Eilah Fayth

Authored by Lucas Foxley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Height: 5'5''
  • Age: 30

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Character Biography

Basic Data
Full name: Eilah (eye-lah) Andrew Fayth
Rank: Lt Cmdr
Posting: Chief of Security, USS Manhattan

Ethnic Background
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Male
DoB: 04 June 2369 (Earth date equivalent)
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Betazed
Religion: Four Gods of Betazed
Citizenship: Federation
Languages Spoken: English (F), Betazoid (F), Klingon (C), Vulcan (F​), Andorian (F​), Deltan (F)
(F = Fluent, C = Conversational, B = Beginner)

Family Information
Father: Acen Fayth (Trebal)
Mother: Luanna Fayth

Maternal Grandparents (Deceased)
Grandmother: Lillidet Fayth
Grandfather: Lacun Fayth (Ibrod)

Paternal Grandparents (Deceased)
Grandmother: Reixi Trebal
Grandfather: Rorol Trebal (Kaak)

Sharah Fayth (b. 28 Nov 2374, 25)

Nieces and Nephews

Kela Rosa (Bonded, contract failed, made when he was five and broken when he was nine)


Physical Description
Height: 5‘5’‘
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye colour: black
Hair colour: dark brown
Identifying marks/features: a small, faint scar on his left hand from when he cut himself while in hiding in his youth.
Short physical description: Eilah has light, pale skin, with freckles on his cheeks and across his nose. The freckles were more pronounced when he was younger, but are still there. He is slim in build and light. His hair is dark brown and wavy, which makes it difficult to maintain unless it’s kept very short. He keeps it short to medium length. Eilah has black eyes like all Betazoids, and a friendly face.

Promotion and Service Record
A.Promotion and assignment History:
2387: Security Cadet
2391: Promoted to Ensign
2393: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396: Promoted to full Lieutenant
2398: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

B. Service History:
2387: Joined Academy
2391: Graduated Academy, assigned USS Odysseus
2392: Assigned USS Roarke’s Drift
2396: Assigned Starbase 52
2399: Assigned USS Manhattan

Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended:
School on Betazed

B. Service Schools Attended:
Starfleet Academy

C. Other Qualifications:

D. Extracurricular activities:

Biographical Notes
A. Background Summary:
Early Childhood (2369 - 2373)
Eilah was born on Betazed in 2369. He was a very happy and bubbly child with many friends in his neighborhood. He liked to play pretend games and he loved reading. His early childhood was largely carefree and happy. When he was four, his parents signed a contract for him to be bonded to the child of a family friend, Kela Rosa, who was the same age as him.

Occupation of Betazed (2373-2375)
When Eilah was four, Betazed was occupied by the Jem’Hadar. His family fled, going into hiding in the caves near their farm. His maternal grandparents didn’t escape and were killed by the Jem’Hadar. During their time in hiding, Eilah took care of the other kids his age and younger, entertaining and reading to them, caring for them when their parents couldn’t. He often snuck into town and stole food and medicine and water for his family and the others hiding with them. Disease swept through the population, killing his paternal grandparents.

His little sister Sharah was born in 2374. The birth was hard on his mother, leaving her sick and weak at a time when no one could afford to be those things. He hated his little sister for making their mom sick, for being fussy and irritating and needing so much care. When word came out about a way to stop the Dominion his father left to fight, leaving him alone with his mother, who was too weak to help and had weak telepathic abilities anyway, and his fussy sister. He continued to sneak into town and steal things to help the people in hiding.

It was a lot of responsibility for a five to six year old boy. He was caring for children, worrying about how much food, water, and medicine they had, and whether the Jem’Hadar would come and chase them again when he was still a child himself. Many of his friends died of this diseases he somehow managed to avoid catching. It was a scary time full of uncertain futures.

After the War and Sharah’s diagnosis (2375 - 2378)
The occupation ended in mid year 2375, when Eilah was six. Their family home had been destroyed, but they were able to rebuild and Eilah spent a lot of time with his friends and his bondmate. Shortly after they returned home, Sharah fell ill. When their father returned, he knew what was wrong, and she was diagnosed with telepathic hypersensitivity.

From then on, it felt like the family’s life was all about Sharah and her doctor’s appointments, searching for treatments or a cure for her condition. His mother kept Sharah home, trying to protect her from all the extra input. Sharah always looked up to him, adored him, and followed him everywhere. He started to like her more… until she got a little older, and kept telling on him by reading his thoughts. She annoyed him and he didn’t like her. his mother offered to homeschool him as well but he wanted to go to school.

The Contract Termination (2378)
When she was five and he was nine, Sharah started school. The other students and their families were scared of her and Eilah felt bad for her. Then the Rosas found out about her condition. They terminated the contract between Eilah and Kela, afraid that a child produced by Eilah would carry the genetics to turn out like Sharah. Eilah was upset and angry with his sister because he felt like she ruined everything.

