Týr Bragason

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Memorial
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 85KG
  • Height: 187cm - 6'1
  • Age: 23

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Character Biography


Tyr was born on the island nation of Iceland on Earth’s northern hemisphere in 2277. He’s the youngest of five siblings, losing to his Twin Sister Freyja by a total of 9 minutes thirty-three seconds. The two were considerably younger than their older siblings. The two were considered inseparable for most of their adolescent lives, although they didn’t always share the same interests they always did their best to spend time with each other’s hobbies.

The two looked up to their elder siblings a great deal. The Twins spent a great deal of time with their respective football clubs, much to his annoyance Freyja was a considerably bigger talent at that than he was. However, neither of them decided to pursue the sport as a career like their older brother Þór, who was a huge star in the Earth Football scene.

By the time they were 16, they’d decided on their career paths, Freyja had received an Academic Scholarship and planned to pursue a career in Theoretical Physics, Tyr likes to joke that their older sister Gerður had corrupter her, which his sister shot back with that he had been corrupted by their oldest Brother Baldur. That of course was partially true, Tyr idolizes the Oldest sibling and decided that he would start preparing for Starfleet Academy.

Baldur had been his hero from an early age, they grew up on stories about their brother and his adventures in Starfleet, him and their cousins. Baldur was a war hero, he’d been there during the Liberation of Betazed, and he fought the Borg at the battle of Earth. Tyr remembered looking at the plaques and awards wall at their house, all of Þórs achievements in sports and philanthropy, all of Gerðurs many scientific achievements and publications. For Baldur, there were only old clippings of his Strongman competitions and a few photos from his Graduation from Starfleet Academy and a single clear display holding the Starfleet Medal of Honor.

Tyr and Freyja took advantage of their sibling’s experiences, alongside their schooling they learned whatever they could from their family. Bragi, their father taught them as much as he could about cooking and they spent their free evenings helping at the family restaurant in the downtown of Old Reykjavik. They grew up on lectures from their mother that ranged from the intricacies of a good diet and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle to the minutiae of Federation Law. Gerður helped open their mind, helping them grasp the concepts of scientific theory, something Freyja excelled in. Þór helped them with football and imparted his experience in leadership. Whenever Baldur was on Earth he took the time to teach them a new skill, whether it was piloting shuttles, hand-to-hand combat, tactics, or even languages.

The Twins thirsted for knowledge and spent most of their time learning from whatever member of their extended family had anything to teach so by the time they left for their respective higher education services, Freyja to the Bejing Science Academy and Tyr to Starfleet Academy, they had already built strong foundations to build a future on.

Physical Appearance
Tall, broad shoulders, short black hair usually carefully combed. He has the lean build of a Footballer, years spent as a striker, and a careful exercise plan and diet as dictated by his mother. Starfleet Academy helped him become as fit as possible for service.

His eyes are Grey with a smattering of green. He shares the masculine family trait of excessive body hair, seeing as he styles himself after Þór he goes cleanshaven which leads to him having to shave at least twice a day. He however does not do much about his chest or leg hair outside of some trimming.


Year Event
2276 Born January 4th
2284 Is Groomsman in Þórs wedding
2294 Enters Starfleet Academy
2398 Graduates Starfleet Academy - Rank Ensign
2299 Takes the Advanced Pilot Course
Graduates Flight Academy
Transfered to USS Memorial as Security Officer

Father: Bragi Baldursson - Restaurant
Mother: Iðunn Karlsdóttir - Lawyer and former Strongest (Human) Woman on Earth (2355)
Baldur - Starfleet Officer
Þór – Star football player on Earth (Soccer)
Gerður – Civilian Scientist – Starbase 111
Freyja (Twin) - Doctorate student - Bejing Science Academy

Starfleet Academy:
For his first two years, during the basic training, Tyr gathered a group of close friends, that started as a study group. This group formed the freshman recruits for the Falcon flight group under the direction of the fourth-year students. The Falcon group comprised some of the most dedicated and qualified Cadets of their year.

