Molly Holloway

Authored by Joana Ribeiro
Biographic Information
  • Position: CEO - Holloway Heavy Industries on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 140lbs
  • Height: 5'5''
  • Age: 33

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Character Biography

Before Reading
As the CEO of one of the biggest and most well known ship building companies in the sector, Molly Holloway is a public figure, easily recognizable by the inhabitants of OED V as well as by those that regularly follow economic, technological, or military news. Her face has appeared in the cover of some of the most important business magazines, although her uncle, Lucas Holloway, is a more widely known businessman.

As a former Starfleet officer, Molly’s file is accessible by any member of Starfleet personnel. To most officers, Molly’s file consists only of her name, positions on board certain ships as well as certain awards. Any piece of information regarding her Starfleet Intelligence career is accessible only to those with high enough clearance and on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Given her public figure status it is safe to say that certain elements of her backstory are public knowledge, however most is only available here for player knowledge purposes and for anyone who wants to know more about Molly’s background. The medical and psychological records stated below are, of course, available to the Medical team and Counseling team, respectively.

On a different note, a very special thanks to Jerome Davis, for taking my original concept and transforming it into a much more in depth story than I could ever have imagined. Credits go to him for writing part of the paragraphs of her backstory.

Personal Details
  • Full Name: Molly Grace Holloway (Serial Number: 4826503-2831 // Clearance level held: SECLAR Rating 7 - Top Secret)
  • Aliases: Molly Grace Wright (from 2376 to 2395)
  • Also Known As: Molls, Gracie, Red
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 33
  • Date of Birth: January 20th, 2366
  • Place of Birth: Mount Sinai Queens, Long Island City, NY
  • Religion/Faith: Atheist (24th century Roman Catholic growing up)
Physical Description (photo #1, photo #2)
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Light brown
  • Skin: Pale, freckled
  • Height: 5‘5’‘
  • Weight: 140lbs
Family and Relationships
  • Biological Mother: Mary Grace Holloway (neé Wright), b. March 31st, 2348, d. June 24th, 2372 (aged 24)
  • Biological Father: Peter James Holloway, b. September 25th, 2347, d. March 31st, 2377 (aged 29)
  • Adoptive Father: Robert Andrew Hazen, b. August 19th, 2340 (57 years old)
  • Siblings: Erin Leah Hazen (born Erin Leah Holloway), sister, b. June 24th, 2372 (26 years old)
  • Notable Family Members: Lucas Elliot Holloway, uncle, b. November 25th, 2349 (48 years old), current President of Holloway Heavy Industries
  • Previous partners: Ashton Young (engaged July 10th, 2390, broken off July 6th, 2393), Ryan Patrick York (CLASSIFIED)
  • Current partner: Calvin Alexander Harris (October 3rd, 2393 – present)

Aug 2371 - Feb 2376 Elm Tree Elementary, Corona, NY (repeated third grade)
Mar 2376 - Jul 2380 Homeschooled until High School
Aug 2380 - Jul 2384 C.A. Riley Military Academy, Angel Island, San Francisco, CA (enrolled at 14, graduated at 18)
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Cross Country, Orienteering
Rank at Graduation: Cadet Lt. Colonel (Commander, 1st Battalion)
Aug 2384 - Jul 2388 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA (Security path, major in Military and Strategic Studies, enrolled at 18, graduated at 22)
Mar 2392 - Mar 2393 Starfleet Intelligence, Quantico, VA (Intelligence Officer Training course, began at 26, graduated (hons.) at 27)

Previous Assignments

Jul 2388 - Jul 2390 USS Earheart (NCC-24979), Ensign, Security officer
Jul 2390 - Dec 2390 USS Montgomery (NCC-84704), LTJG, Chief of Security
Dec 2390 - Apr 2391 USS Montgomery (NCC-84704-A), LCDR, Executive Officer
Apr 2391 - Feb 2392 USS Turing (NCC-31484), Captain, Commanding Officer, Relieved of Command
Mar 2393 - Jul 2396 USS Dresden (NCC-1837-D), Captain, Chief Intelligence Officer
Jul 2396 - Aug 2397 USS Dresden (NCC-1837-D), Captain, Commanding Officer
Aug 2397 - present OED V, Holloway Heavy Industries, CEO