Eilah’s Telepathy (2380 - 2382)
It was shortly after Eilah turned eleven that he got his telepathy. Eilah was a strong telepath and all of a sudden, he understood what Sharah was going through. He could hear everyone’s thoughts, sense their emotions and it was so much to process.

His perception of his sister changed entirely, he felt guilty for how he had felt about her and treated her, and he began to defend her from his friends who were scared of her. He became her biggest protector and advocator, like he’d done for the little kids in the jungle when he was little. He took Sharah swimming behind his parents’ backs

Trips to Train Sharah’s Telepathy (2382 - 2386)
Eilah went with Sharah on trips to Vulcan, Andoria, and Delta IV to train with Vulcan monks, the Aenar, and the Deltans to control Sharah’s telepathy. Eilah trained his own telepathy alongside her. They spent six months on Vulcan (2382), four on Andoria (2384), and a full year on Delta IV (2386-2387).

Starfleet Academy (2387-2391)
Eilah was accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2387 and started his first year in the Security track in the fall of that year. It was hard for him to leave behind his family, life, and home, but especially hard to leave Sharah behind. He came home whenever he could, on all his breaks. During the summer between his second and third years home, he brought a friend over from Academy.

Sharah had been oblivious to the argument he was having with his friend and had run out to Andrew, overjoyed to see her brother again. His friend had been showing off and although Andrew got to her first, the phaser had gone off too close.

Eilah had taken her to her father and then left. She of course could feel his anger and something else. Later Sharah would call it “security Eilah.” He’d taken the phaser and his friend and then the friend was gone. Eilah told her later the friend had stolen the phaser, cadets weren’t allowed one for personal use, and he’d been dismissed from the academy. The fear had radiated off their family for days and he knew how hard that was for Sharah, so he spent a few days by himself.

Eilah graduated at the top of his class, with top marks, and was quickly assigned a main fleet assignment.

USS Odysseus (2391 - 2392)
Eilah’s first assignment out of Starfleet was a small science vessel. Assigned as an Ensign, he was only stationed there a year before being transferred.

USS Roarke’s Drift (2392 - 2396)
The Roarke’s Drift was a Trafalgar-Class light destroyer on the edge of Cardassian space. Eilah worked on missions including the moving of refugees, protecting of ships transporting colonists and refugees, and border skirmishes. Within a year he was promoted to junior Lieutenant, and made a name for himself as a calm presence, level head, and sound practices. He also performed outstanding in Tactical ship engagements.

Starbase 52 (2396 - 2399)
Eilah was stationed for three years at Starbase 52, a Starbase along the line of the old Romulan Neutral Zone.

Eilah’s life on a timeline
2369 - Born
2373 - Contract with Kela Rosa (4)
2373- 2375 Occupation of Betazed (4 - 6)
2374 - Sharah born (5)
2378 - Contract with Kela Rosa terminated (9)
2380 - Eilah gets telepathy (11)
2382 - Trip to Vulcan to train with Vulcan monks with Sharah (13)
2384 - Trip to Andoria to train with the Aenar with Sharah (15)
2385-2386 - Trip to Delta IV to train with the Deltans with Sharah (16-17)
2387 - Accepted to SF Academy (18)
y1 2387-88 (18)
Y2 88-89 (19)
2389 - In June on summer break Eilah brings a friend home (20)
Y3 89-90 (20)
Y4 90-91 (21)
2391 - Graduated Academy as a Security Officer, assigned USS Oddysseus (22)
2392 - Assigned USS Roarke’s Drift aCoS (NCC-84715 a Trafalgar-Class light destroyer on the edge of Cardassian space.) (23)
2396 - Assigned SB52 (Along the old romulan neutral zone), COS (27)
2399 - Assigned USS Manhattan (30)

B. Personality Summary:
Eilah is levelheaded, determined, friendly, and outgoing. He will protect the people he cares about. He generally likes people and is well liked by his crew. He has a dark side, and can be a fierce fighter.

A. Medical Records
2369: Born, Dr Abrod delivered
2374: Cut on his hand, treated by someone they were hiding out with.
2375: Torn ligament in his ankle, Dr Ubron, treated with rest
2380: Bruised rib, Dr Ubron, treated with meds to help recovery and rest
2382: Heat exhaustion (wasn’t used to Vulcan climate and atmosphere), Dr Varock, treated with rest and plenty of water
2384: Broken arm (slipped on the ice on Andoria), Dr Th’illon, treated with a bone fuser and rest.
2385: Bruised rib, sprained wrist (fell out of a tree trying to climb it), Dr Clarze
2388: Sprained wrist, Dr Moore, treated with rest and a break from training

B. Current Recreational Interests
- Reading
- Kal-toh
- Deltan Vuu-chol (like Tai chi)
- Swimming
- Camping

Important Posts

Childhood Memories/Events
Pre-Sim - First Encounters - USS Galileo In Orbit over Betazed (originally posted by Capt Kelpie on USS Europa)


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