John Tiberius Glen

Authored by David Fergusson
Biographic Information
  • Position: Captain on USS Merrimack
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human (British)
  • Weight: 164 lbs
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Age: 37
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Character Biography

John is square-jawed, courageous and somewhat dim. He is human, all male, with white European ancestry, mainly Scottish and English, though he has lived on Alpha Centauri for most of his childhood, and so has an indeterminable accent. His grasp of Earth history is often a little rough around the edges not having been to school there.
He was a little over five feet ten inches tall, about 161 pounds, has broad shoulders and is of a muscular build. He has striking deep blue eyes, no noticeable disabilities and a Romanesque nose. He still retains a full head of fair hair. Though there had been stories of a cosmetic hair transplant by a Ferengi surgeon on Riga, this was actually merely a rumour, most likely started by his old balding friend from the Academy, Commander Tom Webb. Tom Webb spent some time at Earth Station McKinley. Tom Webb went on to join some officially nonexistent clandestine organization within Starfleet Intelligence.

His father was called James and his mother was Eunice. James had gone bald in his early thirties.

He has a brother, Samuel, known as Sam, who has two sons. He has a sister, Janice Hopkins, who has a daughter, Faith. Faith is John’s yeoman aboard the Merrimack. John rescued Faith from a cult that her mother was involved with. He has never forgiven Klingons for the murder of Janice’s wife, his brother-in-law and Faith’s father.
He is human of white European (British/Scottish) decent. He was born on Alpha Centauri on 23rd March 2266. Back on Alpha Centauri he used to be a member of the chapter of the Gaelic Isles Society. Some were Scottish, some were of Scottish descent, and some were just interested in various areas of Scottish culture. His community was afflicted with Alpha Leg syndrome, a high-stepping, foot-slapping style, due to drinking moonshine. That’s besides the ulcers and blindness that resulted. They did not get supply ships as regularly as they should.

Glen had eaten Andorian Redbat and Klingon Gagh before. In all honesty, nothing in the galaxy could taste worse than those.

He dislikes confined spaces, possibly as a result of being accidentally locked in a cabinet as a child. He is so cool that he got suspended from primary school for wearing shorts and wedged sneakers!

He enlisted as a pilot and vividly remembers his first mission. After a few months he then quickly moved into Command posts. Those first few weeks out of the simulator and flying by the seat of his pants in dogfights were still his most exciting Starfleet experiences.

He joined the Academy in 2285. In the Academy he studied Optics, and he knows next to nothing about biochemistry and geochemistry. He likes looking at old telescopes and optical instruments. “I’m a pilot, not an astrophysicist!”

He has had an interest in archaeology, at the very least he wonders about all these civilisations that were present in the galaxy before we even ventured into space. It helps when thinking about the cultural aspects of remains if you know a little bit about the physical context, so he has picked up a little geology too. John Glen considers himself an amateur archaeologist, however, he has never been on an actual ‘dig,’ and he would really like to some day. His experience is limited to visiting museums such as the Museum of Izurite Antiquity within hanging gardens of Ekkaia, and the Starfleet Museum on Alpha Centauri where he had once seen a Romulan Vrelnec.

His service record shows USS Yorktown - Ensign /USS Hathaway - Lieutenant/ served in the Academy as a Lieutenant / USS Sirius – XO and Commander. He was promoted to Captain and took over command of the USS Merrimack in October 2298.

He has been awarded the Federation Citation of Honour (FCH) and the Starfleet medal of Valour (MV).

He took over the Merrimack following the murder of Captain Bordeaux by Klingon assassins. His first Captain aboard the USS Yorktown was also killed by Klingons.

Although he often claims to be married and estranged, he was never actually married to Dr. Andromeda du Astra, the mother of his son, Iain. Iain was conceived after a single night of passion. Andromeda left the Merrimack after the birth of their son and went to live with her mother in France, Earth. Glen had never seen Andromeda or Iain for five years until he visited them in Paris. He wishes he had made more effort with previous relationships, although there is no specific thing he did wrong in his relationship with Andromeda.

Iain now lives with Andromeda and her mother, Iain’s grandmother, on Rue Alcide Vellard, Bobigny, Paris, France. It is a narrow modern street in a leafy district. John does not get along with Andromeda’s mother, Delphine.

He has had several other old girlfriends: Antonia Banks, Ruth Hearn, Carol Gibson, Susan Manning, Charlotte Pearce, Miriam Odell, and Sofia Cobb. Some of them had been quite serious. He was once stranded with Ruth on a Luna shuttle. He had a special day in Paris with Sofia. He had a holiday with Antonia, which they spent as typical tourists; walking among the hanging gardens of Ekkaia, stopping by the Museum of Izurite Antiquity and visiting the Crystal Mountains. She had wanted him to propose to her, but she was a spoilt brat whose diplomat father had always let her have her own way. Angrily, she had accused him of stringing her along for a year, and caused a scene in their hotel, even bringing up the subject of Faith Hopkins yet again.

He has been given somewhat of a reputation as a “ladies man” based upon the number of former girlfriends and acquaintances, although he feels that is not very fair. There has always only been one female in his life, and that is the USS Merrimack. He did love Andromeda and he has strong feeling for the Romulan Commander Andone, the mother of the future Starfleet Captain Andone.

His very first assignment as an Ensign aboard the USS Yorktown involved relocating a small segment of natives from a primitive alien culture on a dying planet.

Later he was charged with illegally dealing with the leader of a colony on planet Theta VII called Caleb Nattrass who was a mass murderer and only taken power by force. A disease rife on the planet was found to really be a biogenic weapon that he had developed himself, but had neglected to develop enough antidotes.
As a young Commander he once had to transport six Orion slave girls to Earth. The trip took two long weeks. The crew discipline was difficult to say the least.
Glen once had to negotiate in a hostage situation. A Tellarite had taken an Andorian hostage at Starbase 16. He knew the Starfleet procedures, but he knew also that they rarely worked precisely according to plan. His solution was risky but novel.

Until meeting Commander Andone, he had only met a Romulan once before, at some preliminary meetings into the future possibility of mutually developing a planet located within the Neutral Zone. He was only a junior officer then and not part of the senior delegation. He next met Romulans when the Merrimack was called to negotiate a truce over a territorial dispute between the Tholians and the Romulans.

He has a cat aboard ship called Ginger. Faith Hopkins feeds and cares for it. It generally is to be found sleeping in the Warp Coils.

An inventory of his possessions when he first came aboard would include seven cases of strong Andorian Ale, some assorted examples of Tellarite glass sculptures, four ETS emergency transporter suits, two peace travel mugs, a book entitled “First and Last Romulans” by Arthur Winsford, miscellaneous old suitcases in various states of repair, a set of crystal wine glasses, overflowing crates of old printed leaflets, a worn horse riding saddle, an antique music player and some “Rolling Stones” Vinyl albums, two watercolour Vulcan landscape paintings, twenty-four data memory cards, a physical book entitled “Three Men in a Boat”, two racquetball rackets, an antique fencing sword, two egg cups in the shape of chickens, a 3D Chess set missing a black pawn, a baseball hat, a map of Risa, a carry-case for a domestic cat, a “welcome home” banner, a book entitled “Cooking for Starfleet Cadets”, a dead potted plant, a bone china tea set, a Korean hat, a cuddly toy, and a wide variety of other small items. All are contained within a Giffla-37XZ cargo container that Captain Glen has never unpacked since he first came aboard the USS Merrimack.

He makes a point to know the names of every member of his crew.

When he was only 36-years-old he already had grey hairs and laughter lines at the outer corners of his eyes. How long before he got an actual wrinkle?

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