For player knowledge purposes only:

Aug 2397 - Jul 2398 OED V, Captain, Starfleet Intelligence, Senior Field Agent (undercover)
Jul 2398 - present OED V, Captain, Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Command (Section 31), Command Field Agent (undercover)


Born at Mount Sinai Queens (New York) at 9:54pm, January 20th, on a blustery winter’s night, Molly Grace Holloway was the first born of Peter and Mary Holloway (neé Wright). Peter, Age 19 at the time of Molly’s birth, was a former Prep School Lacrosse standout from St. Monica Catholic in Creve Coeur, Missouri who flunked out of the prestigious Fordham University in The Bronx, New York. The day Peter was dismissed from Fordham for “Failure to meet Academic Standards” at the close of the spring semester of his Sophomore year, he came back to his apartment to find his girlfriend Mary, an 18 year old waitress from Queens, sitting on his couch in tears… she was pregnant with their first child.

Turning to his family, the powerful Holloway fortune at their disposal, Peter hoped his father would help but he was met with a cold shoulder. Within 24 hours, Peter had gone from college athlete at one of the most distinguished schools in the Northeast to a scared 19 year old teenager with a baby on the way and cut off from the family and fortune he had always assumed would one day be his. Being a Holloway, Peter went right to work looking for a job and a week before the crush of tourists hit in July, he was hired as a Subway conductor for the New York City Port Authority. Mary and Peter were married in a simple ceremony by a Justice of the Peace on June 30th, the day before he started work in the job he would have until his death.

Life was hard for the young family, moving into a small studio apartment in the same Queens neighborhood as Mary’s family down the street from where the waitress and promising writer had grown up. Peter was at odds with Mary’s parents from day one, but they tolerated the couple as he did in fact make their daughter happy. The couple did their best to make a go of it and were excited to welcome little Molly into the world early the next year. Though he worked hard for the Authority and never missed a day of work for over five years, the midwestern kid was repeatedly passed up for promotion and was becoming frustrated with the dead end the Port Authority had become when the family was rocked by some rather unwelcome news less than a year after they had finally moved into the Elmhusrt neighborhood so Molly could attend Elm Tree Elementary… Molly was going to be a Big Sister.

For several years, the family had been on the edge of collapse, Peter and Mary fighting over bills and Peter’s drinking… which had gotten much worse after finding out about the coming of their second child and stress from a vindictive supervisor three years his junior. From an early age, Molly saw her father become increasingly more violent towards her mother and quickly understood that such outbursts weren’t normal, but they were sporadic and Mary always seemed to find an excuse to explain them.

Mary’s second pregnancy was rough on the now 24 year old mother. As the pregnancy pressed on, the baby’s health remained strong while Mary fought worsening health issues as the due date approached. A week out from young Erin’s planned arrival, Mary fainted going down the stairs at their apartment building. Luckily for the child she was carrying, a bystander saw the fall and called for Emergency Services. But when they arrived, they noticed that Mary was bleeding. The mother and child were rushed to Mount Sinai Queens, too late to save Mary from complications caused by undiagnosed Placenta Previa that triggered severe internal bleeding following the fall… which was later determined to be caused by a stroke. Erin Leah Holloway entered the world through emergency C-Section as her mother was kept alive by machine, Mary fighting for her daughter the whole time. Mary’s official time of death was 12 minutes and 23 seconds after the birth of her daughter. Before she passed, Mary was able to hold little Erin for a few moments, gazing upon the crying redheaded baby before losing consciousness for the last time.

With the death of his wife and the pressure of raising two little girls as a widowed parent, Peter’s mild problem with booze turned into full blown alcoholism as the depression of Mary’s death ravaged his mind and soul. About three months after Mary’s death, Molly in full 6 year old “mommy mode”, the eldest of Mary and Peter’s children did her best to help her daddy. That night was not unlike the others but Molly was worried about the way her daddy was acting while drinking, so the child tried to do what she had seen her mommy do many times before… gently take away the bottle. This was the first time Peter’s violence struck home with Molly, as he backhanded his daughter across the face before scolding her for messing with things for grown-ups. The sound of the strike startled a just asleep Erin and her outburst brought another strike from her father. After being ordered to clean up the mess from the spilled drink, Molly took Erin in their room and cried herself to sleep. Due to the bruising on her face, she did not attend school for over a week.

