Peter Sigmundsson

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Intelligence Officer on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 120kg 264lbs
  • Height: 6'8" 2.03m
  • Age: 47
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Character Biography

General Background:

Peter was born and raised in Iceland, Earth by his two parents. His mother works for Starfleet security and is the station in the nation’s capital area. His father was a Cargo ship captain. He was killed when he collided his ship with the Borg cube sent to assimilate the earth in 2366. After a very short skirmish, he saved his crew of seven doing so. This happened when Peter was in the Academy, it started a deep hatred for the Borg, often leading to emotion actions when the Borg where involved.
He led a short but successful career in Starfleet and only left after the love his life broke up with him. He spent a decade as a freelancer only to return to Starfleet.
Peter is an accomplished fighter having been trained by several qualified experts throughout the years. Although trained in several martial arts he tends to use an unconventional type of boxing and dirty fighting, throughout the years he has strayed from any kind of fair and honorable fighting utilizing hidden weaponry he carries at almost all times.He is exceptionally protective of his crewmates almost to a fault.

Physical appearance:

Peter is extremely tall, standing over 2 meters, almost 7 feet and weighs a hefty 110 Kg (242lbs) with next to little body fat, he is rather cartoonishly large.
He has short chestnut brown hair he combs in an upward fashion. He has constantly a rough stubble never letting it grow into a full beard but never shaving it fully.
His facial features look older than he is, although he is almost forty he looks older but he doesn’t feel or act physically over thirty. He is moderately handsome in a rugged sort of way and has an attractive smile but he rarely does so when working.


Year Event
2348 Peter Sigmundsson is born.
2366 Peter Joins Starfleet Academy.
2370 Peter Graduates, assigned to the USS Egghead as Security Officer.
2371 Transferred to the USS Morton.
2372 Promoted to Chief of Security and Lieutenant J.g.
2373 Fights in the Battle of Sector 001
2373 Dominion War begins.
2375 Dominion war ends, Peter retires from Starfleet Joins the Crew of the SS Tranquility.
2378 Official starts Captaining the SS Tranquility, Starfleet intelligence starts monitoring his activities.
2385 Returns to Starfleet, assigned to USS Curie as COS - Promoted to full Lieutenant
2387 USS Curie decomissioned - temporarily reasigned to USS Olympic as Junior Officer
2387 Transferred to the USS Viking as COS.
2389 Takes a Leave of absence for personal reasons.
2390 Begins undercover work for Starfleet Intelligence.
2390 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Security Clearance raised.
2391 Joins Takra, a faction of the Orion Crime Syndicate.
2393 Operation Cinder takes place. Commendation for Bravery
2393 Cover Within the Takro faction compromised, pulled back by Intelligence Handlers.
2393 Mandatory psychological evaluation. Medical Leave of Absence recommended
2393 Material witness in all Criminal Cases against members of the Takro Cartel.
2394 Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Viking
2398 Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer on the Atlantis


Anna Pétursdóttir (Alive)
Sigmundur Karlson (Deceased)

His father had two older brothers and a younger sister, his mother has two Older Brothers and a Twin Sister.

He has been married and divorced four times, twice to the same person.


