Elizabeth Notta

Authored by Sara Rastellini
Biographic Information
  • Species: Atlantean
  • Weight: 125
  • Height: 5'6
  • Age: 38 (130)

Character Biography

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Race: El’Aurian/Human (Atlantean)

Hair Color: Fiery Red
Eye Color: Green

Physical Description



Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Christian Notta
Mother: Lilly Notta
Brother(s): Derrick Notta (34), Julius Notta (29)
Sister(s): Kairi Notta (25)
Other Family: Grandfather: Christopher Notta, Grandmother: Victoria Notta

General Overview

Headstrong and stubborn rushes headlong into whatever she believes is the right thing to do without thinking the consequences through.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: her ability to learn quickly and to fight for what she feels is right.

Weaknesses: Rushing into whatever she believes is the right thing to do can get her into trouble.


to never see another world destroyed like her own. from within by the very hands of the people that have tried to keep that world alive.

Hobbies & Interests

Swimming, reading, swordsmanship, and horseback riding.

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy - Engineering Student
USS Crazy Horse - Engineering Cadet to Ensign
USS Cortez - Engineering Ensign to Lieutenant(JG)
USS Kirk Engineer Lieutenant(JG)
Deep Space 10 Engineering Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet Academy Instructor Commander
Retired from Starfleet
Serenity Station Bartender and Lounge Manager

First In Class - Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Technical Ribbon of Excellence
Cochrane Medal of Excellence


Through human history, one mystery intrigued, people the most. The Lost Continent of Atlantis. Over the years and centuries there have been debates on the existence of Atlantis by 2017, Lewis Ashwal of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa found evidence of a three billion mineral on a young island giving more credit to a lost continent. Even to this day there are debates that Atlantis never existed was just the mad ramblings of a scholar, or that it was, in fact, another island altogether, even that it really fell beneath the surface of the waters that surrounded the island.

Some say that Atlantean’s were an advanced race both technologically and economically cut off from the rest of the world by barriers on all sides of the island that could not be passed on either side. In other words, no one crossed the mountains to enter or leave the island. With advancements in bioengineering and medical science.

Some say that Atlantean’s were actually an advance peaceful civilizations called the Minoans, these people lived in comfort with paved streets and sewers that were unheard of in an ancient world. Dedicated to art and the love of life where women were as important as men were and economically prospered, not just the wealthy few.

Whether by the Legend of Atlantis or the Minoans both legends end in tragedy. As the legend goes, the Atlanteans angered the gods causing them to strike back. The sky darkened and the seas churned, even as the ground shook. Fire shot out of the mountains and the water recede from the island’s beaches. The ground started to come apart, knocking down homes and buildings causing a panic among the people who have never felt the ground shaking beneath their feet before.

However, Jorah Notta, one of the circles of elders and planned for the time when he feared the calculations told him their world would end. Of the four elders three others had trusted Jorah enough to support his plan for a contingency should they need to leave their land. The fourth elder had tried to discredit Jorah wanting to take his place, however, when the land started to shake the people turned to Jorah for answers and salvation. Those that could not contain their fear fled in a panic.

Jorah Notta managed to gather his family and one hundred of his people onto a ship even as the lava shot into the air and the wave started to build. Atlantis did indeed fall below the waters, the lava and the earthquake, but not all Atlanteans joined their island below the waters.

They managed to get off the world that they thought was in the process of dying, and found a strange planet off the edge of the quadrant that looked like a ball of water with Land only taking up about 25% of the planet. Jorah Notta and his people found no life on the planet other than plant and sea life. Over the years while earth continued to progress the Atlanteans continued to rebuild what they lost, building cities under their vast oceans. Making sure to keep their planet healthier than the one they had left behind.

Centuries have passed since the Atlanteans have come to the water planet, they unlike on earth became explorers of the space around them. The Atlanteans formed a military guild to defend the scientists that insisted on exploring. Though the Atlantean’s never went far from their new home. There have been signs lately that the planet was in danger of falling apart. Scientists have been working to figure out the problem, except they still did not know how a planet containing mostly water held together.

They still protect themselves from outside influences by cloaking their world and keeping strangers at bay especially those they deemed to be less advanced than they were.

Born Stardate 2337 (2245)

Through evolution Atlanteans age slower than some races much the same as El’Aurians, who have been welcomed by Atlanteans, so long as they did not let known the existence of Atlantis. The day Elizabeth Notta the great great granddaughter of the elder Jorah Notta, who had saved as many Atlanteans as he could, was going to take her place among the science and military guilds to protect the plant was the day that the planet Atlantis fell apart. The buildings started to shake the city that they had built within the waters of the planet and along the surface with synthetic lands that created by the Atlanteans.

