Keval Vras

Authored by Daniel Lerner
Biographic Information
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Age: 48

Character Biography

Keval Vras was born and raised on the ice-moon, Andoria, the Andorian homeworld.

As a boy, Vras was well-known for his jovial behaviour. Like all Andorian youths, Vras was well-versed in Andorian martial arts and fighting techniques, and was involved in his fair share of adolescent duels. However, Vras always seemed to make light of this aspect of growing up on Andor. His eldest sister still talks about how Vras named his first ushaan-tor (a knife-style weapon used in ritualistic Andorian duels, evolved from an ice-miner’s tool) “v’rel laktoa” (a play on words implying a combination of an edged blade, and a small animal found on Andor that is equivalent to Earth’s chipmunk). Vras stopped due to ongoing embarrassment of his parents.

Vras’s still enjoys sharing the more than occasional laugh with his friends, family, and colleagues (although the said friends, family, and colleagues wish he was …less… fond of his own sense of humour).

Vras is a specialist in warp-field dynamics, known for experimenting with unique warp field configurations, both at a theoretical academic level, and where possible in practice.

As an Academy instructor, Vras known for a tongue-in-cheek paper he presented, where Vras theorized that the only way to properly understand warp technology is to assume that the universe is a fiction. An excerpt of the paper’s introduction included the following quote (which Vras has admitted was due to a dare from his friend and colleague, Dr. Henry Lockhim): “There is no conceivable way to justify a super-luminal form of space travel without the universe being completely overtaken by logical paradoxes. The fact that our universe is not, in fact, overtaken by logical paradoxes, yet we regularly employ super-luminal travel, leads us to contemplate a number of possible theories, including the theory that we all exist in a fictional universe invented for the sole purpose of creating some type of entertainment franchise, where individuals can easily trek through the stars. Once we start with this theory, all necessary warp equations naturally flow.” Vras insists that the paper was never meant to be taken seriously.

Vras is married to his wife, Teprama. They have two young daughters: Reyl and Jarla.

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