Peter’s violence toward his oldest child was a problem for the next several years, resulting in young Molly missing large chunks of her time in school. When she was 9, Peter threw the girl into the wall resulting in a concussion (her fourth), four broken ribs and another break in her upper right arm. Peter convinced Molly on the way to the hospital to say she had fallen down the stairs while playing or the authorities would take her and her sister away, splitting them up and that she would likely never see her baby sister again. That round in the hospital resulted in a long enough home stay Molly had to repeat the 3rd Grade.

Two weeks after her tenth birthday, on a particularly bad night for Peter, Molly was faced with the hardest decision of her young life. After throwing out all the booze in the house before her father got home, Molly faced the full force of an already drunk Peter when he found out what his daughter had done. In a fit of rage, Peter threw Molly across the room where she landed hard but uninjured on the sofa. Erin’s small 4-year-old voice squeaked “Don’t you hit my Sissy!” with all the force she could muster and brought the furious man’s attention to her. As Erin screamed in terror hiding quickly behind the recliner, Peter charged at her, flipping the chair and towering over the petrified child. When he reached down toward Erin, the light in the room shifted just slightly… right before a five-foot-tall floor lamp crashed into the back of Peter’s head, knocking him completely unconscious. Molly stood in shock for just a moment, the base of the lamp still in her shaking hands. For a moment, the girl honestly thought she’d killed her father, but his slight groan told her otherwise. Erin ran to her sister and asked through tears “What’d we do?” and without a second thought Molly looked down, wiping tears from her own eyes “We leave… right now”. Molly helped her sister quickly pack a small backpack with the few things that would fit, making special care to take their mother’s necklace and the book she read Molly as a child. From the time Molly knocked out their father till they were out the door was less than 3 minutes. Running from the building, neither child looked over their shoulder for they knew that nothing behind them was right for them anymore. It was the last time Peter would ever see his children. Unknown to the girls, Peter Holloway, grief stricken at the loss of his family… jumped to his death from the Brooklyn Bridge the night of Mary’s 29th birthday three days after losing his job with the New York Port Authority over a failed sobriety test.

Molly knew that as soon as their father was awake, he would come for them. She had to get her and her sister as far away from New York City as she could. She remembered from her walks to school that there was a Shuttle Port a little over a mile from their apartment. As they reached the Port, one Shuttle was preparing to depart. The sign by the pad read words that nearly made her cry:


It was starting to rain and the stewards were busy loading two large crates and didn’t seem to pay much attention to anything else. Molly saw a large dog travel crate in the front of the cargo hold with a friendly looking Black Lab dosing inside. As Molly and Erin slipped past the shipping crates, she saw the stencil on the side and took a deep breath as she and Erin settled in on the dark side by the Lab. The crates both read simply:


The Shuttle lifted off at half past eight and from the small porthole in the cargo hold, Molly silently wept as she watched the city of New York and all its bright lights… the only city she’d ever known… fade away into the night. She didn’t know if she’d ever see them again. Erin slept through the trip, her little fingers lovingly wrapped in the dog’s fur through a small hole in the side of his box. The dog didn’t care one little bit.

As the sun of the west coast of North America shined through the porthole, Molly felt the shuttle settle on the pad. Quickly waking Erin, Molly reached in to thank the old dog for his company before preparing to rapidly disembark. The girls stayed still and quiet until the stewards came for the dog crate. Thinking of the plan she had made on the trip, Molly flipped open the dog crate and threw the dog’s tennis ball from the inside right over the shoulders of the stewards. The dog, Jax from his collar, dutifully bolted from the crate bounding toward and knocking over the two stewards. As the two men scrambled for the dog… it’s owner screaming after them… the girls ran from the back of the Shuttle and disappeared into the neighboring park to the shouts of “Stowaways!” behind them.

The girls ran for nearly 20 minutes before reaching a crest of a hill. As they reached the summit, Erin gasped from the view before them… San Francisco Bay… at sunset. Holding Erin tight to her side, Molly cried once more, only this time they were tears of joy. “We did it Sis… we did it.”

