Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: XO / Navigation Officer on USS Chernov
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Height: 5’11
  • Age: 30
Actions Available

Character Biography



  • Full Name: S’t’kal Pola T’Aria, DO
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Born: August 19th, 2233
  • Birthplace: Voroth Sea, Raal Province, Vulcan
  • Position: Executive Officer
  • Assignment: USS Chernov
  • Family

  • Zhi’Rev, father
  • T’Reni, mother (d.)
  • Irené Dekun, step-mother
  • Isaac Dekun, step-brother
  • Senet, brother (d.)
  • Tekav, brother (d.)
  • Y’cha, sibling
  • T’Lyra (Kawarda), twin sister (d.)
  • Evoras, brother
  • Physical Appearance

  • Species: Vulcan
  • Build: Athletic Slim
  • Hair Colour: Blonde, honey undertone
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Image: In Progress

    MBTI & Enneagram: INTP, 05 - The Investigator

    —Deliberate and forthright; prone to diligence and forethought before acting.
    —Objective and open-minded; slow to judge, but quick to consider abstract theories.
    —Down-to-Earth; interprets the world ‘as is’ versus ‘how it could be’.
    —Developed moral compass; holds steadfast to what she belives is ‘right’, even if it doesn’t align with standard procedure.
    —Inborn healer; follows a ‘how can I help?’ mentality, prefers to help people help themselves.
    —Loves fiercy; loyal and protective of her loved ones.

    —Innately sceptical of the world; believes everything must be scrutinised and thoroughly examined.
    —Detached and isolated; tends to favour stoicism and comparmentalisation.
    —Slow to trust; reserved and struggles to foster close camaraderie with coworkers. Can be misconstrued as a Vulcan superiority complex.
    —Intolerant; little capacity for indulging ignorance or bigotry, not above quips.
    —Oblivious; tends to think more than she speaks. Occassionally consumed with thought.
    —Candid; speaks with plain honesty, little regard for human emotion.
    —Irrational fear of whales; it’s safe to say a gormagander would terrify her.

    Medical History

    T’Aria is unremarkable by diagnostic standards. She maintains steady dietary and exercise regimens (she has a particular love for martial arts) and doesn’t entertain foolish or otherwise dangerous behaviour, unless necessary. She has a severe allergy to amoxicillin (and related medicines) and a moderate allergy to feline dandruff. This has been examined in close conduct with Catians, but a strong antihistamine and decongestant tend to allow for functionality. It is unspecified whether this has been observed with canines. T’Aria has her share of scars - specifically several near the lumbar region of her spine - but they are mended and cause minimal osteoarthritis. Otherwise, T’Aria is healthy.

    Nasal Numbing Agent – once daily – nasal sensitivity.
    Antihistamine – once daily – allergic dermatitis (preventive, canine + feline allergy).

    Mental History

    T’Aria presents with exceptional intellect with an uncanny aptitude for biological sciences. Her conscientious, judicious disposition offers somewhat of an advantage in diagnostic processes while contributing to an overall lacking bedside manner. T’Aria is notably level-headed, but multiple accounts have suggested she has unresolved trauma that engendered a deep-set fear of intimacy and emotional commitment. Resolute in nature and decisive in authority, T’Aria is capable of equal guidance and leadership. However, her general disregard for sentiment may foster a divide than a union with her colleagues.

    Basic History
    2233 – Haadok is born to T’Reni and Zhi’Rev in Raal Province, Vulcan.
    2234 – Enlisted to her grandparents’ care, Haadok is raised in a small coastal village.
    2246 – Remanded to a disciplinary programme for highly emotional adolescents.
    2248 – Completed the programme, slowly returned to society.
    2250 – Enrolled in the Raal Institute for Interspecies Studies; 2-year Medical Aide studies.
    2251 – Completed the Kahs-Wan Ritual, renamed T’Aria.
    2252 – Graduated; embarked on a one-year survey with the Tu’Pari, served as a Medical Aide.
    2253 – Elected to the Vulcan Medical Institute for general medicine upon recommendation by Major Sizhad and Captain Valkris.
    2255 – Participated in a student exchange programme with Starfleet Medical Academy.
    2258 – Enlisted to the field as an Ensign, served aboard the USS Harbinger.
    2259 – Transferred to the USS Chernov, Ensign.
    2260 – Promoted Lt. JG and named CMO.
    2261 – Promoted to Lt.
    2261 – September, emergently transferred to the USS Portland.
    2262 – For undisclosed reasons, T’Aria returns to Earth and begins command training.
    2263 – Promoted Lt. Cmdr. upon completion, reassigned to USS Chernov as XO.

