Auzria Voq

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Scientist on USS Wolverine
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Trill (Unjoined)
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Height: 6'0
  • Age: 40

Character Biography

Name: Auzria Voq
Children: Obiah Torrirs

Auzria is a unique appearing Trill. She suffers from a type of vintiligo, which changed the dark nature of her spots to a paler tan. With her skin already being an moca brown, it doesn’t seem entirely out-of-place, but definitely isn’t normal. She had dark, ebony eyes that go along with her curly mess of hair. Standing at 182cm (6‘0), she isn’t exactly of the short variety.

Auzria is a strong minded woman, with a mouth like the tumultuous waves of the Kenyan coastline. She is outspoken, and unafraid to speak exactly what is on her mind. Especially if it has to do with the severity of a situation. However, Auz has a problem with controlling her mouth, which generally damns her. Beyond that, she is rather intellectual and takes pride in her knowledge of scientific aspects. Though is well aware of her social ineptitude.

Mental Status
Voq has been through a lot within her life, mostly caused by her own stupidity or her own naivete. Over time, she gained a nature of common sense, and began acting more on that rather than her impulses. While still working on that, she is showing better mental health. Her largest issues, are suffering from dyslexia and ADD.

Medical Status
It doesn’t seem that there has been much harm done to the physical body of this Trill. She has a few scars here and there, denoting the experiences that she has gone through. Despite having to have her foot (ankle and below) replaced with a mechanic prosthetic, she is in fairly good health.

Service History
Auzria was recruited to Starfleet Academy in 2372, where she studied to become a scientist. Graduating in 2376, she was within the top 20% of her entire class, and within the top 10% for science. From which, she specialized in chemistry and physics. In 2278, she was promoted to Lt. j.g. For three years, she held this rank, managing to get promoted to Lieutenant by 2381. Four years later, she was made the CSO and 20 of the Vermillion, as a Lt. Cmdr, in 2285. Here she remained got another two years. However, nearing the end she made brash decisions while leading away teams, twice getting officers killed. In addition to this, her questionable past didn’t help. After defying General Order One on an away mission to an underdeveloped planet, by influencing them and drawing a phaser in front of a native. In a trial against herself, she tampered with the evidence, thus getting accused of the obstruction of evidence. She was demoted to Cadet and forced back to the Academy, where she would have to go through another process, unless she wanted Court Martial and Dishonourable Discharge. It was only recently that she finally gained enough trust to be put back on a starship. Now, she better not screw it up.

Personal History
Auzria was very much influenced by the people around her. She was born to a family where her mother was an Ex-Starfleet officer, having been discharged due to her defiance of order and inability to follow procedure. Whereas her father was the common hacker, who worked behind the shadows, hardly ever caught. Both of them weighed heavily upon the person she became in the long run. Especially, since she was not born on Trill. However, when she was seven, both of her parents were finally caught and thrown into prison. Thus, she was given to her Aunt, a joined Trill on the said planet. In the following years, her engrained mind slowly began to change and she was able to come back from what her parents had instilled upon her.

In her younger years, she thought it would have been a good influence upon her person if she were to gain a symbiont. Thus, she applied in order to be the host of one. Though, throughout the application process, she got into trouble around the area which she resided in. This vetoed her application, immediately putting it under denial. Therefore, she has no symbiont and instead adopted the name of her aunt’s, to make it easier for those around her.

There came a time, when Auzria grew bored with the Trill planet. While is had been over ten years prior, she missed what little she could remember of the exciting lives that her parents sported. Though, she had no intentions of becoming them. Thus, began her search for trying to find somewhere that she could experience adventure, but not become a convict in the process. It was then she discovered Starfleet. She knew that joined Trill were often ambassadors to the Federation, so she didn’t see why it would be odd if an unjoined Trill wished to join Starfleet. Submitting an application to join science, due to her hidden love for the subject, she was accepted.
In her years at the Academy, Voq got into a skirmish here or there. Generally is was about the xenophobia towards her culture, or some snide remark that a student made. She held several reprimands, but simply because a Professor by the name of Hamish believed in her, she was allowed to stay. She could say how many times she had received speils from the professor, about how she needed to change. And while she listened, they only made it partially through her once naive skull.

-At a young age, Auzria drew pregnant after a one-night stand. During this period, she continued her studies, facing ridicule for her foul choices. Several months later, she gave birth to a Trill female, whom she named Obiah. However, the girl was ripped away from her, when she was determined inadequate to care for her. For several years, the maintained no contact, and Auzria was blamed for this in the eyes of her daughter.-

After she graduated from Starfleet, surprising professors with her competent marks, she was first assigned to the USS Machiavelli, as a science Ensign. It was here that she edged further and further from ever assuming the natures of her parents. Over the following years, Auzria passed through several ships. Until, she was finally placed on the Vermillion with the rank of Lt. Cmdr. And position as CSO and Second Officer. It was in those years that things went down hill. In 2287, she led an away team which ended in several officers getting killed. At first, the Captain took it as mistakes on her part, and had her spend the next six months observing other, subordinate officers, lead away teams. This annoyed her to no extend, as she began to understand why her parents liked living outside of the system. In that same year, edging towards 2288, she led another set a mission. She and her group was ordered to observe a culture. However, due to the imbicy of one of the Ensigns (which she failed to control), it turned to a near battle between them and the natives. In an act of impulse, she drew her phaser in attempt to protect her team and scare off the natives. It didn’t work, and half of her team was killed due to her stubborn will not to comm for help or accept defeat. She was placed in the brig due to her disobedient actions, ignoring the orders of her CO. Prior to her hearing, she was allowed to be in quarters, where she tampered with evidence, having no desire to be imprisoned. This was caught, and she was accused of the obstruction of evidence, involuntary manslaughter and accused (later debunked) second degree murder.

She was given the choice to be court martialed and Dishonourable discharged or thrown back to the Academy with bad marks, reprimand and strip of all rank and titles. In a act of preserving some of what little honour she had left, Voq chose the latter and returned to the Academy. It was here that she truly began to shift her ways. She recognized her own naivete and realized, that her actions were not acceptable. It was hard to be able to mend the ways of a broken mind. As she spent the time between her suspension, finishing degrees at Cambridge for science. However, with the time she spent there, she was able to begin to understand what it meant to be an officer. Now, as she has finally (after many long meetings and fighting), been allowed to rejoin a starship. She was assigned to the Wolverine, for its dangerous nature. Yet even then, she is walking the line between remaining an officer and being discharged.

Degrees (Pre-Post Starfleet; Cambridge)
PhD in Astronomy
PhD in Physics
MA in Ecology
MA in Chemistry (molecular engineering)
Major in Astrophysics (Starfleet)
Minor is Microbiology/Biochemistry (Starfleet)
Accumulated over 20yrs.

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