Once in San Francisco, they roamed the streets for a week until being sheltered by an ex-Starfleet officer. Suspicious of his intents at first, Molly tried to run with her sister a couple of times before accepting that maybe he was genuinely fond of the girls and meant them no harm. He raised and homeschooled them and talked Molly into joining Starfleet when she turned 18, telling her that he thought she would give a good Security Officer. Reluctant to leave Erin behind at first, Molly was accepted in the Academy from where she graduated four years later, aged 22. She was assigned to the USS Earhart where she served as an Ensign in the Security Department until being promoted to Lieutenant (j.g) and being transferred to the USS Montgomery as Chief of Security two years later.

Holloway’s rise through the ranks was much faster than one would expect, including herself. Shortly after her promotion to Chief of Security, and following the destruction of the original USS Montgomery and the sequent replacement by its brand new homonymous, Molly was appointed First Officer and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After a short stint as XO, and with the retirement of the Montgomery, she was promoted once more and assigned as Commanding Officer of the Chandley class USS Turing.

After being in command of the Turing for over a year, Molly’s naïveté and kindheartedness resulted in her removal from command, in a blow that she found to be extremely unfair and that taught her that Starfleet Command was not devoid of shady politics after all. Returning home to San Francisco, wondering if she would ever be able to respect Command officers again, Molly was quickly approached by Starfleet Intelligence with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Spending a year in intensive training she was assigned to the USS Dresden as Chief Intelligence Officer, a post which she held for three years. After a few adventurous missions and a change of command on board, Starfleet Command decided to give Molly a second chance at the center chair. However, through her time as the USS Dresden’s Commanding Officer, Holloway didn’t lose her contact with Starfleet Intelligence, insisting on remaining a fully fledged Intelligence Officer regardless of her job description. After a full year as a starship Captain, Molly decided that it was not the career for her and retired from the position, feeling fulfilled in knowing that this time she had done it on her own terms.

Currently, she resides on OED V, having taken the position of CEO of Holloway Heavy Industries, her family’s business, and one of the most prominent ship builders in the sector. Unknown to those around her, Molly is still an active Starfleet Officer, working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence. All her data and records, however, show her as a retired Starfleet Captain.

Known as Molly Wright since age ten, Molly changed her name back to her original birth name in 2395.


Molly enjoys peaceful environments and is usually a quiet person. She keeps a distant and guarded attitude towards others and often prefers the company of books to that of people. Surprisingly she found herself loosen up once or twice in the company of people that weren’t either her sister or her adoptive father. When she feels comfortable enough, Molly can be quite childish in nature, maybe even a little immature. If threatened she can quickly become aggressive, although her time in counselling has taught her to stay in control, to a certain extent.

Holloway is driven by a strong morality code and it was her liking for the idea of exploration and defense behind Starfleet that urged her to join after her adoptive father told her about it.

She likes to leave science to the Scientists and engineering to the Engineers, knowing only the basics taught to her by the Academy. Even though she may often seem uninterested in many subjects she has a soft spot for survival strategies in hostile environments and tactical simulations, graduating with distinction on those subjects. She’s good enough at hand to hand combat but there are still small things she could improve and she’s definitely not the best pilot, having passed her Flight Test with the minimum requirements.

After training with Starfleet Intelligence her skills improved greatly. Although she is still not the best of pilots she is now a certified pilot, able to fly a vast range of military aircraft, while still not enjoying it. Molly also now masters a wide range of hand to hand combat techniques.

Medical Records

Below is a table with the major occurrences present in Molly’s file.

Apart from the items listed, medical examinations would also reveal extensive regeneration of the bones and nerves in Molly’s right hand. It would look as if her hand had been broken in multiple places and it had received very rushed treatment. Despite her hand being functional, some nerve damage still remained. She would also seem to have had a deep cuts close to her throat regenerated, consistent with something thin wrapped around her neck. Both injuries would have had occurred around 2398.

