Akirel Ros

Authored by David Shotton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Consultant Researcher on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Weight: 202
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Age: 32
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Character Biography

Full Name: Akirel Ros (Bajoran, Family name is first)

Year of Birth: 2364

Place of Birth: Bajor

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - Dark Brown, medium length and pushed back in a semi-messy style

Eye color - Deep green

Standing at a solid 6‘2” Akirel cuts a strong figure. He is not afraid of physical work due to having plenty to do rebuilding Bajor as he grew up. He has few defining visible scars or marks and appears lucky to have kept fairly accident free during his life, although his face shows the cares and concerns of the responsibilities he has held. As well as the normal Bajoran nose wrinkles he does wear the Bajoran jewellery on his right ear, as even though he rejects the religion of his people he does not reject the culture. Plus he found it to be a pretty good talking point to break the ice with the ladies, so, he wears an earring of a beautiful metallic sheen shaped into an abstract design that elicits memories of the moon and sun.

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Akirel Ros was born on Bajor during the last few years of the Cardassian Occupation in a work camp run by the Cardassians. The camp was set up to provide labour for the various local endeavours of the Cardassian unit assigned to the region. When food in the camp became more scarce as the Cardassians prepared to leave, Akirel Arlise turned to any means she could to make ends meet for both food and warmth, thus Akirel Ros was born. Despite conditions in the camp the people generally worked together, especially to keep the children warm and fed. This continued for quite some time after the Occupation had ended with the Federation sending aid supplies, due to the camps being already built and set up to accommodate large numbers of people. His earliest memories include being around huge crowds, all hungry, and of Starfleet showing up and providing food, medicine and warmth.

As he grew to his teenage years and learned more about the Occupation he developed a deep hatred of the Cardassians for what they had done to his planet and people. At the same time he rejected the Bajoran caste system and their system of Religion, claiming numerous times the ‘Gods’ were of no use to Bajor. This mindset did not make him a popular person in his settlement as efforts to rebuilt the planet went ahead, and by the time he finished his schooling decided that joining the one organization that seemed to have been able to help his people was his best course of action.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:

Schooling on Bajor:

Akirel Ros completed his schooling on Bajor at 18, and did it while also working as an Engineering Apprentice from the age of 14, initially just in manual labour but gaining experience in the operation and maintenance of various equipment as he worked and was trained on the job. His school grades were good enough for him to be accepted into the Academy, although by no means outstanding. He achieved solidly in various mathematics and school grade engineering courses, being able to put his work experience to use in describing and solving problems.

Star Fleet Academy:

In the Academy he was solid for his first two years of general study, doing particularly well at the Engineering papers and also gaining notice in the various survival and combat oriented papers. He chose to pursue a Security Officer career in his third year due to his feelings on the occupation of his home world, the course failed spectacularly as he found himself assigned to an unorthodox ‘training’ mission devised by one Admiral Harris. This ‘Mission’ and it’s outcome are classified, but Ros failed the Security course that year.

He was instead offered, at the start of the next year, to be drafted into the Federation Marine Corps, where his aptitude for physical and military work was sought after. Instead he chose to pursue his previous career as an Engineer and remain in Starfleet. This progressed well and he was able to complete the two year section and graduate as an Ensign with good general grades. It was noted by many tutors that the young Bajoran seemed to be holding himself back from achieving his real potential.

Career Summary:

2378 Bajor Civilian Begins working in Construction and Engineering on Bajor at 14 years old.
2382 Starfleet Academy Cadet Accepted into Starfleet Academy, Meets Amber Harris.
2384 Starfleet Academy Cadet Becomes Engaged to Amber Harris, Chosen for extra-curricular training mission. Fails Starfleet Security training, engagement to Amber Harris ends. 
2385 Starfleet Academy Cadet Accepted into Starfleet Engineering Courses
2386 Bajor Ensign Completes Starfleet Academy, Graduates as an Engineer, posted to Bajor as part of Starfleets ongoing support.
2388 USS Freyberg Lt (j.g) Transferred to U.S.S. Freyberg, begins counseling courses as extra-curricular study.
2391 USS Falcon Lt (j.g) Transferred to U.S.S. Falcon, rekindles relationship with Ensign Amber Harris.
2392 USS Viking Lieutenant Transferred to USS Viking as Chief Engineer, Promoted to Lieutenant. Arranged personally by Admiral Harris.
2393 USS Viking Lt Cmdr Promoted to Lt Cmdr and transferred to Starfleet Intelligence. Remained on the Viking
2393 USS Challenger Lt Cmdr Assigned to the Academy ship Challenger as Counselor. Notable number of Cadets joined Starfleet Intelligence shortly after Graduation.
2396 USS Leviathan Lt Cmdr Assigned to the USS Leviathan via Starfleet Intelligence, after leaving the Challenger in 2393 for 'administration duties'.
______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

He has no current known Medical liabilities. His file indicates he has visited sickbay on a handful of occasions, for routine check ups and vaccinations only. 

______________________________________ OTHER INFORMATION

Physical activity and work is a source of relaxation and enjoyment for him, along with holodeck recreations of fantasy themed settings. He also enjoys traditional Bajoran cooking, the kind with the spicy flavours, and failing any of the above could be an even bet to be found in the lounge when off duty.

______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Akirel Arlise Mother Nurse Bajor

Marital Status

Ros is single, having been engaged during his time in the Academy to Amber Harris but that relationship having been on and off with the engagement and relationship ultimately ending.

During his time on the USS Viking, he began a relationship with the ships Captain, Kara Nakuto

The couple spent as much time together as they could on the troubled USS Viking until duty and other events led them away from each other. They have not kept in touch in the time since, especially as Ros has not been able to contact known associates during the last few years as part of his Intelligence work.

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