Joseph Karlson

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Police Commissioner on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 100Kg - 220lbs
  • Height: 1.95 - 6'4"
  • Age: 68
Actions Available

Character Biography

Jósef Karlson, pronounced Yosef. Born and raised on earth. Served In the Marine corps for thirty Years. He’s currently the Head of the Oed V Police Force.

Aliases/Nicknames and who knows him by those names
General Kalrson - Starfleet and Marine Officers, Veterans of the Dominon War
Joe - Close Friends and family
The Chief Venator - Marine Corps
WamwI’- (Hunter in Klingonese) - Klingon Soldiers
Horseman of War - Conclave members
The Second Grandmaster - conclave Council.


Year Event
2328 Born on the August 9th.
2346 Enlists in Marine Corps.
2348 Graduates as 2nd Lieutenant.
2350 Arrests Colonel Harrington - Meets Neema Veyo.
2351 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
2353 Marries Neema Veyo, June 17th.
2353 Leifur Josephson-Veyo is born, November 27th.
2356 Promoted to Captain
2360 Nilani Josephson-Veyo is born, March 2nd.
2364 Promoted to Major
2365 Finds Tal’lia
2363 Timor Josephson-Veyo is born, 10th.
2366 Adopts Tal’lia
2367 Reassigned to Earth.
2370 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
2372 Fights in the Klingon-Federation War
2373 Promoted to Colonel
2373 Dominion War Starts
2374 Promoted to Brigadier General, XO of the 3rd Marine Division
2375 Promoted to Major General, CO of the 3rd Marine Division
2378 Promoted to Lieutenant General, CO of the Marine Operations Corps
2380 Honorably Discharged after 32 Years of Service
2389 Hired as the Head of the Oed V Police Force
2392 Made Governor of Oed V
2393 Resigns as Governor and Leaves Oed V
2394 Returns as Head of the Oed V Police Force

Physical Appearance:
Very tall and extremely muscular with large hands and feet Joseph is an imposing figure to behold. He has the kindly face of a grandfather. Slight wrinkling and greying of the temples shows ageing where otherwise it wouldn’t be noticeable. His size and a rather youthful appearance for a man in his late sixties are fairly unnatural even for someone who’d stayed in great shape for their entire adult life. The reasons are unknown to all but a few.

A headstrong and a remarkably intelligent child with virtually superhuman willpower Joseph was capable of doing just about anything he set his mind to. At the Age of six, he started learning boxing from his mother. At the Age of eight, he’d learned practically all there was about mixology from his father. At Ten he was fluent in five languages including Vulcan and Klingonese. When he turned twelve he’d mastered three different instruments practically on his own. From the ages of fourteen to Eighteen he worked his mind and body to prepare himself for the future. He was already the tallest person in his class so he decided to become the biggest as well. His mother started training him in Marine Hand-to-hand and he started studying for college whilst simultaneously attending Upper Secondary School or Senior High school. He Graduated College and his Primary education at 18. He enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps immediately after graduating. At the same time as he went through the gruelling Marine training in Britain, he attended The Institute of Criminology in Cambridge Where he gathered an impressive portfolio and finally graduated with a PhD in Criminology and a Masters Degree in Criminal psychology. After he finished his Basic Training he qualified for Special Operations training. He went through the Military Police Course and graduated at 22 with several degrees and accomplishments under his belt. He was chosen by the Admiralty Board to become an Officer after acing the Potential Officer Course. He was assigned to the Military Police Special Investigative Task Force.

In his first major case, he uncovered information that a high ranking member of the Corps was a spy who had been leaking intelligence for almost a decade to the Cardassian Obsidian Order. Now that the War between the two powers was going on its third year the man finally decided to defect to the other side. Joseph chased the man across the quadrant and finally caught up with him on one of the war-devasted world of Callian III. In the ensuing firefight, he was injured by enemy fire but still managed to capture the Defector alive and mostly unharmed. He received medical attention from a Federation Doctor by the name of Neema Veyo. He is stationed with the Garrison and in the half year that he’s there the pair fall in love. They got married a Year later and had their first Child, Leif Josephson-Veyo.

He fought throughout the Federation Cardassian war and in several of the Galen Border conflicts. After the truce with the Cardassians was formed Joseph finally took an office Job on Earth. he was placed in charge of the Special Operation Command at the Rank of Major.

During the Dominion Cold war, at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph was placed in charge of Marine Special Operations. During the Federation Klingon War, he created a Special Operations group and took to fighting the Klingons on the front lines. It’s a point of pride for him that during this short war he was on the Klingon High Command’s Kill List.

He remained in charge of this SpecOps group for the first Year of the Dominion War. After several successful operations, He was called back to Marine Command and Promoted to Brigadier General as the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Marine Division. He dutifully served there before being again promoted to Major General after the Breen attack on Earth left the 3rd Marine Division without a leader. He remained in Command of the Division for the remainder of the war.

