Kelly Bordeaux

Authored by Kate O'Neill
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Fleet Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 135
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Age: 35
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Character Biography

Full Name: Kelly Morgan Bordeaux

Nickname: Kelz to family and close friends

Date of Birth: March 4, 2360

Place of Birth: Annapolis, Maryland

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - Blonde hair that sits just on my shoulder when down. 

Eye color - Hazel green with gold flecks around the pupils

Body Features - Fair-skinned but tan easily in the sun. She is slim with a muscular build like a runner. She no tattoos. 

Photo 1

Photo 2

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Kelly comes from a long line of military tradition. Her family has been in the Starfleet since it's inception and the US Navy before that. At least one member of the immediate Shultz family graduated from Starfleet Academy and prior to that the United States Naval Academy since 1940. Being raised in Annapolis, sailing was second nature to Kelly and her family. There was not a time her family did not own a boat of some fashion. While she does love motorboats, her passion is sailing. Her family owns a catamaran and from time to time, Kellly has owned smaller sailboats of her own.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


University: StarfleetAcademy

Degree: Kelly received a dual degree in diplomacy and security from Starfleet Academy. She minored in tactical.


Career Summary:

2378-2382 Starfleet Academy Cadet Security Officer
2382 USS Constellation Ensign Security Officer
2382-2383 USS Fox Lt (j.g.) Chief of Security
2383-2386 USS Eisenhower Lieutenant Chief Intelligence Officer
2386-2391 USS Broadsword Lt. Commander Cheif Intelligence Officer
2391 USS Harrier Lt. Commander Executive Officer
2391-2392 USS Broadsword Commander Executive Officer
2393 USS Atlantis Captain Captain
______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

Kelly has no major illnesses or allergies. She has had numerous injuries since joining Starfleet. They are listed in her official medical records as followed:

Medical entry 5/29/2379----2379...Broken Ribs and a concussion during Graduation week

Medical entry 11/16/2383---2383...Ankaran Flu

Medical entry 1/4/2388------2388...Left Shoulder dislocation on an away Mission to Dracia VII

Medical entry 8/20/2389-----2389...Broken nose on a shore leave to Orion

Medical entry 10/09/2389----2389...Phaser burn to the left leg Away mission injury to Nu Vespae IV

Medical entry 4/4/2391-------2391...Left Shoulder dislocation on shore leave to Jungle world of Ravi IV

Medical entry 6/12/2392------2391...Torn Left ACL Academy Admirals Cup Golf Championship

______________________________________   PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION

She has no history of counseling or psychiatric conditions.

______________________________________   PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Parents: Robert Stanley Shultz and Linda Elaine Ede.

Siblings: One older brother named Micheal Shultz.

Marital Status

Kelly is married to Lieutenant Ian Bordeaux  They have no children.

Ian Bordeaux

Kelly met Ian when she received her commission for the USS Atlantis. They spent three weeks en route to the Atlantis where she and Ian got to know each other better than an officer and her yeoman probably should have. Six months into their stint as Captain and yeoman, Ian suggested they visit a spa to help her unwind due to the stresses that came with taking on a new command.   

The pair spent a weekend at the Turquoise Mountain Resort on Tarandi Prime.  There they were unexpectedly hitched due to not reading a contract they signed upon their exit from the spa.   The relaxing getaway was designed for couples not to get away from it all but to decide if they were meant to be together on a spiritual level.  One week after returning to the ship, Ian discovered the marital mishap and contacted a friend about how to annul the contract.   He presented the papers to Kelly for her signature so they could be processed.   Ian sent the papers to his friend to dissolve their impromptu marriage.  It was only discovered later that Kelly never signed the papers and Ian had never officially sent them.  

Marriage Certificate

Richard Erin

Kelly's first marriage was to Ensign Richard Erin two days out of the Academy. They were married for 14 years until they filed for separation in 2393 on the grounds of incompatibility due to long distances apart and differing career goals. There was a rumor of infidelity with a woman named Miss Jubilee Cynnamin from Burford, Wyoming. This was confirmed when Kelly came home and found Jubliee in her kitchen one morning at dawn. She immediately left the house and filed for divorce. 

Two weeks later, when Ric left for a holo-shoot for Man vs. Universe, she returned to their home and Kelly retaliated for the infidelity by getting drunk and taking many of Ric's favorite baubles from around the house.   During the divorce proceedings, she either claimed them as marital assets or disavowed and knowledge of their whereabouts.   Many of them, however, are in her office on the USS Atlantis.   

Sometime later, Kelly learned Ric had no knowledge of Cynnamin coming over that morning.  There was no illicit affair as it was rumored. Jubilee was just a woman looking for a way into the entertainment business and used Ric to get there. Two days after the divorce was final Kelly married her Yeoman, Ian Bordeaux.  Ric and Kelly's relationship tends to friendly with some bantering about the items she took from their home before the divorce.

Miss Jubilee Cynnamin image:

N/A nA/A





    ______________________________________ Important Posts and Images:


Running list of possessions Kelly borrowed from Ric:

  • Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers jersey (Once professionally mounted on Rick's den wall. Now Kelly wears it like an article of clothing)
  •  Ancient Mayan lacrosse ball Given to Rick for his Mayan Mayhem week segment in the Amazon
  • West African Kazoo of Fertility Given to Rick by the Yoruba tribe when he did a piece on African Culture.

Kelly's Quarters



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