George Easter

Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Height: 1.76m
  • Age: 35
Actions Available

Character Biography

Date of Birth:31 December 2359
Hair Colour: Black, shoulder length, slightly greying, circle beard
Skin Colour: Caucasian
Eye colour: Blue
Parents: Kenneth King Easter (father); Mary Barbara Easter (mother)
Siblings: Kenneth James (KJ) Easter; Simon Easter; Chris Easter; Michael Easter; Barbara Mary Easter; Marianne Easter; Natalie Easter; Kelly Easter; Christina Easter.
Marital Status: Single, suggestion/rumour is that he is the father of the as yet unborn child of his PA, Doris. This is a suggestion that he denies.
The first numbers below relate to his age, the second number the year in which the events happened.
8/2367 - lived on Earth with his family in the region that was once the nation-State of Australia. During this year the Borg invaded Wolf 359 under the command of Locutus of Borg. Young George was terrified and had images of him being turned into a borg himself.
18/2377 - Graduated from High School, becomes employed in family company, studies Accounting at University of Canberra
21/2380 - Graduated with studies in Accounting at the University of Canberra on Earth, full time work, including some deliveries of products throughout Federation space.
24/2383 - Completed further studies in Accounting, including professional qualifications, promoted into Assistant Chief Financial Officer with the declining health of his uncle Graeme.
27/2386 - Following the retirement of Kenneth King Easter, Kenneth James King becomes the new Chief Executive Office (CEO) for the company, and names George as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Greame’s long term PA retires as well as she wants to walk the beaches of Risa and George appoints Doris as his new PA.
29/2388 - Helps to stave off an unfriendly takeover of Easters Transport Company by a Ferengi trading concern.
31/2390 - Finishes the acquisition of a Fleet of 5 Monolith class vessels that are being mothballed by the Federation to replace their aging fleet of Antares Class Cruisers due to the increasing cost of maintenance of the older vessels. Completes studies in Management and develops interest in opportunities to develop high quality low cost modular homes.
33/2392 - Is given responsibility for heading up Easter Transport Company in the newly formed Fleet 8. He wins the contract to transport supplies to Starbase Magellan, and will set up their office, together with his PA, Doris and a young work experience student who came along for the experience of living and working in space while completing their secondary education. That initial work experience student left, but became a regular occurrence, with Charles the fourth such student to take on the opportunity.
35/2394 - Sold his share in the business to his siblings as he was interested in an opportunity to serve his community by delivering and managing high quality, low cost housing to the community on Oed V in the role of Head of Construction and Operations. In about April of 2394, his PA, Doris, falls pregnant, to an unknown father ‘dressed in a Starfleet uniform’.
36/2395 (Current STF Year) - George, Doris and Charles return from a relaxing trip to a nearby holiday planet where an extremely pregnant Doris lay in a beach chair for most of the trip. On his return, George ensures Doris has time off and gets Charles to fill in as his temporary PA.

General History
George Easter traces his ancestry back to Brisbane in the old terran nation of Australia. His many times great grandparents on his paternal side owned and ran a very successful trucking company in the 20th and 21st centuries on earth. Of course, during the time of the Eugenics Wars, the trucking company took a hit as did everything else, however George’s ancestors got back on their feet soon after the war ended. For many generations, the oldest son in the Easter family was given the first name of ‘Kenneth’, often shortened to Ken or Kenny to differentiate between generations, this naming traditions continues to today. George’s oldest brother, Kenneth James Easter (KJ for short) is the current owner of Easters Alpha Quadrant Transport Company and George, Kenneth, Simon and Chris, together with all of his sisters (he has 4 brothers and 5 sisters in all) work in the family business. His youngest brother, Michael took a different path, and is essentially the black sheep in the family, being the first Easter to enter Star Fleet.

Medical History
George has had a boring medical history for the most part.

Psychological History
George was a young child at the time of the Borg invasion of Wolf 359. He has a long held fear of Borg.
George is a loner and introvert who has had to work hard to deal with having to command other people. He would much rather be locked in his room dealing with his facts and figures than in the boardroom with his fellow directors or meeting with a client.

George’s Supporting Cast
Doris - human - 29 - PA to George - Blonde haired and Blue Eyed and a body that she describes as ‘curvey and bumpy with curves in all the right places’, Doris is an efficient secretary to George with whom she has been working since the age of 21. She is currently pregnant, and is approximately a month off giving birth.
Charles - human - 17 - work experience student, still in high school - learning about honest business practices, and financial controls and the like. If Doris is akin to a husband for George, Charles is akin to a son, even if he is 18 years Charles’ junior, and 12 years the junior of Doris. He has a crush on Doris.

Known Staff at Construction & Operations
George Easter - Head of Construction and Operations.
Doris - His PA.
Charles - His work experience student.
Sydeboored - An Ikean, member of the Housing Approvals Sub branch.
Kanykim - One of the (in)famous Cardassian sisters, member of the Public Transport Sub branch.
Leethacher - Another Ikean, currently off work and possibly needing to be reupholstered before returning to work due to an accident at the water cooler.

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