During a confrontation with Dominion agents sent to assassinate several Alliance Military leaders, Joseph was severely injured in his right leg. This injury resulted in him needing a Cane to walk for several years after. He no longer needs the cane but prefers it in case of potential pains returning.

He was finally promoted to Lieutenant General at the age of Fifty and placed in charge of the Marine Operations Divison. He served as such for two years before finally being honourably discharged. He entered the private sector and went into business with his Brother.

A decade after leaving the Marine Corps he was approached to take charge of the Police Force on the Colony Oed V which he did with glee. He served there for less than two years before a personal reason forced him to retire. He returned not long thereafter this time as Governor, a position he held for a short time before again being forced to retire and deal with Personal issues.

He returned a year later in his old position as Head of the Police Force and currently holds that position.

Military Background
When Joseph turned 12 he had already decided that he was going to become a Marine. He had no intention of being some mindless thug so he dedicated the next six years to training both body and mind in preparation. In that time he mastered 6 different martial arts, 12 languages, several survival skills and Excelled in all of his studies.

He enlisted at the age of Eighteen. He was an extremely successful recruit and displayed an innate capacity for leadership. After finishing basic training he qualified for Special Operations training. There he Specialized as an Expert Marksman. When he finished Spec-Ops training he was qualified to take the Potential Officer Course. After finishing the course at the top of his class he went through the Military Police Qualifiers due to his Collage education in the area of Criminal Investigations. He finally graduated as a Second Lieutenant and was assigned to the MP Special Investigative Task-Force.

During his Second year, he was assigned to investigate a break-in at a Marine Service Depo on Luna that, unbeknownst to him, was a secret Installation for the containment of Classified Intelligence. This led to a conspiracy involving a highly decorated Marine Officer turned traitor Colonel Richard Harrington. Colonel Harrington was the Marine Liason with Starfleet Intelligence. Joseph uncovered that the man had been a spy for the Obsidian Order for almost a decade and had stolen the entire contents of the Intelligence Database making it the biggest Intelligence leak in the organization’s history.

During his investigation into the traitor, Joseph garnered the attention of Marine Corps Legend Colonel Tarmen Tir, an El-Aurian veteran of nearly 150 years of service, who recruited the young Lieutenant into his Special Operations Unit Codename ‘Venators’, colloquially known as the Hunters.

The mission statement for the Unit was “To hunt the Enemies of the Alpha Quadrant” An aggressive statement for an aggressive Unit.
Colonel Tir took Joseph under his wing during their time together and Joseph considers the El-Aurian one of his closest friends and Mentor. He further trained Joseph in matters of tactics, strategy and War and generally mentored him. He was grooming him into becoming the Leader of the Venators. The group was filled with the best and brightest soldiers of the Federation.

The group hunted the traitorous Colonel across Federation Space until finally coming upon him a War ravaged Colony. There Joseph led a valiant raid against enemy forces, captured Harrington and the missing Intelligence before the Obsidian Order could capture either. During the attack, both Joseph and the teams Medic were injured and transferred to a nearby Federation Medical Aid station. It was there that he met his future wife, Doctor Neema Lar, A young Trill Doctor working the Cardassian Front. Her swift actions and exceptional surgical skill got Tir’s attention and he recruited her for their team to replace the injured medic. She served as the teams primary Medical Officer.

After the investigation was closed and Colonel Harrington was charged with Treason Joseph was promoted to First Lieutenant and Colonel Tir appointed him as his second in command. After serving in the group for nearly Six years with the Venators Joseph was promoted to Captain and placed in Command of the Group. They fought in the Galen Border Conflict for the first two years of his Command before being reassigned to the Cardassian front.

They served mostly on the frontline of the Federation-Cardassian war until open Hostilities ended in 2166. Joseph was promoted to Major two years prior to the end of hostilities after having led the team with great success for eight years. After the Armistice of ‘67 Joseph resigned command of the Hunters to his Protege, Lieutenant Sybil Freeman who he had groomed to take his place.

After resigning his Command of the Venators he was reassigned to Earth as the Commander of Special Operations. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel after Commanding Spec-Ops for four years.
When the Klingon-Federation War started he was assigned as the Commander of Spec-Ops on the front line. During his time as Spec-Ops Commander, he participated in several successful operations against the Klingons. During that time he got a reputation within the Klingon Military and was even placed on the KDF Kill list for the remainder of the War. His reputation as a deadly fighter followed him into the Dominion War and he was widely recognised during the decade as one of the Deadliest Humans alive throughout the Klingon Empire, a reputation he had mixed feelings about.

He remained in Command of the ForwardSpec-Ops Division during the first year of the Dominion War. His battles were highly successful and his casualty rate was the lowest in the entire Division. The most noted act was the Defence of Starfleet Outpost 56b on Alcion IV. He was Sent there to assess their defence capabilities, he was only assigned a small Marine escort for this Mission. The Base was suddenly under Siege by a Jem’Hadar attack squadron, their Starfleet Escort was engaged in Starship so they lost all support. Most of his Unit was killed in the initial surprise attack so he was forced to defend the Base filled with mostly Engineers and a small contingency of Security officers. This has been called his greatest hour as he single-handedly held off an overwhelming force of Jem’Hadar soldiers for twenty hours.

