Atticus Wolf

Authored by David Shotton
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 196 lbs
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Age: 39
Actions Available

Character Biography

Full Name: Atticus Wolf (Known Professionally as just 'the Wolf')

Date of Birth: 18 March, 2358

Place of Birth: Unknown

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - Dark brown, almost black with a light beard .

Eye color - Dark brown, and always seem to be calm, but focused.

Body Features - Atticus is slightly above average in height, and his frame is deceptively lean and hides a wiry, muscled physique from rigorous physical activity. He keeps himself in top shape almost treating his body as thing of worship, because it is both his mind and body that not only pays his wages, but also ensures his survival in an often deadly career path.

Photo of Atticus Wolf , Source Unknown (assumed Identification Portrait)

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Not a lot is known for sure about the elusive and enigmatic Bounty Hunter known as Atticus Wolf, or more Commonly just 'the Wolf'.

What is known is that he works as an independent contractor and chooses his contracts, whether he has been involved in other work outside of 'catch and return' contracts has never been verified, however of note is that he has often been seen in the area of an event, often at a ball or dinner accompanied by any one of a number of gorgeous women or equally enigmatic men. Most often shortly after the event there is found a body, theft or missing person report, or a simple break and entry with nothing seeming to have been taken. Atticus' involvement has never been proven although many of the people he has been seen with have later been arrested on various charges, including murder, extortion, abduction or theft.

Atticus is thought to be extremely wealthy, although no success has been found tracing moneys or assets he may own. Intelligence circles also hold the information that his reputation is such that he has never once failed a job contract he accepted. He is also known to ask no questions once he has accepted a contract, and he provides his own resources. In this way, no success has been had tracking, monitoring or running surveillance on him. It must also be noted that all 'known' information is a culmination of rumor, gossip and statements from those he worked with that have since been arrested and questioned.

Most importantly, Atticus has no outstanding Warrants for arrest and has never been charged with any crime. All evidence is circumstantial and all known extractions of persons on his Bounty contracts have been done within the laws and regulations of the locality that the event took place.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


No Information is Available - Records have been erased. Only Birth Year can be confirmed from his own Identification files on various planets.


Intelligence Files have confirmed his ability to speak the following Languages fluently. English, Orion, Ferengi, Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran, Romulan, Trill, Betazed, Gorn, Naussican, Andorian, Tellarite. He is suspected of being capable of speaking more.

Known History (possibly significant events):

2358 Location Unknown Parents Unknown Born
2379 Earth Geneva Applied for Extraction Permit of Known Person wanted on Orion, Granted.
2380 Outpost 42 Private Runabout Present during abduction of Ferengi Liquidator. No Connection found, permitted to leave shortly after.
2382 Risa Rhodes Foundation Charity Ball Attended Ball with associate. Noted arms dealer found dead in his room the next morning, no forced entry. Autopsy concluded death by natural causes.
2386 Romulus Unknown Contract Extracted defecting Admiral from Romulus, delivered to Federation forces in Federation territory. Mission known to have not Originated from Federation Sources.
2390 Earth Washington Applied for Extraction permit of Bajoran persons known for Terrorist Activity. Granted.
2392 Deneva Anniversary Celebrations Weekend Presence Confirmed during Celebrations and seen dining with associates. Two weeks later Vault containing entire physical (and legal) fortune of Orion Syndicate leader found empty. Information trace leads to Ferengi merchant where one single and traceable Denevan Fire Crystal is found jammed down the back of the sofa. Ferengi claims Innocence, placed into protective Custody from Orion Syndicate reprisals.
2393 S.S. Merciless Naussican System Vessel suspected of carrying illegal weapons for trade to pirates, unexplained Warp Core breach destroys vessel before trade takes place. Atticus Wolf noted on passenger manifest. No survivors expected, no escape pods found. Atticus noted on Risa one week later, upon questioning found to have left the vessel prior to vessel departure. Information checks out with Federation records.
2394 OEDV Interest Shown in Property Acquisition Made enquiries as to private property purchase and available business' for sale, left without investing.
2397 OEDV Returns to OEDV Made enquiries as to property purchase for both private and business endeavours.
______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

Federation Public records are scarce to non existent. All records indicate that all medical vaccinations are up to date and record no major injuries.

Bio Scans of the man reveal a number of healed fractures and healed but internal scar tissue from wounds that can possibly be caused by sharp objects, projectile and energy weapons and blunt force injury. Externally, scars are present but faint that can be attributed to both stabbing and slashing weapons. These are hidden as they are on his chest, shoulders and back.

______________________________________ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Federation Psychological profilers suggest that Atticus Wolf tends to work alone except when required by his contract, however he is noted from the many public events he has been to as being charismatic, friendly, charming and attractive.

Information from his associates indicates he doesn't question contracts once accepted, all he requires is the name and location for drop off. Body Language experts believe that outwardly he is relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings, although slight hints exist that he has been constantly alert and noting the area he is in.

Certain associates claim the man can be cold, calculating and merciless when filling a contract, but refuse to answer questions any further. He is known to be highly resourceful, private and intelligent, and appears to show no sign of desiring wealth or power. The possibility the man is psychotic or suffers other mental issues has been dismissed.

______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Unknown Father Unknown Unknown
Unknown Mother Unknown Unknown

Marital Status

Past relationships of his are largely unknown. He has been linked, briefly always, to a number of wealthy, powerful or influential women. None of these women discuss their relationship with him.

______________________________________ Important Posts: - Atticus' Arrival to OED in 2394

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