Elizabeth’s parents were scientists working to figure out why the core of the planet was sending out earthquake towards the water’s surface causing buildings and cities above and below to quake. Elizabeth’s Grandparents were the ones to get Elizabeth into an escape pod (that was also a stasis pod) to get her off the planet, should the science guild be unable to prevent the core from breaking down and the planet from coming apart. She would not be the only Atlantean to escape, but she would be the only pod to malfunction and go off course. The Atlanteans had planned to head further into the quadrant or leave the alpha quadrant altogether. Elizabeth Notta’s pod would end up heading in the opposite direction.

The Pod had been pulled through a wormhole and left floating into space leaving Elizabeth in suspended animation with protections to keep her from detection by hostile aliens that the Atlanteans found primitive in comparison. There had been few species that the Atlanteans had welcomed into their borders. Which sadly left quite a few that had been scanned as they passed through space closest to Atlantis and though may have noticed the scans has not found the location of Atlantis. The stasis pod was advanced enough to protect Elizabeth from these races. Leaving all that she had known behind had been hard for Elizabeth, she had not wanted to leave her world or her family, to begin with, but her grandparents had promised that they would be right behind her in a bigger pod. None of the escape pods had been big enough to hold more than one or two people. Most of the ships were off world and all they could do was send out a distress call to warn those ships of the planets imminent destruction.

Elizabeth’s Pod had crash-landed on Earth when she was still just 17 years old, it didn’t take Elizabeth long to realize she aged differently on this world than she would have if she was on, on Atlantis she would have a lifespan of 300 or so depending on her lifestyle. On earth she did not seem to age as quickly, it forced her to make certain changes to her information such as her date of birth when joining Starfleet. She couldn’t very well put that she was an Atlantean that so far did not age normally. Managing to integrate into the culture and the world she had found herself in Elizabeth had made friends, some she trusted, some she would have to move away and leave. She took on odd jobs and went to school to learn more about the world she found herself on.

Joining the Starfleet Academy and graduated at the top of her class Elizabeth joined the USS Crazy Horse was the first step into getting back into space. Mostly she was hoping to find any trace of her family or her people while working on starships that left the Alpha quadrant, unfortunately, not many of the ships went as far as her planet had once been.

Despite excelling at her job on the Crazy Horse and earning a promotion from cadet to ensign she didn’t exactly get along with the CEO on the USS Crazy Horse. Despite her intention to keep her own knowledge and age to herself, there were several orders that the CEO had given that actually would have hurt rather than harm the ship. Elizabeth had taken it on herself to go against the CEO’s orders and fix the problem rather than follow orders which saved the life of one of her fellow crewmates who followed orders. This actually caused Elizabeth’s transfer from the USS Crazy Horse to the USS Cortez.

Elizabeth had helped to redesign the warp core that boosted the ships warp efficiency that incorporated Atlantean technology that was made to look Starfleet bringing the Cortez to warp 9.9 smoother than the original design using a dual-core rather than a single core. This also caused less wear and tear on the space within the warp bubble. This also earned Elizabeth a promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The Young Officers’ career on the USS Kirk was short lived after The incident with Michael Stout punching the Fleet Commander in the face she hadn’t agreed with the disciplinary hearing that had taken place and had requested a transfer to the next available posting off of the USS Kirk. This was not picked up right away and her post on the USS Kirk remained for the time being. Elizabeth hadn’t realized it at the time that her request hadn’t even been entered into the system. So Elizabeth went over the chain of command to put the transfer request in herself.

When Elizabeth’s request for transfer was picked up, it was done so by Deep Space 10 and by none other than Michael Stout himself, she hadn’t realized that he had remembered her or that she had left an impression. Having given up the thoughts of finding a member of her family or a member of her race Elizabeth had content herself to climb the ladder to Chief Engineer of the Station after Michael had moved on to his next position.

Growing weary of space Elizabeth had returned to Earth to teach for two years at the Academy where she molded the minds of young engineers and captains to be but it was too easy. There was no challenge in teaching what she had always considered being out of date tech when her own world had been far more advanced technology wise. She hadn’t intended to return to space or Starfleet to be quite honest when she retired from the Academy facility that she had taught at for two years.

A bad break-up, that Elizabeth should have known never to have entered into in the first place had her on the first shuttle to a new job. Not as an officer, as a Bartender and Lounge manager of the Serenity station. This would be a change for her and something that sparked a bit of interest.

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