After his grand success during the Alcion defence and his leadership of Special Operations he was promoted to Brigadier General and made the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Marine Division under General Willems. Dominion assassins attacked a meeting of Allied Military Commanders where General Willems was killed. Joseph again showed extreme valiance in defending his comrades and was severely injured for his troubles in his right leg.

After recovering from his injuries Joseph was promoted to Major General and placed in charge of the 3rd Marine Division. He led the Division during the last year of the war with great Valor and distinction. He led the Division during the liberation of Betazed and famously broke protocol to take part in the fight, leading his men to victory. The 3rd Division was on the Liberation front for the last months of the war. His final mission in the war was as Division Commander and General Strategist for the Marine Command during the invasion of Cardassia.

After the war ended he was promoted to Lieutenant General and given Command of the Marine Operation Corps and was a principal adviser to the Marine Commandant. He served that position dutifully until he finally retired from active duty. He was Honorably discharged in 2380 after 32 years of service.

Conclave Background (This is unknown without investigation)
During his tenure as CO of the Venators, he met with his brother Johann during a mission tracking down an escaped terrorist. It was during that mission that he learned of an ancient Organization that his brother belonged to called the Conclave. The organization was old and extremely powerful and completely dedicated to the stability of the Alpha Quadrant. The Conclave has members embedded into every facet of every major power in the Alpha Quadrant. Despite its vast intelligence net cast across the Quadrant, it has remained completely anonymous except for initial contact during the formations of each Major Powers Intelligence Service, Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, V’shar, Klingon Intelligence, Starfleet Intelligence and so on and so forth.

Joseph and Neema were inducted into the Conclave with Johanns support. They secretly supplied the organization with Intelligence and in turn, received a much greater wealth of information than Starfleet Intelligence was capable of providing. This information was critical in several Operations throughout the many wars he fought in. He was a principal member for his entire Career during the Marines. After he finally retired he was taken to the Conclaves secret Headquarters called the Veil, a hidden planet in the middle of a spatial anomaly that needs a special map to be accessed without being utterly destroyed. In the Veil, he was inducted into the higher Echelons and made a senior member of the Council, leader of the so-called War Clan. His brother was the Leader of the Shadow Clan and his wife the leader of the Life Clan. Their duties intertwined with their innate abilities.

After serving as the Master of the War Clan for eight years he was made the Grandmaster of War and one of the triumvirate leaders of the entire Conclave alongside his wife now Grandmaster of Life and his brother the Grandmaster of Shade.
It is unknown to even this trio how old the Conclave is but the records they have access to go back as far as the Original Klingon Empire.

Karl Josephson
Maria Johannsdaughter

Melkorka Karlsdaughter, younger sister.
Johann Karlson, Older brother.

Neema Lar, 65 years old Joined trill, Formerly of the Vayo family.

Leifur Josephsson Veyo - 43 Years old,
Nilani Josephsdaughter Veyo - 36 Years old
Timor Josehpson Veyo - 33 Years Old

Leifs kids; Annabella N. - 21 years old
Joseph A. - 17 Years old
Nilani’s kids:
Audrid - 13 years old\
Joran J. - 13 Years old/
Timors Kid: Tusan Maria - 5 years old

His children all took up the Veyo name after their mothers family name by their grandfather’s request.
Leifur his oldest works as a doctor on a federation hospital on Epsilon Scuti II, he is married to a human Nurse, Jessica Veyo and has two children.

Nilani Works as an advocate for victims of criminal activities and is more often than not stationed earth, she has twins with her fiance Dimitri.

Timor the youngest is the only one to follow in his father’s footsteps and is an ensign on the USS Scandinavia, security officer, he has one daughter with his girlfriend the Andorian Engineer Thani.

Over Thirty years in the Marines, Ten years travelling the world plus his training as a child has left him with a number of skills and abilities.
Close-Quarter-Combat Expert - 26 different Martial from 9 different races.
Melee Weapon expertise, 7 different bladed martial arts.
Master Tactician & Strategist.
Expert Marksman With most Energy based weapons
Experienced Criminal Investigator
Expert Interrogator
Moderate Pilot - learned through Osmosis
Extreme resistance to most poisons.
Mental Block against Psionic abilities
Mental Block against Empathic abilities

PhD in Criminology
PhD in Criminal psychology
Masters Degree in the Piano, Violin and the Trumpet.
Moderate skill with several other instruments.
Skilled Dancer, Chef, Mixologist.

Decorations and Awards
The Christopher Pike Medal of Valor - For his exceptional leadership during the war
The Legion of Honor - For honourable actions as MP
The Star Cross - For his role in keeping Outpost 56B safe during one standoff with the Jem’Hadar
Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry - For the same as the Cross
And his favourite
The Starfleet Medal of Honor - For holding the Outpost single-handedly for a whole day.
He has also been awarded several honours by other governments such as Trill, Andorians, Klingons, Romulans.

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