Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Sentinel
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Saurian
  • Weight: 215 lbs. (97.5kg)
  • Height: 6.0 Feet (1.83m)
  • Age: 29
Actions Available

Character Biography

Parents: Ssorkin (Father)
Greeal (Mother)
Nest-Mates: Two sisters, two brothers

Service Record:

Star Fleet Academy: Cadet - General Studies, Medical Section Specialization
Star Fleet Academy: Advanced Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Endrani Station 3 - Medical Officer
USS Serengeti - Medical Officer
USS Woody Guthrie - Assistant Chief Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant
Starbase 4 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Chief Medical Officer
USS Sentinel - Chief Medical Officer

Awards and Citations:
Star Fleet Award of Valor
Legion of Honor
Archer Ribbon for Conspicuous Bravery
Star Fleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
Tristar Cluster
Drakon Cluster of Courage
Exceptional Performance of Duty Citation (three awards)
Ribbon for Meritorious Service (two awards)

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Can Read / Write, accent discernible; P2 = Read Write = Limited Speaking; P3 = Read / Write, Non-speaking; L = Passing familiarity, cannot Read / Write):

Saurian - F
Federation Standard - F
Vulcan - F
Kilngon - PF
Tellarite - F
Andorian - F
Various Others - L

Physical Description: Kreed is typical of the Saurian species: Hairless reptilian humanoid with green, scaly skin and large black eyes. Eyes possess both a vertical and horizontal eyelid and have a visual spectrum of 74.000 nanometers which allows for acute vision in the infrared spectrum.

Medical History: Subject is overall very healthy and in the top fifteenth percentile of physical aptitude for his species. Subject experienced multiple minor injuries in adolescence, nothing with any lasting implications.

Subject was severely injured in the Taliskar incident: Bilateral spiral fractures of the legs. Multiple second and third degree burns over eighty percent of his body. Compound fracture of upper left arm. Pelvic fracture. Compression fractures of lowest three vertebrae. Convoluted skull fracture. Bruised liver and kidneys. Rupture of stomach. Punctured left lung. Blunt-force trauma to lower abdomen and chest. Concussion. Major blood loss. Subject was rescued and placed in medically induced coma for three weeks. All injuries were repaired and treated at Academy Hospital. After physical rehabilitation, patient made a full recovery and was physically deemed fit for duty four months later.

Psychological History: Subject presents as a neurotypical Saurian with aptitudes for science and critical thinking. Multi-tasker with high tolerance for stress. Practical and efficient, subject has the ability to become incredibly focused and block out surrounding distractions.

Interviews conducted with subject after the Taliskar incident ruled out any issues with processing trauma or lingering psychological effects of the ramifications of the incident. This is attributed to the neurological differences between mammalian and reptilian brain function and the subjects high degree of compartmentalization. It should be noted that any signs of PTSD be brought to the attention of Fleet Medical Command.

Biography: Kreed was one of five nest-mates hatched to his parents. Raised on Sauria in the Alpha Quadrant star system Sauria (Psi Serpentis); Kreed was a typical youth and adolescent. It was during the high summer of his thirteenth year that it was noted he had a high aptitude for science; particularly biology. Soon he was being educated in advanced biology and chemistry classes, and he parlayed that success into a selection to Star Fleet Academy.

His time at the Academy began normally enough. He did well in his General Studies; even excelling in several areas outside of the sciences (of which he was considered ‘advanced’.). He made friends well enough, and was considered- while not wildly popular- well liked and socially successful. He did raise a few eyebrows when he selected to attend Fleet Medical selection rather than Science, but he excelled in the coursework and practical exams, even earning enough credit to be placed with Residents in the Academy hospital prior to completing his training.

Half a year before he was due to graduate and become a full Resident at the Academy hospital, he applied and was selected for a Cadet cruise on the USS Taliskar, a medical frigate who was doing a medical relief mission to Holvern VII; a Vulcan colony on the edge of Federation space. The mission was to deliver medical supplies and assist with establishing a clinic… all well and good; until everything went terribly, terribly wrong.

While in orbit around the planet, the Taliskar detected an unknown object approaching the system at great speed. Further investigation found it was a rogue asteroid coming from deep space, and it would strike the planet in less than three days. The population of the colony was just under four thousand individuals… and the Taliskar could evacuate three thousand. The closest ship was over a week away. The only hope that the colony had was if the asteroid could be diverted some how. Due to it’s sheer size, nothing that the Medical ship had would be able to nudge the planet-killer far enough to miss the planet; but the Captain ordered an intercept course anyway. Ten hours later, the Taliskar rendezvoused with the asteroid. The Science and Engineering Teams went to work on trying to figure out how to alter the trajectory of the behemoth, but their efforts made no difference. It was then that an as-still-yet-unexplained gravitational wave erupted from the asteroid, smashing into the Taliskar and causing massive damage across the decks. Sickbay was hit especially hard, and the Senior Medical staff was killed or incapacitated. Communicatons to the bridge were cut off, as was physical access. Kreed was injured, but crawled out from under an overturned biobed and began assessing the wounded. Over the next two hours- despite his own injuries- he directed Medical responses across the ship and established triage stations, performed medical care, assisted in search and recovery of wounded, and maintained a solid chain of command for the injured. It was then a second wave slammed into the ship, crippling the ship and plunging it into complete darkness as emergency power failed.

