Ta’lahali Akera Beveres

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Counsellor on USS Viking
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human (Kenyan)
  • Weight: 113lbs
  • Height: 5’3
  • Age: 26

Character Biography

Ta’lahali Akera Beveres
African American (Kenyan)
United Nations of Africa

M.D. of Psychiatry and Neurology
Starfleet Academy (6 years)

Medical and Mental Records
Truth be told, this Counselor has her own set of mental issues, which only makes sense, considering she is human. She struggles with anxiety and PTSD each day, yet successfully she hides this this from her patients. It is rare, now that she is older, that this acts up. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Ta’lahali was born premature, so she struggled with immune deficiencies and weakened systems for majority of her childhood. Though she eventually outgrew these issues, by exercising and building up her immunity. Now, she is far better.

Tal is neither tall nor short in her stature, as she stands at an almost average height. She has a dark hue to her skin, indicating that she is from a place to which receives immense amounts of sun. She has curly black hair, that is often put up in a neat bun. Her face is long, and her jawline is slightly rounded. She has dark brown, almost black eyes that can be thought of as an almost dark chocolate hue. Her body frame is neither thin nor overweight, as she has an almost athletic nature to her.

Elphaba, her pet Guinea Pig.

Tal isn’t very reserved. She loves talking to people and is always willing to be the open ears, if someone needs to rant or just needs someone to talk to, who won’t judge them. She tends to be a bit weird, making references to various things (mainly Frank Sintra songs) and other notions. She is very philophical, and can offer sound advice. That being said, she cannot sit still. At all. She experiences bouts of depression and PTSD from times when she was a cadet. However, she tries to keep them under control.

History of Ta’lahali
This woman was born in the United Nations of Africa, to a small family of three. Which consisted of her Father: T’Crey, her Mother: Lyratula and her brother: Lerion. This family lived in the heart of the African Civilization, having been modernized since the earlier years of this continent. However, she and her family remained away from the modernization of the city and preferred to remain in the outskirts, where they cultivated a small farm in southern Kenya.

She lived neither a simple nor difficult life, and one could note it to be rather normal. She had little friends, though she did have some. As of those some, they were good to her. Or, mostly.
The woman grew up with an uncanny infatuation with the stars, as the blazing entities of gas rested within the sky like small beacons of light, beckoning her to their place. Though, greater than her love of the stars, was her love of psychology. Mathematics and Physical Education; she cared little of. Social Studies and English; she aced, but not before basically pounding her head into the wall. Sciences; that was her A-game, her element. For, in sciences, she found refuge.. A place to seek beyond her ennui life, a place to find adventure and unknown.

There was, however, one time within her life that she will never forget. This era shaped her as a counselor; it taught her the way she works and her reasoning behind every decision she makes. However, this time is only explained if asked upon. Otherwise, it is a well guarded secret. Later graduating with nearly clean grades, a result of pressure from her parents and her own trained unwillingness to fail, she submitted her application to Starfleet Academy as a cadet. Soon, was she accepted at the age of seventeen. just a year under the normal age. Though, she did not officially go until she was eighteen. The reason behind this is simply: she didn’t want to go right after high school. After all, Tal was an adventurous soul who wished to experience the earth, before she was sent to the stars.

Her years at the Academy went academically well, she focussed her path upon Medicine, wishing to become a counselor. She easily aced most of her classes, having to go through trial and error with others. Though with that she did not understand, she inquired upon others. She found herself falling short in physical classes, as she was never much one for fitness, even with her hyperactivity. On the flip side, she faced advesity in many senses of the word. Tal was never good with relationships.. And for this reason she spent three of the five years she in the academy locked in an abusive relationship. As a result, she experiences bouts of PTSD and depression from that era of stupidity in her life. And if not for one of her lifelong friends, she would have never realized what was best for her.

Her social life was practically non-existent amid the chaos of her own studies and continued participation within the volunteering she loved to do, which was mostly an escape from her life. She never went to parties and lived a rather sheltered life, excluding when she had come over to San Francisco to go to the Academy. She worked steadily, finding any and every excuse to put in hours whenever she wasn’t at school. After all, she was hyperactive and needed the work to keep herself busy, otherwise, she would grow easily bored and restless.

At twenty four years old, having completed all of her classes and been officially sworn in by the Hippocratic oath; Ta’lahali became the Counselor she is today. However, that was not without its ups and downs. She faced several tumultuous times throughout her climb to the Viking. From traumatic cases, to losing patients, and the trust of those she was with. She made errors, grave mistakes that could have cost her the position she held. However, Tal learned to be a better person, to stop trusting her heart so willingly and actually listen to her head. If not for those events, she would still he naive and stuck in her hopeless heart.

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