Eric Holmman

Authored by Daniel Lerner
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human - Californian
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Age: 28

Character Biography

Eric Holmman was born and raised on Earth, in La Jolla, California. Holmman’s parents were both faculty members at University of California, San Diego. They were both marine biologists (which is how they met). Holmman has one sister, Jennifer, who is three years his junior (even though she has had to take on the role of being an “older” sister to Holmman due his… hijinks).

Sadly, Holmman’s mother died in a in a laboratory accident when Holmman was nine years old. Holmman’s father died from Darnay’s disease when Holmman was nineteen years old. Besides his sister Jennifer, Holmman remaining family consists of two first cousins and various extended family members.

At school, Holmman was known for his mathematical abilities, which he always took seriously. However, Holmman’s pursuits were quite different from what one would expect from someone with Holmman’s academic achievements. Holmman was a regular surfer off the shores of La Jolla. He was also known for his rock climbing, early (failed) attempts at anti-gravity sailing, and an illicit sky-diving event that Holmman’s sister still holds over her brother’s head. Overall, Holmman was known by his family and friends for his general jovial, non-serious attitude.

No one is really sure what led Holmman to join Starfleet Academy. Holmman has refused to comment on the rumour that he joined on a bet, on the basis that he “won’t comment on rumours”. (Holmman has also refused to comment on the rumour that he started the rumour that he joined the Academy on a bet…)

At the Academy, Holmman became known for his work on quantum fluctuation modulations. However, Holmman himself was more interested in piloting. In fact, the Academy instructors initially had difficulty getting Holmman to take his studies seriously (although Holmman seemed to have very little difficulty getting high marks in the science courses - especially ones that were mathematically-inclined. Holmman’s attitude seemed to change following the death of his father, and it became clear that Holmman had dedicated himself to becoming a Starfleet officer.

Following graduation, Holmman served as a science officer onboard the USS Kelvin, where he generally received the reluctant approval of his superiors. At one point, Holmman’s XO made a comment that in Holmman’s Starfleet file that Holmman was more of a surfer than a Starfleet officer. However, Holmman’s CO at the time disagreed, saying that Holmman had proved himself aboard the Kelvin, and had the makings of a future command officer. Holmman was investigated for being involved in a fight with Starfleet officers from another ship during shore leave. However, the investigation ultimately came to the conclusion that Holmman had tried to de-escalate the situation was only acting in self-defence. Holmman was cleared of all wrong doing.

Following his tour on the Kelvin, Holmman was transferred to Starfleet Headquarters. There, Holmman assisted with the design for the next-generation of deflector shields. Holmman’s specific role was in quantum fluctuation modulation, his specialty from the Academy. During this time, Holmman was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade). Holmman also increased his rating as a pilot during this time.

Holmman’s next position was on the USS Pottsdown, initially as the second-in-command of the science department, but later as acting Chief Science Officer (with a promotion to full Lieutenant). Holmman only served briefly in this role prior to his transfer to the USS Merrimack as her new Chief Science Officer. While on the Pottsdown, Holmman became known as someone willing to get in the middle of the action, and didn’t act like your typical science officer. Again, the Pottsdown’s CO only had good things to say about Holmman’s role on the Pottsdown. The XO, on the other hand, had very little to add to Holmman’s Starfleet file…

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