Isaria Thavos

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Head of Education and Culture on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Height: 6'0
  • Age: 33

Character Biography

First Name : Thavos
Last Name : Isaria
Mothers : Isaria Shiavik (Alive), Isaria Kelin (Alive)
Fathers : Isaria Mikil (Alive), Isaria Lupel (Deceased)
Brother : Isaria Vekhmen (Deceased)
Occupation : Anthropologist

Thavos is a tall and semi-muscular woman. She has an athletic body structure, and is far from a diminutive being. With a sky blue hue to her skin, it is offset by the piercing grey nature of her eyes. Her hair is a long, curly white. Two antennae protrude from the front of her forehead, and curve upwards. She does possess several hidden tattoos, which bear indication of who she was, before the awakening. However, she keeps those well hidden.

While her gaze is often ridden with the common ill-manner of the Andorian people, her face slick as the ice of her homemoon; Thavos is anything but cruel and conniving. She is a serene creature, who enjoys her time alone and occasionally with a select few others. While she is an introvert, Isaria does sparsely enjoy social excursions. Especially when it has to do or is pertaining to, history and archaeology. She is a soft souled being, but beware: Isaria does not know who she truly is.. And sometimes uncharacteristic spurts come about. She finds she is a disgrace to her people.. Until she is angry.

She has a cat. Aaron Purr. He has a tendancy of just.. Disappearing.

Medical and Mental History
Thavos has no noted medical apprehensions. Which is understandable, seeing as she cannot recall before her twenty fourth year. This being said, she does have a few unexplained scars that run down her stomach and across her chest. As though she had been sliced open for some odd reason. She has several signs of broken bones and her body shows indications of alteration in various ways.

Mentally, there does not seem to be anything wrong. Aside from occasional anxiety or panic attacks. There seems to be no reason for this, and Counselors have commented it could be a PTSD symptom. However, from what is not to be determined. With her partial amnesia, it is difficult to know much about the woman. Insomnia is also very common for her, and she is often plagued by vague nightmares about her past.

Personal History
Classfied History; unknown to Isaria
Isaria Thavos was born a martial group of four, as the first born of to be two children. Her parents? They were all thugs, lowlives who spent their time gaining just a little extra dough. How this was done? Well, by several mediums. Some included hijacking, others were theft, and sometimes even the ocassional kill, if that person possessed truly what they wanted. Yet, Thavos was hardly raised by her parents. They were often evasive, and tended only to be home on select dates throughout the month, which left the young Zhen go fend for herself.

With her parents often at work with their hardly respectable deeds, or tending to their duties as members of a low-class organization of criminals; Isaria often had the time to wander. It was when she was roughly seven years old, that she had wandered too far from her place within the city of Andor, and out into the subterranean caves. It was in this time, that a Thaan man and one of his mates discovered her, and noted a potential within the young, clueless child.

Her parents completely uncaring, they never quite noted the disappearance of their only daughter. For months following, a young boy was born.. As if to replace their now faded memory of the girl they had initially concieved. During this time, Thavos was used for various experiments by the Andorian captors, and several other species of people who were in on the testing. Over the next several years, they attempted to figure out how to enhance the stamina of the ever-weakened Andorian body, while not depleting the strength.

As time wore on, they trained Thavos to be stealthy and effective. In effort to create the perfect Andorian, they found that Isaria as not adequate for their purposes. She waa far too curious and wasn’t much a fan of their constant testing, nor their questions. Being an unreliable source for their testing, they decided that it was best that any recollection of those seventeen years, was to be wiped from her mind. For they did not want her going off to the authorities, reporting their testing. And even further so, they did not wish the Andorian to be aware of her (failed) enhancements; that will shorten her lifespan due to her body’s rejection of them.
Thus, just before 24th birthday, the scientists concluded it would be best to have a strong telepath to come in and force a blockade over the memories of the horrendous tests, strenuous exercises and fruitless attempts at a better person. So, from that point on, she would no longer know anything more about her past, than the fact that her name was Isaria zh’Thavos, and she was a quirky Andorian.

Age 24 and Beyond

Little is known about this enigmatic Andorian. Aside from the fact that she is of the Isaria Clan, and bears the name of several Andorians before her. Her parents were found by her DNA tests, however efforts to contact them have been everything aside from fruitful. It is likely that one, or both of them, were kill at some point prior to the “Awakening.”

The Awakening is what Thavos and her doctors refer to, when they are speaking of the last moment that Thavos can remember clearly. That moment is waking up in a white room, hooked up to various things, and a few men and women- of debatably different species, around her. It is not likely she was anything important, and instead just a normal person chosen by these people.

With no recollection of who she was prior to the Awakening, Thavos was forced to find a new life for herself. It took a little over a year, to finally settle on something that would allow her to move past her unknown past and form a future that did not revolve around it. To this, the Andorian found that she adored all to do with enlightening people. She also loved the different ways that cultures worked. How some did something one way, and an opposing- another way.

Taking this love for both Teaching and Culture, she attended a college (which it became clear that she was trained to a mid-college level). At this college, she received her Masters in Education, and her Masters in Anthropology With a Bachelors in Philosophy and a Bachelors in Sociology While it seems like man years of schooling, it was only eight. Which is why she just got her first job executing these skills upon the Colony Oed V

While it is unknown what monsters and demons from her last will pop up here and there, Thavos can look forwards to a (hopefully) bright future. However, the universe is a cruel place.. There is always chance for disaster.

Following her first year in a civilian head position at Oed, Isaria decided to pursue the path of education. Culture was a fine art she had been tuned for since her awakening, but in education she had little more than the knowledge bestowed upon her by experience and research. Consequently, she has begun taking up classes in higher education.

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