Setsuna Fujioka

Authored by Nathan Derricutt
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 120lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 19

Actions Available

Character Biography

Marital status: Single
Mother: Konaka Fujioka (Captain, USS Noble)
Farther: Mori Fujioka (Ambassador)
Siblings: Asuna Fujioka(sister, private, Marine corps), Negi Fujioka (brother first year engineering cadet)

Setsuna is a medium height and build young women. She has light brown shoulder length hair often tied into a bun when on duty. She has dark brown almost black eyes, rose lips and a pale complexion. She has a slim face and her features are well defined. She keeps herself in perfect shape and her figure shows it.

Setsuna was born and raised in downtown Tokyo she is older than her sister by one year and her brother by three years. From the age of three she has been trained in karate, Tia-Kwando, kendo and the way of the samurai. She proved to be very adept in her studies and by the age of seven she was the best in her father’s dojo. She has also trained in ancient ceremonies by her mother. Setsuna spent most of her child hood being raised on her mother’s ship or her farther’s diplomatic ship. She has always wanted to join star fleet and follow in her mother’s footsteps.

When she was 11 she helped forge her own samurai sword, she still has it to this day. She is adept in the art of sword fighting and has won many championships she has even won the interplanetary sword fighting competition when she was in her second year at the academy.
From a young age it was clear that Setsuna was very intelligent as a result was the top of her class in every year of school and every year at the academy. She was also very brave, during an attack when she was 12 Setsuna managed to drag a wounded crewmember to safety after he was wounded in an explosion. She also managed to get her brother and sister out of harm’s way and into a safety zone.

Setsuna joined star-fleet academy when she was sixteen due to her intelligence and her entry exam results. While she was at the academy she was a member of several clubs including: the climbing club, the kendo club, the first aid club and the chess club. She also learnt four languages: Vulcan, Romulan, Andorian and Klingon. Setsuna graduated from the academy at the age of 18 when most students were just starting, she graduated with the highest honours and at the top of her class and even the top of her year.

Medical profile:
Setsuna is in relatively good health except for the regular bumps and bruises from life as a star fleet officer. However in the past she has broken her jaw, her left arm, her right leg, three fingers, two toes and suffered three cracked ribs. She has also suffered several cuts and gashes from her sword competitions but they left no scars. Setsuna has also got a very strong immune system and is resilient to most diseases.

Mental profile:
Setsuna is a kind and caring individual who respects all. She also takes great pride in her family’s honour and will do almost anything to keep it. She is easy to get on with and will try to befriend anyone she can. However if someone crosses her then she will make sure their life is a living hell. She takes her job very seriously and respects her senior officers. She also likes to collect ancient weapons which she uses to decorate her quarters. She also takes great pride in her Japanese heritage and will often wear kimonos when she is off duty, she also decorates her quarters with Japanese artefacts and paintings.

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