Jack Fletcher

Authored by Steve Alliss
Biographic Information
  • Position: Medical Officer on SS Sojourner
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human (Irish)
  • Weight: 162lbs
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography


Jack is slim but quite muscular. His hair is Blonde and curly on top and short on the side. His fringe reaches down to just above his eyebrows. He is clean shaven and has a moderate jawline and quite high cheekbones.


Jack is a friendly and affable person, but he has very low self esteem and low self confidence which can sometimes lead to him being a little shy and a little nervous.


Jack was Born in Ireland in 2125 to Lewis and Betty Fletcher. They have been very supportive of him throughout his life and the decisions he has made. He remains very fond and very close to his parents and misses them dearly now he no longer lives with them.
Though the biggest influence on Jack’s life is his Godfather Michael. Jack had always admired Michael. He saw his Godfather as a good looking, charming, charismatic and funny man. Michael was easy going and through Jack’s young eyes, the personification of ‘cool’. Michael is Jack’s hero, and much of young life had been spent trying his best to be like his Godfather - this often led to much frustration and self doubt because Jack couldn’t be the man that Michael was.

Jack enjoyed a pleasant and enjoyable schooling. Jack found himself particularly enjoying studying languages and literature. However, as he got older he found that he struggled in the academic process. Whilst not completely true, Jack was often seen as someone who struggles and was slow to grasp things. This meant that Jack had to work twice as hard to get as far as he had done. It did however mean that his confidence would get knocked repeatedly - something that he would never totally recover from.

During his time in school Jack found his imagination captivated by the stories of Doctors aboard sailing ships of Earth’s 1700 and 1800s. The stories of surgeons like William Beatty left such an impression on Jack and the idea of being a Doctor helping to treat people whilst being on the cutting edge of exploration called to him. With Starfleet recruiting, Jack saw an opportunity to be like one of the Doctors from those, but instead of sailing the seas of Earth, Jack so wanted to be amongst the Stars, exploring the final frontier.


Other than minor injuries sustained as the result of rambunctious childhood, Jack has sustained no other injuries and is in perfect health.

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