Heather Argeneau

Authored by Sara Rastellini
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineer on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Altered Atlantean
  • Weight: 125
  • Height: 5'6
  • Age: 268 years old looks 25

Character Biography


Name: Heather Argeneau
Age: 25
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Eye Color: Silvery green

Race: Altered Atlantean

One of the biggest mysteries that still exists even to this day was the story of Atlantis. Had Plato really made the story up back in 360 BC or did Atlantis really exist surrounded by mountains and separated from the rest of the world? For more than four thousand years Atlantis has been a myth or mystery to most people. Well, I did say most people.

However, Heather Argeneau was not one of those that believed that the lost island or city of Atlantis was a myth or a mystery that would one day be proved once and for all if it were real or simply made up. Because Heather Argeneau can trace her bloodline all the way back to the very City in Question.

Back before the volcano and the flood that had wiped out the land of her ancestors, Atlantis had been a thriving city. Far more advanced than the world around it. Because of the mountain that surrounds the island, the Atlanteans did not venture from their city. In fact, they preferred it that way. Really for the citizens had heard horror stories that the world beyond their own was savage and cruel. They would meet death before they met salvation it would seem.

Sometime around 1600BC, the island was hit with an earthquake powerful enough to split the mountain. This caused the volcano to erupt, however, an after shock struck the island a second time. This caused the island to sink below the waters. It was sad that some may have escaped to the stars. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of this recovered. After all, the island no longer existed.

Before the fall of Atlantis, the thriving city had created a new form of medical treatment. Away to prevent evasive surgery that could potentially kill the patient. Instead, scientists had created tiny microscopic machines to do the work for them.

These scientists mixed nano technology with bioengineering. Once injected into the blood stream it had been meant to cure cancer or destroy viruses with in the host. unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the nanites had been injected that the scientist had learned of an unexpected side effect.

See the body is constantly under attack. Not just from disease or cancer, but from pollution, sunlight, even aging itself harmed the body. These nanites saw the damage being done and repaired it essentially keeping the host body at its peak physical form. Unfortunately, the nanites used more blood than the human body could produce and the Atlantean’s treated with the nanites needed daily blood transfusions.

Now, this was not a problem while in Atlantis. However, when Atlantis fell beneath the waves only a handful of these Altered Atlanteans survived. Finding themselves in a world that was nowhere near advanced as they had come from. There were no blood banks to supply the blood they had needed to sustain the nanites repairing their bodies. In some, the nanites evolved these Atlantean’s to be the perfect predators.

Their eye sight became sharper at night, allowing them to avoid the sunlight. They were faster, stronger, could slip into the minds of those around them. Wipe the very existence from memory if they needed to. It was dangerous to feed on once person or risk being found out so they had to spread the feeding out so no one would notice. Once the advent of blood banks had once again become available it was easier for these ‘Vampires’ or ‘Immortals’ - as most of the older ones preferred to be called - to exist.

Personal History:

Heather Argeneau had been born in the year 2125. She was from a line that dated back centuries. Her Great Great Great, however many times Great Grandfather and Grandmother had been born on Atlantis. They had some how survived the fall of Atlantis to live among the less advanced civilization that she and her husband had found in Europe.

There were rules in their society the first and most valued rule was that they kept themselves hidden. That the humans did not learn of their existence. Otherwise, they would be hunted for the very thing that makes them different. The nanites swimming through their blood. The second rule was no biting unless it was an emergency and you could not get to a supply of blood.

So why would an immortal want to go to the one place that would make it ten times harder to get that blood? Not to mention ten times harder to hide who she really was from those around her?

Heather wanted to see more than what the world had to offer. She knew her family would disapprove, maybe even lock her up until her madness passed. But she had to see for herself what it was like.

so she joined Starfleet Academy.

Her medical file was completely falsified, the blood on file was not really hers, but if she let them have her real medical history. She knew she would end up a science experiment rather than a member of the crew.

She could not let the existence of her people be known to anyone

Reading, Riding, climbing, singing, swimming, scuba diving, and anything else she could learn to do that peaked her interest.

Proving to her family that she could keep her secret even in space.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Stubborn pride and pig-headed enough to do what she probably shouldn’t.

Medical note:
Acute Transporter phobia has been medically refused Transporter access

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