Willow Taylor

Authored by Calé Reilly
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Height: 5ft 5inches
  • Age: 39
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Character Biography

Name: Doctor Willow Taylor MD, ChM
Rank: Captain
Serial number: 612157-A
Currently serving: USS Ogawa
Position: Commanding Officer
Speciality: Cardiology and Pediatrics

Species: Human
Gender: Female
DoB: August 18th 2360
Age: 39
Place of birth: Betazed
Religion: Agnostic
Citizenship: Federation.
Languages spoken: Federation standard, Japanese, Hebrew, Latin, Vulcan, Klingon.

Parents: Admiral Sebastian Taylor (Sebby) - Judge Advocate General (Father) - Status: (Deceased)
Mrs Lily Morris, Taylor (Mother) - Status: (Deceased)
Grandparents: Rear Admiral Fredrick Sebastian Taylor 3rd - Judge Advocate General (grandfather) - Status-(Deceased)
Mrs Elizabeth Jean Carter, Taylor, (Grandmother) Status - (Deceased)
Siblings: Cai Taylor
Spouses: Douglass Green <Fiancé- Seperated>
Children: N/A
Height: 5ft 5 inches
weight: 130lbs
eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Red
Blood type: Terran- AB rhesus negative.
Vision: 20x20
Identifying marks/Features: Scar on abdomen following emergency appendectomy.

Short physical description: Medium built with short length red hair. Always on the skinny side Willow has spent a good number of years practicing martial arts in order to ensure that despite her stature she is capable of defending herself. Naturally pale skinned however doesn’t burn easily. Diagnosed at birth with situs inversus totalis, a condition that has caused all of Willow’s organs to develop on the natural opposite side of her body.


Promotion History:

2382-Graduates Star-fleet Academy with Honours-
2382-Promoted to Ensign and assigned as Medical officer USS Europa
2383- Returns to betazed following death of parents.
2384-promoted to Lt(jg) and assigned as medical officer USS Genesis
2385-Promoted to CMO Starbase Epcot
2386- Promoted to Full Lt and Retained as CMO.
2388- Takes position as XO on starbase
2389 – Assigned as CO USS Saracen
2390 – Following turbo lift accident caused by younger brother resulting in the deaths of three people removed from command and demoted to Commander, reassigned to starfleet medical earth.
2393 – Assignment as Commanding officer USS Ogawa

B. Service History:
-2376-2382: Starfleet Academy- Starfleet Medical, Earth
Ship Assignments
-2382-2383- USS Europa
-2384-2385- USS Genesis
-2385-2389 – Starbase Epcot
-2389-2390: USS Saracen
-2393 - Current – USS Ogawa

C. Medals and Commendations
Silver M’barrie Prize Captains Commendation for service above and beyond the call of duty Starfleet Surgeon Generals Award Vulcan Medical excellence award The David Dawson award for innovative medical technique

A. Academic Institutions Attended:
– Elementry Education Betazed
– Woodlake Private Academy - Earth APE programme - pre med course credits in senior year.
– Star Fleet Academy, graduation with honours 2382, degree(s): Major in Paediatrics And Surgery Minor in Psychology

B. Service Schools Attended:
– Star-fleet medical school internship and residency programme.

C. Qualifications:
– Elementary, Junior High and High school education certifications
Medical Doctorate – Starfleet Academy / Boston University
Ch.M- Surgical qualification
Senior qualification in Psychology
Field and trauma medic certified.

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

–First class and Second class Honours
Graduated second in her class from Starfleet medical.
Assigned as Medical laboratory assistant in as forth year cadet
Commendation for innovative surgical skill in first solo surgery.

Athletics: Martial arts
Extracurricular activities: Guitar player. Singer.

A. Background Summary:
- Willow was born into what was considered even in modern standards as a wealthy family. She was to be the first child of parents Sebby and Lily. Primarily a Legal minded household Willow from an early age, displayed a quick wit and interest in science.

Her father, Sebby Taylor was a talented JAG who many felt would follow in his fathers footsteps within the JAG corps. He was assigned to Betazed where he met a young photographic journalist named Lily the two hit it off immediately and much to the displeasure of his father Fredrick were married two years later. Two years after the wedding Willow was born. Shortly after her birth she was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that resulted in her organs forming on the mirrored side of her body.

Through most of her teenage years Willow attended WoodLake private Academy. In her junior year she met one Alexxander Ryley, then part of starfleet medical, following an incident that almost resulted in her friend drowning. The meeting did not go over well as Willow ended up pouring Diet Coke over the rude Doctors shoes. In retaliation he ambushed her as a turbo lift closed with Diet Coke and mentos causing a huge mess and ironically cementing an interest with them both. Later that same year Ryley would be responsible for the emergency removal of her appendix saving her life. The two became friends over her senior year in a mentor like relationship as she discovered the world of medicine. It was on his recommendation she entered starfleet medical.

At the age of 23 she received word that her parents had died in a shuttle accident on the way to attend the promotion ceremony of her fathers best friend to Captain. Her younger brother Cai Taylor then age 6 was wig a babysitter at the time and survived. With no other family Willow became his legal guardian and left her starship position to care for him.

She then took him with her to assignments as a junior officer in medical on the USS Europa and USS Genesis. However finding life on a starship too turbulent for their rocky relationship took a position on a a starbase in order to create a more secure environment. She remained there until her promotion to Captain and assignment to the USS Saracen.

While in command of the Saracen an accident involving an experiment gone wrong resulted in the deaths of three people. One crewman and two civilians. Cai and. Friend were found to be at fault. Willow took responsibility for the incident and was demoted to commander losing her command.

She was assigned to starfleet medical earth where she worked as both a doctor and a lecturer in paediatric medicine.

There she met her fiancé commander Douglass Greene, chief of emergency medicine. The two hit it off almost immediately with them moving in together after only 7 months and an engagement after 13.

However having been asked to take command of the ogawa both Willow and Douglass parted ways with one unwilling to give up his position and the other missing the thrill of serving in space and feeling the need for a change of environment. They have not parted on good terms but are technically still engaged.

B. Personality Summary:
- A bit of a social recluse in her younger years Willow did not always live to her full potential measly passing at average until her junior and sr years in high school where she began work in an accelerated learning pathway and flourished. Very observant and tactful she’s not shy or afraid to share her opinions.


A.Recent Fitness Reports
Medical Report: Save from the usual childhood illnesses and her condition Willows medical file is exemplary until her appendectomy.
Some injuries in later years through contact sport and climbing,

Psychiatric Report
Report Submitted by Dr Leo Bernard – Head of Psychiatrics- Starfleet Medical.

Following the deaths of her parents Willow suffered from mild depression and doubt regard g the raising of her younger brother. Thrust into a parental role before she was ready has been difficult for her. She has dealt with this with grace and has come out the other side a stronger person.

Both brother and sister seem to have some sibling difficulty relatively g to each other in different roles as a more parental structure seems to bother both of them. This will be a difficult situation for years to come.

Following the accident on the Saracen it is difficult to understand who Willow hates more herself for allowing it of Cai for causing it. I am recommending a series of therapy sessions for both.

NB: as she is not sleeping I am also prescribing a mild course of antidepressants. To be reviewed in a 4 week period.


C. Current Recreational Interests

Playing guitar
Mountain climbing

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