Authored by Julia Hager
Biographic Information
  • Position: Counsellor on USS Athena
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Heleen
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Age: 130 (equiv. to Human age 21)
Actions Available

Character Biography

Position label:

Picture of Laraan:

Age: 130 (equiv. to Human age 21, looks like 21)

Built: Slender, almost fragile, but well proportioned

Eyes: Very light grey with a black outer ring around the light grey, big eyes with an upward outer tilt
Hair: No body hair at all.

Distinguishing features:
Her scalp has the same intricate tattoo-like designs as her neck and complete torso. Only her face is free of them, the rest of her body is covered in them. Instead of eyebrows a dark red line arches above her eyes. The markings are of two colours – dark red and dark purple and in contrast with her otherwise fair skin. The designs look very beautiful, filigree and intricate, and make her appear clothed even when she is naked.
Picture and more background on the Heleen:

Mother: Shaleah (Heleen)
She was joined to a Heleen Live ship when Laraan was only 55 years (Human age equivalent 10 years) old and no longer able to be a mother to Laraan
Father: Paul Baillie (Human with family roots in the former Scotland) He served in Starfleet as a Chief Medical Officer, but has meanwhile died of old age.
Sister: Shalahn, full Helen. She is her half sister and lives on Heel with her grandparents. She channels energy into creating a telepathic link. Adept Childcarer, Adept Vet, Adept Psychologist

Grandmother: Shalohn (Heleen), she channels into healing energy. Adept Gardener, Master Designer, Grandmaster Healer
Grandfather: Bodahn (Heleen), he channels energy into creating a globe of light that also emmitts heat. Master Administrator, Master Brewer, Grandmaster Geologist
They live on Heel and are responsible for Laraan until the age of 150 in her mother’s stead. However, since Laraan was born and raised on Earth, she doesn’t respect that tradition.

Federation Standard, Heleen. The Heleen language sounds like extremely beautiful, ethereal singing to Humans, but Laraan is not quite as good in it as a full blooded Heleen, because she has had teeth implanted into her jaws. Heleen don’t have teeth. However, due to her Heleen heritage, her voice is soft and musical almost like a song, soothing and resonant, like chicken soup for the soul (and very feminine)

Service record:
- Admitted to Starfleet Academy through the Early-Entrance program
- Graduated from the Academy, with Honours.
- Assigned to the USS Athena as CNS

Special education:
- Degree in Psychology previous to joining the Academy (from a Univeristy on Earth)
- Registered as a civilian field paramedic through voluntary work and training in the medical department of Starfleet Academy.

Work experience:
Worked as a Counselor for Cadets in Starfleet Academy for ten years previous to joining the Academy herself.

Medical file:
Laraan has always been healthy, she only has two ongoing health issues that keep bugging her from time to time.
She sometimes has aches in her bones, because she has the very light built and bone structure of a Heleen.
She has the life span and aging pattern of the Heleen, the physiology of the Heleen (so also no tear ducts and no teeth). However she had had artificial teeth implanted into her jaw, so she could consume human food and pronounce the human language more easily.
Hence, she can eat proper food, but her digestive system is not as sturdy as that of a full blooded human, which is why she often has stomach aches and problems.

Biological details of the Heleen species:
Heleen have a life-span of about 500 years. They age with 20% of the velocity of humans.
Due to their short night, they require only 3 to 5 hours of sleep. Heleen have softer bones, because of the lower gravity on their homeworld. Heleen have two hearts and a very slow heartbeat. One heart feeds the external organs (skin, eyes…), one heart feeds the internal organs. If one heart fails, the other can take over for a short amount of time (about three hours) until it fails too.
They have no teeth. Their nutrition consists merely of fluids. They communicate in a melodic language with many vocals in it. Heleen don’t shed tears when they ‘cry’. Instead, their tatoos start fading and reappearing in patches all over their body. A very weak or dying Heleen can be identified by his/her very dimly visible skin designs.

Special Ability:
Channelling. Their talent is to ‘feel’ the energy that is the invisible glue of the universe, the energy that manifests in a planet, a starship, a cloud in the sky or anything else material. This energy is not a Heleen-specific thing, it is everywhere. And everything consists of it. They can learn to ‘collect’ that energy from all around them and channel it into a certain kind of energy. Every Heleen can choose in which energy he/she wants to learn to channel to. Some channel in healing energy, some channel into creating a flower, some channel into a sphere of light. But each Heleen can only channel into one kind of energy. They need to concentrate to do it and can uphold the channeling only for a short amount of time. However, they don’t feel depleted afterwards, as it is not their energy they are giving from. Although channeling energy is a latent talent in every Heleen, it has to be trained to perfection over 20 years time and as the Heleen grows older he can enhance this power, but not change the focus of his channeling.
Laraan has decided (like many Heleen) to channel energy into life energy boosts. She can give those to herself and others. They cause the recipient to regain strength, stamina, health and mental focus.
She is still young in Heleen standards so her energy boosts give the recipient the equivalent of a good night’s sleep and some hearty food and relaxation time. Older Heleen, who have developed this ability over a longer span of time, can come close to reviving a being on the brink of death.

Psychological File:
Laraan has a strong personality, but because of her otherness, she doesn’t show that in a social surrounding. Her body is rather fragile compared to Humans. As a child growing up on Earth, her bones broke more easily, so she had to be more careful and she had always been more of an introvert.
Her self-confidence is not what it should be, considering her age and life experience on Earth, but her Heleen Grandmother has made sure she is very aware of her shortcomings.
Also, she hasn’t had an intimate relationship with a man yet, which is normal for a Heleen her age, but very unusual in human standards. She simply hasn’t felt the need for it so far, but the inexperience adds to her insecurity as a woman.
The exception is when she works as a counselor. That is when she is the most confident, since she knows that in this respect, her life experience does give her an advantage and she has had many successful experiences in her job.

Laraan grew up on Earth with her parents in a very happy home as a single child. They had had a farm with many animals and her father took long extended leaves in order to spend time with them.
When Laraan’s mother was called back to Heel to join with a life ship, all of that changed. What was considered the greatest honor on Heel was a catastrophe for her and her father. She did what she could for him, and stayed with him until his death, but it was never quite enough, she couldn’t replace her mother and they both knew that.
After her father’s death her grandparents brought her to Heel and started her education as a Heleen and developing her channeling power.
But she never found the same warmth in that home, although she loved them, especially her grandfather, but she missed Earth too much. The other Heleen in her age were all still behaving like kids, she had grown up much faster in character on Earth.
So she returned, against the will of her Grandmother, and started studying Psychology at University. Through her father she had many friends in Starfleet, which enabled her to get the job as counselor for Cadets at Starfleet Academy. After doing that for 10 years, she decided to join the Academy herself.

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