Kreed, using his ability to see in the infrared spectrum, worked to get portable lights on and working. He set these up in critical areas and then accessed the Jeffries tubes to work his way slowly to Engineering. When he got there, he assisted the Engineering officers medically, enough that a few were able to start working and restored a minimum of power to the failing life support. Once that was complete, Kreed made his way via Jeffries tubes to the bridge. He was able to pass through gas laden areas that were toxic to most, but his species ability to breath a variety of gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) allowed him to pass through; although the effort did cause some respiratory damage to himself. The bridge was remarkably intact for all the rest of the damage to the ship. He reported the status to the Command team and then went back into the tubes to go back to Sickbay when a third wave slammed the ship. This time, Kreed’s physiology would not save him.

The Jeffries Tube he was in collapsed, and he was crushed between the now collapsed sides of the tubes. Hot metal crushed his legs and he tried to move but couldn’t. Jagged conduit pushed slowly through his ribs and into his lung, and then a large piece of a broken power relay housing fell directly onto his head. Kreed was oddly comfortable with dying, and the blackness that followed was at least a respite from the pain.

But dying was not in the plan for the Saurian.

As he slipped into unconsciousness; several things occurred. First, the Engineers he helped were able to get emergency power restored. Next, the ‘walking wounded’ he had treated and triaged were busy trying to make repairs and reestablish ship-wide communication… which they were able to do. Then the bridge, briefed on the status of the ship and personnel by Kreed, was able to direct an effective and efficient damage control effort throughout the ship. Over the next thirty-six hours, the Taliskar limped it’s way back to Holvern VII. It also seemed that the as the gravitational waves from the asteroid slammed into the Taliskar, the resulting opposite force of the ship on the asteroid moved it just enough that it bypassed the colony; missing the planet by only thirteen hundred kilometers.

As the ship was moving slowly back, many of the crew were looking for Kreed. No one could find him. As the ship finally settled into orbit and it’s distress call was acknowledged, an Engineering team came across the collapsed tube section and the (what they thought at first to be) the remains of Cadet Kreed. It was when they moved the relay housing and he groaned that all efforts on the ship went to saving him.

The Medical Staff that remained went to work stabilizing him and prepping him to be moved via shuttle to the planet’s new clinic. There, the Vulcan doctors worked for almost a week to keep him alive before assistance arrived. Kreed was taken back to Earth and admitted to the Academy hospital. He stayed in a medically induced coma for almost a month as broken bones, infection, and organ damage was repaired. Miraculously, he healed incredibly well. Thanks to the efforts of Fleet Medical, he made a full recovery.

During his time at the hospital, the incident reports came flooding into Star Fleet Command. To an individual, everyone crediting Cadet Creed with not only saving the crew of the Taliskar; but also the colony. Had he not done what he had for the crew, the ship would not have been able to stay intact long enough to take the damage it did. Had it not, the asteroid would have hit the planet. The Captain of the Taliskar, the Administrator of the colony, every Department Head on the ship… all of them credited Kreed with the survival of the ship and colony. Of the one hundred and eighty four members of the Taliskar crew, only eleven were lost. Kreed’s medical expertise and dedication were deemed as the key factor in the minimal loss of life. After he had recovered he was sent on a series of appearances and subject to much praise from Fleet Command, the Vulcan government, and the Federation Council. The colony of Holvern VII set aside a plot of land and a house for him, naming him a resident en abscencia and stating he would always have a home in the colony. The clinic where he was the first patient was named for him as well. For his actions he was awarded the Tristar Cluster for great acts of courage during extreme circumstances, the Archer Ribbon for Conspicuous Bravery (awarded to officers who had conducted acts of significant bravery, specifically for his actions to get to Engineering), the Drakon Cluster of Courage (the highest award Star Fleet Academy can give; awarded to it’s most exceptional Cadets), the Star Fleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, the Star Fleet Award of Valor, and the Legion of Honor. He was then assigned back to the Academy to take the Advanced Medical Officer Course and Command Training.

After completing that, and even excelling in them, he was sent to a station in Vulcan space at the express written request of the Federation Senator from Vulcan. He then moved through several other postings; making a name for himself at each due to his dedication, professionalism, and ability to remain calm in a crisis. His medical expertise was consistently and steadily growing, with him soon becoming an Emergency Medical expert of no small reputation… even outside of the Taliskar incident.

His current posting is aboard the USS Sentinel, his first posting as Chief Medical Officer.

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