When it came to picking a specialty Tyr was given the option of the Science and Security fields. He had excellent comprehension to allow him to prosper as a Science Officer but as he didn’t feel the passion his Twin sister did he decided on the Security Field, hoping to potentially shift into Tactical later on. He excelled at most of his physical courses, only falling behind slightly with weapons training. He showed good insight when it came to Tactical classes and was earmarked for advanced training in the field.

He graduated with honors, falling only slightly behind the most talented of his year. He showed a modicum of talent but he focused and worked hard to get ahead of his supremely talented peers.

Flight School
During Tyr’s final year in the Academy, he started more advanced classes in piloting, something that he’d only considered a hobby before. By the time he graduated, he was approached by the Marine Starfighter Program, he was offered a rather coveted position in the Starfighter training program in a cross-training experiment to see how effective Starfleet pilots did in a Marine Pilot program. He did exceptionally well during his training, Starfighter training was the first thing that he naturally excelled at. Something that he was good at. Tyr had always been a decent pilot but until he started his advanced classes he hadn’t really had an environment to flourish.

The Starfleet Marine Corps - Starfighter Program was just that place. It was also the place where he got the most hazings and teasings he’d ever endure in his life, so he did the only thing that made sense, he turned to make the other trainee pilots like him into a competition, the finishing line was graduation. Of course, he wasn’t going to be steamrolled so he decided the best course of action was to start the greatest prank war in the history of the Academy.

The ‘war’ was ended by the program brass after an incident that led to an entire dormitory being unusable for three months. That was the tipping point, when the cadets were being interrogated they all said that they simply hadn’t been involved, deny deny deny. After the incident Tyr was finally given a Call-sign that stuck “Maple”

Personal History
Tyr’s closest friend throughout his life has always been his Twin sister Freyja. The two did most everything together, knowing practically all there was to know about each other, moods, feelings or even simply what they thought about anything. Freyja had always been the more talented one of the two, although Tyr was intelligent and showed great promise it was Freyja who shone, being able to pick up almost any skill with great ease. For other people, it might have been a barrier in their relationship but Tyr relished the challenge, although he could never pick something up as quickly he always worked hard to catch up. This inspired the two to have competitions in the gathering of talents and skills.

This went anywhere from who could cook the superior meal, make a better argument in their faux debates or sit quietly the longest. Their record had been 9 days without speaking to anyone, a contest that Tyr won by only a few seconds. This competitive nature allowed him to excel in the Security field in the Academy but also led to him at times spreading himself thin, doing several sports, debate teams, and other similar competitive activities in the Academy.

The twins also had their share of broken or bruised bones, due to their competition.

Medical History
Tyr is in excellent physical condition and has no history of any major illnesses. He has however broken both legs twice each, his right arm four times and his left a total of five times throughout his life. Most of these were sports injuries or competitions with his twin gone wrong. There are no physical remainders of his multiple injuries and none more recent than before joining starfleet, excluding having sprained his left ankle twice and brusied a rib during training in the Academy.

He has three small scars, three lines about two inches long each on the underside of his right arm. He doesn’t speak of its origin but has refused to have the scars removed.

Psychological History
Starfleet Academy Psychologist
Tyr is an extremely competitive young man with an outgoing personality. He enjoys being around people, conversing, or listening to them talk. He is passionate about knowledge, oftentimes spending much of his free time dedicated to learning something new, this can at times distract his attention from things he probably should be focusing on.

He has a rather simplistic view of morality, or I should say it’s a complex way of looking at things from a black-and-white standpoint. He finds most minor criminals to be amusing, admiring skill and talent over legality. He holds life to be sacred which raises concerns if he would be able to use lethal force during the course of his duties. He is also loyal almost to a fault, and it’s not entirely clear to who he decides to give his loyalty to.

He does not seem to have any major problems to deal with, hopefully, age will temper his more excessive tendencies. He avoids fights with other more temperamental and aggressive Cadets but has shown that he has his own lines that when crossed show a rare example of temper from the young man. He is well suited for advancement to officer and with the right guidance can become an exemplary member of Starfleet.

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