Qezimora Xanrae

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Species: Bolian
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Height: 5’7
  • Age: 21

Character Biography

As most Bolians, Mora has a bald nature to her entire body. She has dark azure skin, with royal blue stripes springing from a single that runs from her forehead, back to the base of her neck. She has the characteristic crease that seems to split her face into two different hemispheres. Average in stature, Xanrae is neither short nor tall and has an athletic stature.

At first glance, this Bolian is unnaturally quiet and reserved. She tends to be a follower, often looking towards the leadership of the brightest person in the room. She is calm fire, intellect being the only weapon that she could use. While being incredibly honest, she often is too cautious to bother speaking her mind, even when it is better to do so. Well equipped to do her job, there is little difficulty in that area. However, she tends to be far too skittish and anxious in appearance, to offer a grand bedside manner.

Medical History
Her species is not generally the best when it comes to the physique. They tend to have a lesser prowress and an incompetent ability to keep up stamina and endurance. This is no different for Mora. She normally works out each day, for a short time, to maintain a healthy stature and not allow her physical incapabilities lead to obesity or otherwise. Thus far, it has kept her in an athletic stance, rather than chubby.

Mental History
Mora has a medical mind. She is great at analysing the issue, and finding possible solutions or answers to the problem. Her mind is sharp, although she suffers from ADD, which is her reason for occasional fidgeting and her inability to sit or stand in one place, without occupation, for too long. Along with her ADD, is tonedeaf, and sometimes doesn’t hear someone when they speak too softly.

Mora has more to her story than her nature might suggest. Born and raised by performers, her mother an accomplished actress and her father a chef, they often traveled. It was not uncommon for Mora to see three different homes in a single year, due to the rather nomadic nature of her parents. They would hop from planet to planet, base to base, colony to colony, and so forth. This constant movement raised Mora to become an adaptable person, who could change based on her surroundings, based on whatever she knew would be best for her situation.

This came into hand, when she was fifteen years old, just a few years before her application to a college. During one of her mother’s performances, she and her father were out and about aboard the ship they were keeping lodgings on. In return for their assistance in transport to another area on the ship’s designated path, her mother (and the group they were travelling with), had promised the crew a fine performance of Medea, a commonly known Greek Tragedy, mastered by actors and actresses of profound theatrical abilities. During their adventure about the decks of the ship, they were met with a Ferengi man, one who was incredibly displeased with her father, for they had gotten into a henious argument the morning prior, resulting in the offense of the Ferengi.

Without warning, the Ferengi attacked the man, right in front of Mora. And without being of much physical prowess, it was difficult for the woman to respond. Calling for help, she was silenced by phaser fire to her left arm, which could have easily been fatal. Screaming and kicking, she reached to help her father, who was doing his damndest to fend off the Ferengi attacker. Managing back to her feet, she leapt over to the Ferengi man, kneeing him, throwing punches, despite having no understanding of combat. Thrust against the bulkhead, she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, she was overlooked by a doctor.. And another Bolian woman, with grave news.

After the death of her father, one she felt in partial responsibility for, she had lost the spiffiness she was one known for. For many days, she refused to eat and drink, the depression too great of losing someone she looked up to, as greatly as she had, her father. Nyndra, her mother, decided that it would be best to retire from her career as an actress, at least until she could help her daughter out of the state she had come to be in. Settling down from her nomadic life, Nyndra and Mora took up position on a colony, not far from the planet Earth. For the following years, Mora was lost. She did not feel the same need to please people, not the same wish to find the smiles dancing across their faces. Instead, she was met with a life of indifference, of apathy.

Nearly dropping out of school, when she was sixteen years old, only months from graduation, her mother knew she had to do something for a change. Forcing her into finishing her school, Nyndra sent Mora away from the summer, to live with her aunt and uncle, who were home on their planet: Bolarus IX. What Mora didn’t know about the deal, was that Haiwaiti and Jyndaras were not only taking care of Mora, until she chose to move on with her life or finally apply to college, but they were going to emerse her into her culture. At first, Mora was reluctant, feeling that any connection to her culture, the one her father was so fond of telling stories about, would only worsen the pain she was going through. And it wasn’t until her uncle pulled her aside and spoke to her, that she actually chose to do anything about it. For, one day, when she was moping in herself, Jyndaras chose to do something about it. Marching into her room, he called her aside, and said:

“We all have pain. We each have something that nags at our brains all of our lives, no matter what we do to get rid of it. But it is out job to pull out heads out of our assess and realise that this pain, is only going to bring you down. It isn’t your fault that your father was killed in that skirmish. But it is your fault that you’re ruining every chance you have to learn something valuable here. Every chance to have a family. It’s your choice whether you want to keep wallowing in self pity, or stand up and do something about it.”

Ever since that day, Mora changed. She began to recognize the pain to be a sense of drive for her, something that gave her an incentive. She used it as power, finally able to come over the depression and guilt that rested around it. This took several months upon the Bolian homeworld, where she was given no contact beyond it. Emersed into the culture of the people, their natures and history, she was successfully revived from a world of sickly depression. Happiness, after those few months, had slowly start to come back.

And when she left, she finally had something that was worth living for. At first, Mora knew it was a risk, a possible liability to follow the dream that had begun festering throughout her time on Bolarus. However, the more she saw the people, the more she noticed those who were sick and the gracious doctors who assisted them, the more she realized how much she wanted to help. She could not ever fend off someone from an attacker, and that was proven by the fight that took her father’s life. However, those doctors, the ones who got to her, may have just saved her. So, if she couldn’t defend them, she wanted to heal them. Feeling, deep down, it was almost her civic duty to do so.

However, Mora hated being confined. She hated feeling trapped in a single area for too long, which meant that she couldn’t join medicine on her homeworld. Searching for an answer to her nomadic ways, it was brought to her attention that Starfleet may have been an option. And with great deliberation with her mother, it was decided.. Applying for Starfleet academy, at the age of sixteen, nearly seventeen, she was accepted and spent the next four years practicing and learning the practice of medicine. Now, a graduated woman, Mora is chasing dreams, while perhaps still an introverted person, aboard the Starship Chimera.

MA in Epidemiology and Pathology
BA in Surgical Medicine
Trained in: General practitioning, xenomedicine, cardiology, etc.

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