Eshrallias sh’Vheris

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Dresden
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 174lbs
  • Height: 6’4
  • Age: 31

Character Biography



  • Full Name: Eshrallias sh’Vheris
  • Gender: Shen
  • Age: 31 years
  • Born: October 15th
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Assignment: USS Dresden
  • Family

  • Eshrallias zh’Hyona and Eshrallias sh’Ynvos [Mothers, 58/59]
  • Eshrallias th’Jarvin and Eshrallias ch’Talliyhan [Fathers, 60/58]
  • Troy and Isadora Jenkins [Adoptive parents]
  • Mickey and Trixie Jenkins [Adoptive siblings]
  • Marital Status: unmarried
  • Physical Appearance

  • Species: Andorian
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair Colour: Ivory
  • Skin colour: Sky Blue
  • Eye Colour: Stormy Grey
  • Image: Vheris
  • Additional: a prosthetic foot
  • Personality
    This is not a woman you want to piss off. Vheris comes across with the general illmanner that most people associate Andorians with. She is a commanding presence, but has no desire to be the center of attention. Her mannerisms are quite stoic, as if she is incapable of emotion. However, unlike Vulcans, it is quite clear when she is angry or otherwise compromised, as it shows within her eyes. With a strong work ethic and a notable intelligence, she manages to fly by without too many of her abundant flaws showing.

    Medical History
    Vheris was born colourblind; she views the world in varying shades of grey. Additionally, she has auditory implants to compensate for lack of hearing which began to worsen when she was around 12 years old. This condition is believed to be genetic, or a result of deformities due to the lateness of her conception. She has naturally low blood pressure, and occasionally presents with tachycardia which is often attributed to her metabolism.

    Mental History
    Flawed. Vheris suffers from a sense of introverted anxiety, which is mended by her stoic appearance and snippy attitude. She is, therefore, on the high end of the sociopathic spectrum–meaning she is analytical and distant from others.. no, not the sadistic or hurtful kind of sociopath. She has suffered trauma in her past, but she chooses to keep to herself. Her lack of acceptance to her trauma has caused residual effects on her ability to maintain relationships and to trust others. Otherwise, she works to keep her mind sharp.

    Service Record
    [Sept. 2378] Joined Academy as a Science Cadet.
    [Sept. 2381] Cadet Cruise.
    [Jun. 2382] Graduated and placed on Fitzgerald as Ens.
    [May 2384] Assigned to the USS Jenson.
    [Feb. 2385] Promoted to Lieutenant (JG).
    [Jan. 2386] Promoted CSO of Jenson.
    [Dec. 2386] Promoted to Lieutenant.
    [May 2388] Joined 2yr Exploration of Dovarian Nebula.
    ([July 2388-March 2390] Authored papers and studies based on Dovarian Nebula.
    [June 2390] Assigned CSO of Academy ship Endeavour.
    [Apr. 2391] Relieved of duty, succeeded by Lt. (JG) Kanto.
    [Apr. 2391] Set out on an expedition to discover alternative ways in which life can thrive.
    [Late Apr. 2391] Science vessel was attacked – mission thereby concluded.
    [Late June 2391] Following recovery from injuries, Eshrallias was assigned to the USS Dresden as CSO.
    [Late June 2391] Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

    Personal History
    When you are born into a family of Imperial Guards, you learn to live on your own and become dependent on a single creature.. yourself. Vheris’ parents were each member of the Andorian Imperial Guard, whereas her Zhen mother and Thaan father were both stationed on the moon of Andorian, her Shen and Chan parents were both assigned to different warships. Despite having two parents on the planet, they were very rarely home. Work called to their senses and they had no time to travel in between the base and their residence, each day. For this reason, Vheris had to begin learning to fend for herself at about the age of nine or ten years old.

    Over the following years, she never gained any friends that were particularly close to her. She found that they were each too interested in ideals that simply didn’t impress her, thus she stayed away from the kids her age and the adults, as well. When it came time for her to meet her martial group, Vheris refused, claiming, despite being the one who would bear the children, that she was useless to them. She had no desire for love, no need for a relationship, and thus she never met them. Her parents were hysterical about the matter, but she could not bring herself to care. If they wanted to dictate her life, then they should have had been around when she was a child.

    At the age of fifteen, Eshrallias had completed her schooling in Andoria and had no further reason to stay. Thus, she left for the planet that most of her race considered dishonorable and cruel. Upon her arrival, she found residence with a Terran family who was willing to care for her so long as she would assist them in cleaning the house and working a job. Over that following year the oldest man of the family, a Doctor by the name of Troy Jenkins, found himself growing a bit irritated. Each time he would call for Eshrallias it took her three or more tries to come out to see him. For awhile he believed this was selective and a part of the fact she didn’t want to talk. That was.. until he realized she couldn’t hear anything when fireworks went off for the Fourth of July.

    Concerned for his boarding child, he took her into the doctors and they soon discovered that Eshrallias was almost completely deaf. Uncertain of what could be done, the man was certain that he wouldn’t let her go deaf, so, he ordered for her to receive implants, at least until she was able to finance the surgery to regain her hearing without them. Upon waking up that following day, Eshrallias was bombarded by the intense noises around her. She complained for days, well.. more like became distant and quiet, of migraines and earaches. None of her parents had known, over her fifteen and a half years of life, that Eshrallias was legally deaf.

    Over the following six months, as she got used to hearing, she became close to her new paternal figure. Through his guidance, she found interest within an organization that he called: Starfleet. He had been a Commander within it, but was now retired. Undoubtedly curious about this place, she sent in her application and was quickly enlisted into the Academy, with a word from her ‘father.’ Years passed and Eshrallias grew to become a respectable woman, despite being totally colourblind and faint of hearing. She became an officer of Science, where she works to this day. While she is a bit closed off, and distant, Eshrallias is a loyal woman, having learned most of what she needed from the Jenkins.

    Over her time as an officer of Starfleet, Eshrallias has written and co-written three papers on the bases of mathematics and astrophysics. She has been a member of two science expeditions, including one to the Dovarian Nebula and the second to the Pillars of Creation. In 2390, she was assigned science officer of the Endeavour, where she mentored cadets on their cruise prior to achieving their Ensign pip. Following her departure, she embarked on an expedition to the Pillars of Creation, which was cut off by an attack resulting in the death of 3/4ths of the Poseidon’s crew. Three months later, she was assigned to the USS Dresden where she resides as the ship’s science officer.


  • Starfleet Academy - Bridge Officer Training
  • Starfleet Academy -
    Mathematics (MA) and Astrophysics (75% PhD)
  • Starfleet Academy -
    Standard Scientific Training, with knowledge on basic Chemistry, Astrobiology, Anthropology, Physics, Quatum Mechanics, and Archaeology
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