be sure he passes physicals. He has short-ish brown hair and black eyes. His style, when not on duty, is typically casual. He makes an effort to hide reminders of his time as a Borg, covering the remains of his implants the best he can.

Promotion and Service Record
A.Promotion and assignment History:
2397, June: Graduated Academy, Ensign, assigned USS Intrepid
2398, Sept: USS Lexington, Ensign
2399, Jan: USS Memorial, Ensign
2399, Apr: USS Azimov, Lt JG

B. Service History:
2393: Started Academy
2397: Graduated Academy, Medical, USS Intrepid
2398: Medical, USS Lexington
2399: Medical, USS Memorial
2399: CMO, USS Azimov

Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended:
Secondary (Graduated 2391)
Rixx College (transferred 2393)

B. Service Schools Attended:
Starfleet Academy School of Science (2393 - 2397)

C. Qualifications:
Starfleet Medical Degree (Specialty in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine)
Piloting licensure and qualifications

D. Extracurricular activities:
Life Sciences Club (During Secondary)
Writing Club (During Secondary)
Student Government (During Secondary)
Orchestra (Later Primary and Secondary)
Baseball (Primary School mostly)

Biographical Notes
A. Background Summary:
Aasrel grew up in Melfi, on Betazed. His father was a Starfleet officer who often took leave time to come home and visit. His mother was a city official and had a lot of time around work to handle and play with the kids. In school, he tried a handful of after school activities including baseball, a sport the school had inspired by the sport on Earth. He also joined a science club.

Aasrel always looked up to his older brother, Masas, and wanted to be like him. They spent a lot of time together. When his younger sister was born, Aasrel wanted to be as cool to her as Masas always was to him. But as they grew up, Keyana wasn’t interested in Starfleet or all the science-y stuff Aasrel and Masas were into. Aasrel made an effort to like what she liked, too, and that was why he joined the writing club with her.

When Aasrel passed secondary school, instead of going straight for Academy, he studied Medicine at the Rixx University of Medicine first. Masas on the other hand, went into the Academy and studied the Science path at eighteen. Aasrel entered the Academy at twenty, transferring from the civilian college to the Starfleet Academy, where he studied at the Earth campus.

His time in the Academy was a time of a lot of learning and new friendships as he learned how to manage himself in a society not based on Betazed (Apparently, humans did not appreciate the truth as much as Betazoids did). He graduated from the Academy and was assigned his first ship, the USS Intrepid, as an Ensign.

His first assignment was going well for him. The Intrepid was an exploratory vessel, assigned near the edge of Federation space, exploring new planets. The work made him happy, he liked the ship.

It only lasted for a year. The day that Aasrel would never forget, 20th July 2398, the ship encountered a Borg vessel. The Borg noticed the ship before they could quietly sneak away and pursued them. It was not a long chase. The Intrepid was boarded and a dozen of the crew were assimilated before the Borg were fought off and the ship escaped. Aasrel was among that first group of assimilated crew. The Borg wasted no time with his cybernetic “enhancements”.

He was given the Borg neural processor and tied into the Borg’s hive mind. He was given a head implant and a borg eye implant. He was outfitted with assimilation tubules and an arm implant, and some exoplating, across his body and legs. The installation of these implants was hasty, wanting the newly assimilated drones ready for the battle for the Intrepid. The Borg ship had been recently damaged and was missing large portions of its crew it was looking to replenish.

The Intrepid was badly damaged, its engines crippled by the time its distress call was answered two days later and battleships arrived to assist. Two battleships arrived, attempting to rescue the remaining crew of the Intrepid. The Borg ship fought back, trying to win the ship for themselves. During the battle, the Intrepid was destroyed, leaving no survivors of the remaining crew.

The battle raged still, the battleships intent on rescuing the remaining Intrepid crew from their status as incorporated Borg. The Borg ship however, did not want to give up its new crew and appeared to retreat.

For a week the battleships chased the Borg ship. Then the ship turned around and attacked and the battle continued. They had used the time to repair some of their systems. The Federation ships were able to recover just under half the assimilated crew, fourteen crewmembers out of thirty one crew assimilated. The fourteen crew were temporarily assigned to the larger of the two ships, the USS Lexington, for their early recovery.

After it all, Aasrel spent nine days as a Borg drone, 20 July to 29 July. He was liberated when his neural link to the hive mind was deactivated. All he wanted was to look like himself again, for the cybernetic parts to be gone. It did not take long before he noticed another consequence of his time as a Borg. He no longer sensed the emotions of those around him. His empathy was gone.