Starfleet Academy:
Peter excelled in security classes; he showed exceptional potential in ground tactics, hand to hand combat and phaser training. He, along with his three cousins, received private marine training with their uncle Joseph giving them an advantage over their fellow students. Showed an exceptional ruthlessness that was tempered by levelheaded trainers.
USS Egghead:
Peter was an extremely successful member of the security force on his uncle’s ship having led several successful missions when the COS could not. It ended being so that Alexander felt that he could no longer have him on his ship without being accused of nepotism so he had him transferred to the Morton
USS Morton:
After only a year of service Peter was promoted to Lieutenant J.g. for exceptional services and when the COS was promoted and transferred He was promoted to the position.
The Dominion War:
Peter served his vessel well during the war; they rotated between frontline duties and internal patrols. The ship was part of a few major battles and events but Peter mostly fought in small skirmishes. It was there that he was promoted to full Lieutenant for services rendered. He was given a few commendation and awards along with many others during the end of the war. When the war, and his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, was over he resigned his position and left Starfleet.
SS Tranquility:
After a few months of roaming around the outskirts of Federation space, Peter came across an Orion Captain by the name of Mongul. After an interesting first encounter, Peter and Mongul became fast friends and Peter joined his crew. He worked as the man’s head of security for three years, rising in respect and experience. He quickly became the Renegades right-hand man taking over as captain when the Orion retired from his position.
As captain of the Tranquility, he traveled around taking different job opportunities. He had finally garnered the attention of Starfleet Intelligence who had for many years watched the infamous captain Mongul. When Peter became his protégé and friend SI started a file on Peter.
He captained the ship for seven years, meeting many interesting characters through his time and gained many friends and allies throughout the more lawless spaces. In 2384 he and his crew were approached by an SI operative who gave them a very tempting mission. After pursuing their goal for a whole year they finally completed the mission and found themselves wealthy and influential. Peter was offered a position on a Starfleet vessel which he gladly took.

During his time on the Tranquility, he fell in love and married the ship’s Chief Engineer the Romulan Lunama, known to her friends as Luna. During this time he first began doing unofficial work for Starfleet Intelligence which came to a head when it was revealed that his wife was an inactive Tal Shiar agent. The two parted ways after five years of marriage, her returning to Romulan space which prompted him to return to Starfleet.
USS Curie:
Peter served as the COS on the Curie until it’s decommissioning. He had several interesting adventures with it and even a romantic relationship with the CMO, after a brief fling with the CE. This was the time he was the most romantically involved he had been for almost a decade. They tried continuing their relationship after the Curie was decommissioned but failed and went their separate ways.
USS Viking
His time on the Viking was the strangest, he was promoted yet again to full Lieutenant and for the two short years he served on it he traveled through time and saw himself dead which he took rather badly. His most memorable mission was when he fought a Candy floss spewing dragon in a cave, surrounded by Zombies and a chocolate river, he killed the dragon with his knife saving the local King from certain doom… he hardly believes it himself.
Leave of Absence:
After receiving of a mysterious origin he called the Brotherhood, left the ship with little warning and disappeared. He only recently resurfaced along with his cousins on his old ship.
Starfleet Undercover work
Assigned to infiltrate the Takro Faction of the Orion Syndicate, a notably anti-Federation organization suspected to be a potential terrorist group. Promoted on the quiet side and security clearance was raised. Successfully infiltrated the group with the cover of a disgraced Starfleet officer embittered by an unsuccessful career.
Became a fairly trusted member in a short amount of time he uncovered a plot by the Takro to attack a Federation Penal colony to free a man whom Starfleet Intelligence believed to be either the leader of or the spokesman for the Takro. The plan involved several assaults on nearby Starfleet and civilian operations including a Dilithium Refinery, a small mining colony and the complete destruction of a Transport ship scheduled to pass through the area around the time of the assault. The purpose of the attacks were both to distract and cripple Starfleet forces in the area.

During this time he again met Lunama this time both acting as undercover agents for their respective agencies. The pair fell in love again and decided on a marriage both of convenience for their covers and as a testament to their relationship. The parted after Peter returned to Starfleet and were not legally divorced until years later.

Operation Cinder
Operation Cinder was the codename for the assault and dismantling of the Takro Cartel that included the arrest of all know members. The plan was rushed together and enacted only three days before the planned attack on Federation Space when almost all members of the Cartel were present at their main base of operations. The plan went forward with incredible success. The USS Calver and USS Kalimar and a Company of Starfleet Marines assaulted the main base and managed to disable all hostile ships and control centers in less than fifteen minutes.
Peter assisted by members of Special Operations took over the main Control Center and arrested the leadership. A fight erupted as retreating gang members returned to the secure CC only to find it under Starfleet control. The last remaining leader took his men and fled. Peter, pursued leaving the SpecOps with the detainees.
After only forty minutes Starfleet Marines had taken over most of the base but the final group of free Takro members had holed up in a sublevel with several Civilians that had been captured and were being used as leverage. SpecOps had finally been relieved and arrived to assist Peter in the situation. The last Takro leader, to show his resolve, executed one of the Civilians, a girl of 12. This act enraged Peter and according to the Operatives at the scene, he proceeded to assault the group of hostiles alone. After the fight ended the hostages were freed without casualties. Only one Cartel Member survived and that was only because he dropped his weapon and hid behind a box. The incident was not made public.
After the operation finished Peter was commended for his bravery and awarded a Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry and the Star Cross. This is the only medal he has recieved after the war.

