Amelia Manning

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Position: Former Executive Officer on USS Dresden
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Height: 5'6''
  • Age: 31
Actions Available

Character Biography

Before Reading
Amelia’s backstory is not public knowledge and is available here only for player knowledge purposes and for whoever wants to know more about her backstory. The medical and psychological records stated below are, of course, available to the Medical team and Counseling team, respectively.

Personal Details
  • Full Name: Amelia Isabella Manning (née Nolan)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 31
  • Date of Birth: September 19th, 2364
  • Place of Birth: John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, England
Physical Description (photo)
  • Hair Color: Dark brown, curly
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin: Fair
  • Height: 5‘6”
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Build: Athletic due to years of rowing practice
Family and Relationships
  • Mother: Isabella Anne Mary Addington, b. 2339 (aged 56)
  • Father: Charles Edward Nolan, b. 2340 (aged 55)
  • Siblings: None
  • Notable Family Members: Arthur Philip Edward Addington, 23rd Viscount Ashbrook, b. 2313 (aged 82)
  • Partner: Peter James Grayson Manning IV, b. December 18th, 2364 (aged 31), Husband (m. 2393)

2367 Headington School Nursery, Oxford, England (enrolled at 3 years old)
2369 Headington Preparatory School, Oxford, England (enrolled at 5 years old, graduated at 11 years old)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Ballet Dancing, Code Club, Fencing
2375 Headington Senior School, Oxford, England - House Cherwell (enrolled at 11 years old, graduated at 18 years old, full boarding)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Astronomy Club, Student Robotics, Fencing, and Rowing // House prefect
2382 M.Math, University of Oxford, Oxford, England (enrolled at 18 years old, graduated at 22 years old)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Rowing (OUWBC)
2386 Starfleet Officer Candidate School, San Francisco, CA, USA (enrolled at 22 years old, graduated at 24 years old)
2388 Starfleet Academy Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA (enrolled at 24 years old)
2393 Starfleet Command College, Monterey, CA, USA (enrolled at 29)

Previous Assignments

Dec 2389 - Dec 2391 USS Vanguard, Ensign, Engineer
Jan 2392 - Sep 2392 OED V, Head of Construction and Operations
Dec 2392 - Jul 2393 USS Manhattan, LTJG, Engineer
Jul 2394 - present USS Dresden, LCDR, Executive Officer (current rank: CMDR, promoted: Jun 2395)

Personal History
Amelia Isabella Manning (née Nolan) was born in Oxford, England to Isabella Addington, a theoretical physicist, and Charles Nolan, an archaeologist. Amelia’s grandfather is the current Viscount Ashbrook.

She lived a happy and full childhood until her parents’ divorce when she was six. After the divorce Isabella’s control over her daughter’s life and studies became much more difficult to escape and Amelia found herself spending most of her afternoons at her grandparents’ place where she listened to the fascinating stories of her grandfather’s time as a Starfleet Engineer, and silently wished she could follow in his footsteps.

Eventually Amelia gave in to her mother’s wishes of her pursuing a career in pure sciences and, at the age of eighteen, she enrolled in Oxford University to study Pure Mathematics, graduating four years later (having obtained an M.Math). While studying at Oxford she was part of her college’s rowing team and often says that the afternoons spent rowing on the Isis were the only thing that kept her moving forward.

After her graduation and after a row with her mother, Amelia applied to Starfleet Officer Candidate School, in San Francisco, CA, where she was accepted and took her training as an Engineer. One year into the program, she fell madly in love with one of her classmates, Peter Manning, an Anthropologist. All her life, Amelia had tried her best to stay away from the circles her family moved in, only to find out that Peter was no ordinary student, but actually the descendent of the current Marquess of Northampton, and second in line for the title. Torn between choosing the man of her dreams or the ability to get out of the peerage life she always hated, Amelia and Peter dated for two full years, before a failed marriage proposal orchestrated by her mother ended up destroying their relationship.

Amelia’s first assignment was aboard the USS Vanguard. A welcome change that allowed her time away from anyone she knew, and most of all, time to try to heal from her recent break up. On Amelia’s first mission, the Vanguard encountered the Yalizi, a primitive and unknown civilization. Amelia was the target of a powerful telepathic connection that resulted in her impersonating Sola, the Yalizi’s equivalent of the Sun god. Apart from the many questions left unanswered and clues to a probable telepathic ancestry, the incident left no visible remnants on Amelia, mainly because she has no recollection of the events. However, she may have developed a slight fear of telepathic beings but for her it is not yet apparent.

Coincidentally, two years later, Peter was assigned to the Vanguard as a Civilian help to the Science Division, rekindling with Amelia a relationship that was almost inexistent, but that both parties were never able to get over. It didn’t take long for Peter to propose, and for Amelia to accept. After all, they had been set apart and the universe still had found a way of placing them together, and after losing Pete once, Amelia didn’t want to risk losing him again.

A few months later, Peter was invited by Harvard University, to lead the university’s part on OED’s Higher Learning Initiative program. After having spent two years on her dream job, Amelia urged Pete to accept the offer, wanting him to have his. The couple left the Van and moved to OED V, where Amelia took the post of Head of Construction and Operations and where they stayed for less than a year, after finding out that they were both miserable with the arrangement.

Trying to find themselves a spot on board a starship where they could both do something, Pete and Amelia found themselves a place on board the Manhattan. Amelia went right back into Engineering life while Peter managed to get a comfortable Senior Field Researcher post to study his beloved Anthropology. The post however, didn’t last as much as they would have thought when they first started, with Pete being offered a professorship at Pomona College, in Claremont, CA, back on Earth. Moving back, the couple finally got married almost two years after Pete’s second proposal. After a short honeymoon, Amelia was content in being the Anthropology professor’s wife. However, knowing his newly minted wife rather well, Peter knew that Amelia’s dreams laid in space, and he encouraged her to enroll in Starfleet’s Command College. Not to mention, it was a short commute for her and she would be able to move back and fourth every day. Eventually, Amelia was assigned her first Command post – Executive Officer of the USS Dresden. The position she holds to this day.

Leaving Pete behind was not easy, and Amelia does not intend on staying on board for a long time. But she is grateful by the opportunity that was given to her, and she knew that Pete would be hurt if she didn’t make the most of it.

Amelia is a cheerful person most of the time, with a curious nature. She’s a puzzle solver and likes to come up with difficult engineering simulations and try to figure out how to solve them. Although she doesn’t keep a close relationship with her mother, she often writes to her grandparents. Engineering is her passion but her years at Oxford University left her with a fondness for the scientific field and she likes to keep up with the latest scientific theories and technological developments.
After the incident with Sola, Amelia took it upon herself to know more about telepathy and to try and find out more about her telepathic ancestors, although unsuccessfully so far. On her free time she likes to keep up with her rowing practice on the Holodeck, although she does it less frequently than she wanted.
Her most treasured possession is an old mechanical fob watch her grandfather gave her that belonged to her great great great great grandfather.

Medical Records
Apart from breaking her nose when she was a kid, Amelia doesn’t have a history of severe injuries or diseases. After her first mission, post incident brain scans revealed the existence of a sizeable paracortex. Not as large as what would be common on a Betazoid or potentially other telepathic species, but certainly larger than it would be expected to be found on a human brain. Whether it is developed enough, active, or even possible to reach remains unknown.

Psychological Records
With the exception of the potential telepathic ancestry, there’s nothing worth of notice.

Key Posts

Transfer to the Dresden
Promotion to Commander

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