Date Occurrence Cause of Injury Status Location of Treatment Notes
12SEP2375 Concussion, four fractured ribs, fracture in upper right arm Fall in apartment building staircase Regenerated Mount Sinai Queens N/A
20FEB2376 Three fractured ribs Unknown Naturally healed, natural scaring visible on the bone Starfleet Medical HQ San Francisco Fractures sustained in different occasions, at least two years prior
03JAN2383 Abrasion wound, back of right hand Brawl with classmate Regenerated C.A. Riley Military Academy Medical Services N/A
25OCT2384 Broken nose Brawl with classmate Regenerated Starfleet Medical HQ San Francisco N/A
25NOV2394 Deep puncture wound to vastus lateralis and medialis, aductor magnus, and biceps caput longum, right thigh Shuttle crash Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D Already tended to prior to regeneration
25NOV2394 Second degree burns, arms and torso CLASSIFIED Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D Consistent with old Earth “cattle prod”
02MAY2395 Deep puncture wound to vastus lateralis and aductor magnus, right thigh Holodeck accident Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D Holodeck safeties disabled, referred to counseling for followup
17SEP2395 Heart injury CLASSIFIED Fully functional Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D Already tended to prior to receiving treatment. Consistent with phaser blast in close proximity and excessive exertion
17SEP2395 Second degree burns in 45% of the body CLASSIFIED Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D N/A
17SEP2395 Third degree burns in 5% of the body CLASSIFIED Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D N/A
17SEP2395 Deep cuts in wrists and ankles CLASSIFIED Regenerated Starfleet Medical USS Dresden NCC-1837-D N/A

Psychological Records

At Starfleet Medical, Molly was under psychological therapy and observation from the moment she arrived through her teenage years. In the beginning she showed aggressive behavior towards anyone who wasn’t her sister and was said to be socially inept. She had a good response to the therapy culminating in her acceptance into Starfleet Academy. She still has difficulty trusting others and some issues regarding physical contact. As for her social ineptitude she tries to be as normal and kind as she can.

Molly was accepted into Statfleet Academy under the condition that she was to be kept under regular psychological observation for the length of her Starfleet service. She is required to see a Starfleet licensed counselor at least once per month (or more regularly if deemed necessary by the counselor following her case). Holloway’s records show that she fulfilled this requirement up until she was relived from the USS Turing.

Her first and only counseling appointment after the Turing was in 2395. It was booked by her Commanding Officer, Colonel Calvin Harris, after a particular vicious run in with the Jem’hadar and a particularly worrisome incident in the Holodeck. After this appointment, Holloway’s access to Holodeck programing was restricted, with her not being able to disable program safeties or access higher levels of her personal training program.

Between 2396 and 2397, after managing to avoid counseling appointments for another year due to the post vacancy on board the Dresden, Molly was diagnosed with PTSD and successfully completed months of Prolonged Exposure Therapy. This allowed her to deal with the strengthening symptoms left by two previous missions that the Dresden had gone through.

After moving to OED V in August 2397, Molly has not returned to therapy. As a civilian she’s not required to, however, as an undercover Intelligence Officer, her PTSD symptoms were deemed as ‘managed’ and she has been waived of the monthly counseling requirement, having instead to check in with Starfleet Intelligence’s own counselors once every two months.

Timetable of Molly’s counseling records:

Time Period Designated Counselor Location Frequency of Observation
FEB2376 - JUL2380 James Barnett (CDR) Starfleet Medical HQ San Francisco once per week
AUG2380 - JUL2384 Harriet Walters C.A. Riley Military Academy Counseling Services once per week
AUG2384 - JUN2388 Charles Wang (LT) Starfleet Medical HQ San Francisco once per week
JUL2388 - JUL2390 Naida Case (LCDR) USS Earheart once per month
JUL2390 - JUL2391 Ashton Young (LT) USS Montgomery once per month
JUL2391 - FEB2392 Ashton Young (LT) USS Turing once per month
JUN2395 Catherine Nunn (LCDR) USS Dresden once, requested by Colonel Calvin Harris, CO USS Dresden
MAR2396 - AUG2397 Renveer (LCDR/CDR) USS Dresden once per week
AUG2397 - present Gabe Phillips (CDR) Starfleet Medical HQ, San Francisco, Earth once every two months

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– OED V –
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