The tubules implanted into his right arm were rendered permanently inactive. The neural processor was also rendered permanently inactive, though the piece itself could not be removed, for it was deep in his abdomen and had attached itself to his liver.

Initial scans revealed no immediate cause for his lack of empathic ability, despite a lack of Psilosynine in his brain. It seemed as though his body and brain simply weren’t producing the necessary chemicals.

The next step was to scan and see how the implants had been added and how it would be safest to remove them. Most of his exoplating wouldn’t be too hard to remove, though the structure had to be surgically removed. Scans showed most of the exoplating base would come off without too much trouble, but it should be done in stages, to allow his body to heal in between.

The implant along his right arm suffered from its hasty install. It was integrated deep in the tissues of his arm. Removing it was likely to cause nervous damage or loss of muscle. If he wanted it off, there would be a lengthy recovery, but with it inactivated, there was no reason it had to go.

His left leg had a similar problem. The exoskeleton used to mount the exoplating was integrated deep with his body. The doctors were unsure it could be removed without removing the entire leg, or the muscle, nerves, or bone could be damaged and leave him crippled.

Aasrel was insistent he wanted it all removed as soon as possible. His first surgery was 1 August 2398, the exoplating skeleton was removed from his left arm and his right leg first, being the least risky to remove as they were on extremities, and not too deeply fused to his body. Doctors suggested he give his body at least several weeks to heal before attempting another surgery.

In October, the surgery was done to remove the plating from the front and back of his body. The surgery was harder than expected, and he was nearly lost during it. He was bed bound for two weeks afterwards, and there were scars left behind on parts of his body.

In the beginning of December the cranial implant was removed and his eye implant was removed and replaced with a natural looking Federation eye replacement. His doctors didn’t want to attempt to remove the neural processor for fear of damaging the organ it had attached to, nor the implants along his arm and his leg, for fear of the permanent damage they would cause.

Aasrel, much happier with most of the implants gone, began to look for other placements within starfleet. After all, the Lexington was meant to be temporary and most of his other crewmates had already been reassigned. In the end of January 2399, he was at last reassigned to the USS Memorial. Following his service on the Memorial, he was transferred to the Azimov and promoted to CMO.

B. Personality Summary:
Aasrel is strong spirited and stubborn. (WIP)

A.Recent Fitness Reports
2393, Sept: Entrance to Academy Physical - Fit for duty, Dr Weeks
2394, Sept: Yearly physical, Academy - Fit for duty, Dr Berg
2395, Sept: Yearly physical, Academy - Fit for duty, Dr Vautt
2396, Sept: Yearly physical, Academy - Fit for duty, Dr Hughes
2397, Sept: Yearly physical, Academy - Fit for duty, Dr Serrano
2397, June: Boarding physical, USS Intrepid - Fit for duty, Dr Hodges
2398, June: Yearly physical, USS Intrepid - Fit for duty, Dr Marchal
2398, July: Reclaimed from a Borg vessel, extensive implants have been placed in his body. Exoskeleton to support Borg exoplating has been implanted along his body and all four extremities. A cranial implant has been fitted to his head, and his right eye has been replaced with a Borg implant. Scans have revealed a neural processor embedded within his abdomen. Exoskeleton implants on his right arm and left leg have been fused deeply within his body. At this time we are unsure how to remove them however they are believed to cause no medical risk. USS Lexington, Dr Strada
2398, August: Exoplating base structures have been removed successfully from his left arm and right leg in Ensign Izei’s first surgery. The patient has been advised to allow his body to heal and rest before attempting further surgeries. USS Lexington, Dr Strada and Dr Moizin.
2398, October: Further surgery has been performed to remove the remaining safe exoplating structures from the patient’s bodies. The surgery was harder than expected and the patient was nearly lost during the procedure. The target exoplating was fully removed once the patient stabilized. USS Lexington, Dr Strada and Dr Moizin.
2398, December: The patient’s cranial implant has been successfully removed with minimal aftereffects. A small plate remains implanted in the left side of the patient’s skull. The patient’s eye implant has been replaced with a Federation synthetic eye, made to resemble his natural eye. USS Lexington, Dr Strada and Dr Moizin.
2399, January: Boarding physical, USS Memorial

2398, June: Yearly physical, USS Intrepid - Fit for duty, Dr Taikaroa Teira
2398, July: (Psychological summary later) Regular appointments with a counselor advised, but Aasrel remains fit for duty. USS Lexington, Dr Teira
2399, January: Boarding eval, USS Memorial

B. Current Recreational Interests
- (WIP)

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