Personal History
Joseph shared a close relationship with his three Cousins; Magnus Baldur and Adam. Adam was his best friend growing up even though they were totally different people, Adam being small, quiet and an introvert whereas Peter was the Tall loud extroverted sports fanatic. The two of them were in the same school then joined their two cousins in the academy.

They formed an old brotherhood wow where they decided to always be there for each other, they have only been called upon twice, both times Peter was the one who called them together.
In school Peter met an American girl, Veronica; they soon started seeing each other for many years, their relationship only ended after the Dominon war did, she was the reason for him leaving Starfleet and becoming a freelancer for a decade.
Veronica moved in with him on the ships he was assigned on and worked as a teacher. He had her move back to Earth when the war started, she gave him no real reason for leaving him when she did. They only met once after the war almost 15 years later, the last time he would see her.

Although he considered Veronica to be his first love he later considered the Romulan spy Lunama to be his greatest love. The two married twice and divorced both times, the first time was out of anger and spite the second out of necessity so that they could return to their respective professions. They remain in sporadic contact and hope to be reunited again once duty is no longer a concern.

He has been married twice beyond that, his second marriage was to a Risian man he spent a year and a half but the relationship did not last but they split amicably.

His third marriage was technically an accident when he accepted vows from an Alien princess during Second Contact with a single-system species on the outskirts of Federation space. The whole affair came to be due to a misunderstanding in cultural affairs and was concluded after only a few weeks of misunderstandings and translation errors.

Psychological profile:
As put together by long-term counselor and friend Lt. Commander Freenam Pax.

Prewar assessment:
Peter is a loud, extroverted, and cheerful kid. He enjoys life to its fullest seeing Starfleet as a challenge and an adventure; he has a promising career ahead of him. The most concerning factor about him is his need for a father figure, having his father mostly on the move than losing him so abruptly as left him wanting, no needing a positive Father figure, he has taken a liking to his mothers older brothers and also his Uncle and his new captain. I recommend against assigning him anything related to Borg activity due to his extreme reaction to his father’s death.
Postwar assessment:
The war changed Peter, along with many others, in dark ways. I feel he, along with many others, carries a deep distrust even hatred of the Breen and Cardassian species due to their involvement during the war. The loss of Veronica will lead him down a dark road; this is going to be the time he needs to spend with his family. Almost losing his cousin Magnus during the war hit him hard but I think Peter gained the morale he needed on his return. I am recommending a leave of absence.
Return to Starfleet.
I have not met Peter in almost ten years, and he is a completely different person, he still holds the same ideals of protecting his allies and serving the Federation to heart but I fear that he no longer has the same moral compass he once did. He seems to follow a set of rules or a code now. He walks and talks differently, he feels older, very older. I, however, feel that he is more than qualified to return to duty, he will not let his scars keep him from doing his job nor will he shy away from speaking about his troubles now, he his different but not in a bad or good way, just a different one.
Post Operation Cinder
Peter is quieter. He looks distracted all the time like he’s thinking of multiple things at the same time and none of them seem to be the sort of things you’d want him to discuss. He’s gotten very good at hiding his true state of mind but I think that it is not the best it’s ever been. According to his physical, he’s been under the same amount of stress as during the War. He’s told me about the things they made him do. His work with the Takro was taxing but it doesn’t seem to have broken him. In fact, he seems more resolved. I’m recommending that he takes medical leave until the Takro trials start. After that, I will most likely recommend that he be assigned a position on a Starship.

Certified Energy Weapons expert.
Certified Tactical Officer.
Martial Arts Expert: Starfleet Basic QQC, Marine Hand to Hand, Boxing.
Qualified Pilot.

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Death of Veronica:

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