William B. Grey

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Merrimack
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human (Scottish)
  • Weight: 198 lbs
  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Age: 30
Actions Available

Character Biography

General Background:
Born in Inverness, Scotland, William was raised there until his parents’ divorce when he was nine years old. He then moved with his mother to a small town outside Austin Texas with his mother and her new boyfriend. There he started showing signs of excellence in school and graduated the local High School on an accelerated track. He was accepted into an Austin based College at the age of 13. He studied there in the gifted children’s program before being evaluated as a potential ‘Wunderkind’ as described by a well-respected matter expert. After extensive testing, he was allowed to join a prestigious program that granted gifted children an education that fits their extreme intelligence whilst also allowing them to receive a semi-regular childhood. At 16 he was accepted into most of the largest Universities on the planet before deciding to go to Oxford University due to it’s relative closeness to his father further south into Scotland.

In Oxford, he didn’t focus on just one subject matter. Although he started his studies in physics which he, later on, received a Ph.D. in he also successfully went for a Masters degree in Astronomy and a Bachelors in Biology, three very different study groups. He graduated Oxford with honours. He Decided against going to Starfleet Academy, wanting to leave Earth as soon as possible, joining the Starfleet Technical Services Academy

Nearly Six months into Starfleet he was very close to being thrown out because of a spat with a Psychologist, Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee believed William to be mentally unfit for Starfleet service and attempted to use all his considerable clout to have Will kicked out. Just before Will’s disciplinary hearing and psychological testing there surfaced evidence that Dr. Lee had falsified evidence regarding Williams mental faculties. This evidence led to the Psychologists dismissal from service and practical destruction of a twenty-five-year career.

After a rather uneventful 9 months, William graduated as a Crewman and was stationed as a Science officer on the USS Merrimack.

After nearly two years as a junior crewman, William was promoted to a full officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior grade and for the next two years he served as Chief Science Officer. After some time he started a fledgling romance with another Crewmember but that was cut short due to political drama.

For reasons that were beyond his control, he was suddenly reassigned to Research Station Beta 7. This transfer turned out to be a trap of sorts laid by his former foe at Starfleet Dr. Lee. The good doctor had finally cleared his name of any wrongdoing and managed to convince some higher-ups to transfer Will so that they could prove his alleged insanity. After less than a year of service, William was detained and sent to a Psychiatric facility on Andoria, a mental hospital for Starfleet officers. He was imprisoned there for almost two years before he managed to prove to the local doctors that he was in fact in full command of his mental faculties. After being released William started working on clearing his name.

He got in contact with old Academy friends of his that had position assisting some powerful people. It took some doing but he managed to get his name cleared and his record expunged, then it was onto other matters. He was approached by Deputy Director Elaine Shepard from Internal Affairs who had been investigating Dr. Lee for some time. She recruited him onto her team of investigators and for two years they gathered enough information. the doctor was arrested for falsifying Starfleet Records, obstruction of justice, blackmail and conspiracy to commit murder when it was revealed that he planned to end Williams life when he was released. After that entire ordeal, Deputy Director Shepard got William assigned to a think tank so he could regain some of the several years he lost.

For three years William worked in the think tank as one of it’s most successful members. They were instrumental in the development of new strategies in any Starfleet Conflict, the development of several new scientific technologies and other some such operations. After serving as head of the think tank for almost a year Will was offered a position on his old ship the Merrimack, an opportunity he jumped at.
During his time at the hospital and the think tank he wrote several dissertations and received his PH. D in Astronomy and a Masters in Biology, upping his credentials once more.

Physical Appearance:
William is very tall and thin, although throughout the last five years he spent a lot of time exercising where before he barely even took long walks. His shoulders have broadened slightly and his frame has become slightly bulkier as fitness has become a new hobby for him. His chestnut hair very short and carefully combed as if with a precise measuring tool. Moderately handsome. He has intensely green eyes.

Brian Grey - Father
Isabelle Tanner - Mother
Carlyle Tanner -Stepfather
No Siblings.
Starfleet Record:

Starfleet Technical Services Academy 1 year 3 months.
Assigned as Crewman, USS. Merrimack
Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and made CSO
Reassigned Federation Research Base Beta 7
Admitted to Federation Mental health Facility on Andoria
Released from FMH Facility On grounds of false imprisonment
Assigned to corruption investigation group TYS-421
Promoted to Full lieutenant after several successful arrests
Assigned to Starfleet Think Tank Codename “Gordian Alpha 3”
Reassigned to USS: Merrimack as Chief Science Officer.
Medical Record:
Having lived a moderately healthy life until his medical ‘leave’ it was fairly easy for him to reach the type of fitness he has in the short amount of time he’s had. Whereas before he would barely skirt the line during his fitness tests on earth now he could pass them with ease. This was only possible with the help of a physical fitness trainer in the FMH Facility that helped patients stay healthy during their stay.
He has shown severe reactions to high levels of pheromones, an unusual response that is likely due to genetic tampering in his family history, this is offset by medication he takes daily. the medication also helps temper is more unusual tendencies such as having spirited discussions with himself and swapping accents on a whim.
He has a unique neurological profile, his brain processes information faster than the regular Human. It seems that his brain developed differently in the womb than a regular human. The neurologists that did tests believed this was due to the genetic code from his fathers altered family history and his mothers’ special genetic markers that would regularly have led to a neurological disease.
Psychological Profile:
William has a unique mind. It is occupied by three different personalities that all are aware of each other and are aware of all actions perpetrated by the others. These different personalities didn’t reveal themselves until Will reached puberty. This seems to have a lot do with his unique biological brain chemistry. His mind could not truly comprehend the incredible processing speeds he was capable of so it compartmentalized, creating a space for his logical side, emotional side and later on creating a new personality for his more violent tendencies. The three personalities go by different name and act in very different manners.
Will or Bill is the empathic and artistic part of him where all of his emotional data is processed. It’s how his brain personifies his feelings and desires, it usually represented itself as who he was in Texas and spoke with an Austin accent. Will enjoys playing music, games, and art. He is friendly, charming and good with people. He is part of William that enjoys life.
William or the professor is his colder scientific mind. Where he can process complex equations and understands the most difficult of scientific problems. This is the part that processes analytical thought. William is less emotional and a lot more businesslike, he is well liked by Vulcans for his logical way of thinking and acting. he is the smartest of the three but also clueless in all social interactions. He lives for his work and nothing else.
These two personalities make up for 98% of his time, William does all the work and is usually constantly on during active duty whereas Bill is on when he is off-duty although he sometimes takes over during friendly Banter with Coworkers.
The last is a side that rarely comes up, ‘B’ as he likes to go by, for their mysterious middle name known only by their parents as it’s not written down anywhere else. B is where William Grey keeps his violent and dark tendencies. B is where all their dark thoughts end up, where all their fears and darker emotions stay hidden away. It is the youngest of the three as it only came to be after he was halfway into adulthood after years of repressing memories. When B controls the other two can’t intervene at all and simply take a step back. There are also physical changes with B the longer he remains in control. He grows almost an inch taller, his hair colour changes to a shade of grey and his eyes loos their intesity and go almost bland. As far as they can tell their mind can slightly alter facets of their being and B is the only one mentally strong enough to coax it into doing so. B is also the only one who enjoys violence and is capable of inflicting it, almost expertly. Their very own Mr. Hyde behind a multi-pronged Dr. Jekyl.

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