Captain Khain

Authored by David Shotton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Captain of the I.K.S. Khazad'hea on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Klingon
  • Weight: 112kg
  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Age: 33

Character Biography

Hair: Bald, shaven with a very neat and trimmed mustache. It could almost be described as… dapper.
Eyes: Light grey, tending to look amber with a metal eye-patch over his left eye that is stapled on, not strapped. The eye patch is emblazoned with the image of House Kholl.

Born: 2362 on Qo’noS

Siblings: 1 Brother named Do’trahk, currently CMO on the U.S.S. Ark Angel

Khain is tall, with broad shoulders and an imposing figure that reflects the many hours of training and work that a Klingon normally puts into his day. He wears very well cut leather armor that is multi layered and emphasises the shoulders very eloquently, but leaves nothing short on protection. Fingerless gloves that are reinforced at the knuckles with metal strips, a Great House sash signifying his House and Rank with honors, and at his side is his House blade, a Kut’luch, a dagger more commonly associated with assassins in the Klingon culture and designed to inflict terrible and painful mortal wounds. His voice is deep and strong as is common with a Klingon and his bald head shows a few faint scars from his battles.

Khain is not a typical Klingon. Well spoken, diplomatic and apparently highly educated, he has an easy smile but a shrewd and calculating mind. He often hides this behind humor and an outwardly philanthropic attitude. People often lose sight of the fact that he is still a Klingon from a House that got where it is today by assassination, inter house warfare and plain cunning.

Honor, battle and history.. He has a collection of Klingon and other species weapons, mainly hand to hand, which he displays in his quarters and office. He is also more than comfortable experiencing other cultures and learning what makes them unique, and behind most of his activities lies a drive for wealth and influence.

Recent Background:
Khain is the Captain of the I.K.S. Khazadh’ea, only a small ‘Bird of Prey’ but it is the Flagship of his House’s battle fleet, and rumored to have somewhat more advanced technology than normal. He has been assigned to the Outpost 42 region as the Klingon High Council works to stop rampant piracy from rogue Romulan, Reman and Klingon factions in the unclaimed lands of the old Romulan Star Empire. Already in the Region on business for his House, the High Council has given him a writ and premission to hunt pirates and raiders in the name of the Klingon Empire.

Take your pick, he’s Klingon. He has had his share of Klingon Measels and injuries, and most notably lost his left eye along with his brother in a matter of honor and love which neither talk about to this day.

Service History:
2377: Undergoes the Klingon Right of Passage and becomes and adult. Completes training and serves as a Warrior on board a number of Klingon vessels.
2387: Appointed First Officer of the I.K.S Khazadh’ea
2389: Receives the role of Captain of the I.K.S Khazadh’ea.
2394: Assigned to the Outpost 42 Region to hunt Pirates for the Klingon High Council.

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