Julien King

Authored by Julia Hager
Biographic Information
  • Position: Captain (outgoing) on USS Genesis
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 287 lbs.
  • Height: 6'2" / 1,88 m
  • Age: 43

Character Biography

Please note: This bio, starting from his first joining the USS Genesis, is accurate IC and OOC and played out like this IC on the USS Genesis, correlating 1:1 with real life timing

Rank: Fleet Captain
Current Assignment: undisclosed
Previous Assignment: Captain, USS Genesis NCC-85100
Genesis crew member: 2008 with a break of 2 years in 2011/2 until Jan. 2019 - 9 years

Eyes: Green. His right eye is artificial and therefore his eyes do not have the exact same colour.
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: December 15, 2351 (Terran Calendar)
Place of Birth: Bavaria, Germany, Earth
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2369-2373
Marital Status: Single

~ A’naad, Julien’s son with La’kia Kosiite (Zaharan) Born in 2391
~ Flavia, Julien’s daughter with La’kia Kosiite (Zaharan) Born in 2394
~ Lieutenant Thomas King, Assistant to the Vulcan Ambassador on Earth, retired
~ Ingrid Kaiser, German Scientist, retired
~ Damien King, older foster brother

Star Fleet Career Summary

2369 - Entered Star Fleet Academy, medical program; genetics, astrometrics and exo-ethnology. Gained Doctor degree.
2373 - Graduated Academy, commissioned as an Ensign, Medical Doctor USS Europa. Researched deeply in the study of genetics.
His first posting was as a Cadet on the USS Discovery in the med department. After his promotion to Ensign he got an assignment on the USS Europa where he involved himself deeply in the study of genetics, making use of the large science facilities of the Europa.
2375 - With his promotion to Lt. (jg.) he wanted a change of scenery and got an assignment on the Outpost 42 in Fleet 3.
2375 - Chief Medical Officer, Outpost 42
2376 - After one year of working as CMO he fulfilled himself a personal wish and entered the pilot training program on the there stationed Avenger Class ship in his off-duty hours.
2377 - After his outstanding performance as a pilot, he was entrusted with commanding a few away missions that involved the use of the Avanger. He therefore got promoted to Lieutenant and he started training in command. After some years, those missions also included diplomatic tasks. He did exceedingly well, especially when medical or science matters were involved.
2381 - During a fight that involved the Avanger (fighter stationed on OP42) he got badly injured and lost his right arm, leg, eye, ear, part of his skull and nose. Due to his genetically enhanced physiology though he survived and received robotic implants from the ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Development Center’ of Starfleet to replace his lost body parts. Part of the right side of his skull had to be replaced as well containing android memory chips.
After his recovery he was sent on an extended leave as a reward for his accomplishments and to give him time to adjust to his android prosthesis.

2384 - After two months he got an assignment as first officer on the USS Genesis under Captain Lewis. He accepted and got promoted to Lt. Cmdr. His authorization code is ‘whiskey tango 1-5-1-2’
2385 - After almost one year of working as XO on the USS Genesis he suddenly resigned his assignment there and left in a rush, claiming dire circumstances of a personal nature, but nothing specific. Shortly after he vanished from the official list of Starfleet Officers on active duty and went completely off records. He still worked for the government but on a very classified mission.
2387 - Julien spends some time at Starfleet Medical on Earth in treatment and meets Captain Ghubari Koraia there.
2387 - The USS Genesis was on a mission, and that mission had brought her into an alternate universe with no connection to Starfleet, trying to find a way back. And during that mission the serving XO had died. What the Captain of the Genesis didn’t know, was that Julien had been on the ship from the start of the mission under an altered identity as an Ensign serving as nurse in sickbay. The cover had been necessary and had to do with the assignments Julien had been carrying out in the last three years. But this assignment was about to be finished and Julien realised that the Genesis was in need of a First Officer and he very much wanted to return to his old position. So he decided to blow his cover and apply! There were two changes to his previous set of qualifications from his first application: The level of Weapons Proficiency had climbed up from Level I to the highest setting rarely found - Level M. The Level of his piloting skills had decreased by one Level - which was usual if you didn’t update your training lisence every 2 years and had no practice. As for his assignment in the past 3 years - his official record only stated: “Covert Ops. Outstanding service in Command. Details undisclosed and on a need-to-know basis. Exception can be given only to the direct commanding officer after prior command code authorization.
2390 - After another three years Captain Lewis resigned as Captain of the USS Genesis. Shortly before she promoted Julien to the rank of Commander. He then was given the Command of the USS Genesis.
2391 - Julien’s mate La’kia gives birth to A’naad, their son
2392 - Julien gets promoted to Fleet Captain by Rear Admiral Lindsay Bayes
2393 - La’kia remains on Zahara with A’naad to be a proper Ambassador and separates from Julien who returns to the Genesis
2393 - Later that year La’kia returns pregnant to the Genesis for a visit as the Ambassador of Zahara. Julien decides to resign his command in order to be there as a doctor to help La’kia give birth to their daughter Flavia. He spends 6 months with his family on Zahara, albeit still separated from La’kia.
2394 - Julien takes on a new assignment in mutual agreement with La’kia.


Julian grew up in North Bavaria in Germany as a single child. His hobbies included speed glider races, rock climbing, Vulcan martial arts, and reading. His special interests are genetics, diplomatic history, exo-ethnology, and Hard Rock.

Medical History

He is genetically enhanced because otherwise he would not have lived long, as he had an inherited genetic defect that was treated before his birth. While this was being treated, his father used his influence to have some other improvements done as well. Julien was genetically enhanced in the process.
Therefore he is hardly ever ill, he has an extremely good immune system and can tolerate toxins far better than a normal human beings. His senses are functioning highly above standard and he’s extremely fit. He has to be, because his android limbs weigh considerably more than his human side. His body regenerates at a high level and wounds heal very quickly.
His right eye, ear, arm and his right leg are android prosthesis. Part of the right side of his skull had to be replaced as well, containing android memory chips.

Psychological Evaluation

~ First half of his career (until the first few years on the Genesis):
Although his career looked straight and normal, the truth was quite different. He hadn’t had a calm or uneventful life, but he managed rather well not to make that apparent in his official file. He liked to take risks and had a somewhat unhealthy love for alcohol and women and he had a fiery temperament. Yet in his years as DH and later as Commander of the Avenger, he managed to master his unruly side for the sake of getting what he wanted. The loss of the right side of his body had hit him hard. Although the implants functioned highly above the level of ordinary human body parts, they still seemed unnatural and strange to him.

~ Second half of his career (after he returned to the Genesis):
After his return to the USS Genesis as XO, his psych profile had drastically changed. He didn’t reveal why though, because his time away was classified information.
He was passive agressive and full of anger and self-loathing. It was only when he came together with La’kia Kosiite that this negative trend changed.
His unexpected parenthood changed him further and made him grow as a person, which also enabled him to be a good Captain when he took command of the Genesis. His separation from La’kia hit him hard again, even though it was in a way a mutual decision as their different cultures and career ambitions forced them apart.

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