    Detailed History
    Early Life: T’Aria was born the second of identical twins – Haadok and Kawarda – in Raal Province, Vulcan. Their mother was the executive officer of the Tu’Pari, while their father served as an intelligence operative for the V’Shar. Neither were present in the twins’ formative years.

    Haadok and Kawarda were raised in an environment that valued culture and education in equal measure. Like most Vulcans, their grandparents enlisted a hands-off parenting style that afforded them the liberty to develop a sense of self. But Haadok was a particularly volatile child who desperately needed the structure and support her family could not offer. Haadok’s grapple with logic and restraint subjected her to disciplinary action at school and home. Despite its disruption, Haadok’s turbulence imparted a high aptitude for performing arts. She was a gifted dancer and budding pupil in the practice of Suus Mahna, pursuits that would later prove therapeutic and crucial on her path to logic.

    Following an incident with a classmate, Haadok was remanded to a strict disciplinary programme at a monastery under Master Radzhek. She spent thirteen rough months in their care. Haadok was slow to trust the people around her, and she refused to fall in line with the others, fearing she would lose a piece of herself in the process. But it was either conform or risk exile. Tentatively, Haadok fell into the process, but she never once followed it blindly. Meditation, philosophy, the arts… Haadok slowly found a sense of self and, with it, a sense of control. She accepted that emotional purging was out-of-the-question but managed to acquiesce just enough to find a place worthy of Vulcan society.

    Haadok completed the remaining years of her education at home. She demonstrated a tendency toward biological sciences, excelling in organic chemistry and physiological studies. Though hampered by her internal struggle, Haadok pursued specialised courses (similar to A-levels) with the Raal Institute of Interspecies Studies at fifteen.

    Shortly after, Haadok undertook Kahs-wan alongside her sister, Kawarda. Refused the right to enlist each others’ help, the twins were separated and sent to survive ten days in the Forge. Harsh conditions prevailed. On the fourth day, an electrical sandstorm consumed the land, threatening to claim the life of anyone caught in the midst. Instinct urged her to take shelter. But the sound of a scream erupting just around the bend demanded otherwise. Haadok abandoned her instinct and pursued the victim. She found a boy hauling himself across the sand, his leg apparently broken and abdomen punctured by debris. Haadok knew her aid would cost them both their rite – Kahs-wan was a ritual of survival – but she couldn’t bring herself to leave him. Against the wind, she scrambled over and pulled her arms under his armpits, with a dull “You can thank me later..”

    Too weak to protest, she dragged him to a small notch in the rock, just large enough to shield them from the storm. Makeshift bandages born of tattered material and a splint consisting of fabric and a gnarled branch, Haadok managed to stabilise his wounds. But without the aid of a medic, there was no certainty he – Saros – would survive.

    The storm lasted three days. Without food or water – beyond tiny rodents – to aid Saros’ healing, Haadok couldn’t contribute more than intermittent wound checks and aid. His condition worsened. When the storm subsided, Haadok elected to guide (or carry) Saros back to the compound. The journey was long and arduous, leaving them both drained and nearly defeated by the Vulcan desert. But she managed to keep Saros steady enough to relieve him into medical care.

    Haadok’s actions rejected the rules set for by the Kahs-wan ritual. But her sacrifice and attention to the needs of another proved she was ready for the step into adulthood.

    At the foot of Mount Selaya, the matriarch of Haadok’s house – the S’t’Kal Pola – bestowed new names on Haadok and Kawarda. Haadok was named T’Aria, “for [her] unyielding persistence to preserve life in relentless conditions.” Kawarda was named T’Lyra, “for [her] keen survival skills and command over the land.” Both were granted the rite of passage and joined their ancestral line as full members of Vulcan society.

    Young Adulthood and Career: TBA


    Institution Degree Specialty
    Raal Institute of Interspecies Studies Medical Aide (eq. to CCMA) Patient Care
    Vulcan Medical Institute Medicine General, Holistic Medicine
    Starfleet Medical Academy (Exchange Student) Doctor of Osteopathy Cardiology
    Starfleet Command Training Command Command, Navigation - PASS


    Skill Subskills Proficiency
    Culinary Arts Voroth Cuisine, Vegan Semi-Proficient
    Martial Arts Suus Mahna Proficient
    Dance Traditional + Ballroom Proficient
    Language Vulcan + Federation Standard Fluent
    Language Romulan (1st) + Andorii Learning, n/a

    Important Posts!

    ‘A Strange Dilemma’ -

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