Miranda R. Sheridan

Authored by Sam Haynes
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 36
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Character Biography

Full Name: Miranda Rachel Sheridan

HT: 1.75 m (5‘9”)
WT: 65.77kg (145 lbs)
EY: Dark Green;
HR: Dark brown, Thick; medium/shoulder length
SK: lightly tanned
Ethnicity: Caucasian

DoB: 2/28/2360 (Terran calendar)
Age: 36
Religion: None;
Citizenship: Terran, United Federation of Planets;
Languages: Terran Standard (native speaker), Japanese (Conversational), Russian (basic knowledge), Vulcan (basic knowledge),
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Parents: Thomas Sheridan, Allison Sheridan
Siblings: Andrea Sheridan - Full sister
Place of Birth: North America

College: 2383-2387 Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;
Rank at Graduation: Cadet Lt.
Major: Astronomy, Stellar Cartography & Astro-navigation
Minor: Stellar Phenomena
Extra Curricular Activities: Chess club, Katsujin-ryo Shotokan Karate Club (included iaijutsu, kendo, and goshinjutsu), Creative Writing Club, One-Act Theater
Awards: Bay Area Martial Arts Open - 2nd Place Kendo, 3rd Place Women’s Sparring, 2nd Place Katas, Prodigious Science Award - Micro Solar Fusion Simulator Project, Stratosphere Award (For experimental work with gravitonic shielding)
Extras: Navigation - Single and small ships, Navigation - Starships, Piloting singleships & small vessels , Piloting Starships,
Career Summary

Raised in Topeka Kansas by her parents, Miranda was never one to keep less than one eye on the sky, literally, or figuratively. With that being said, there was always a desire to travel and explore. This had been nurtured for some time by old movies and holoreels. Because of those same things she had gained an interest in martial arts, action, adventure and more. When she joined Starfleet after highschool it was exactly what she had hoped for. It was challenging, exciting, educational, and more. Some speculated she would turn her eye towards becoming a Tactical Officer, and indeed she did score well in basic training, as well as extracurricular activities that had to do with combat. But it was her love of the stars, sciences, and so on that finally brought her into the Science division.
While there she excelled in Astronomy, Physics, and all things related, and found she was enthralled by the forces and motion of heavenly bodies. The fury of stars burning through their lives, the violence of super novas, and the crushing merciless power of black holes, and the wild, unfettered nature of wormholes and more. So it was that she became a Science Officer. Come graduation she found her first assignment would be to the Draco. It was a Maverick Class, a powerful ship of the line and prestigious, but it was light on the science side. With her varied training, and desire to explore and for adventure it seemed like an excellent post to be called to. There weren’t many science officers on board, so should the need arise for her expertise, she could only hope that her skills would be up to par.
Colors: blue, amber, indigo, red
Pet: felines
Movies/Holos: Martial arts, action, adventure, drama
Books: Fantasy
Favorite Subject: Music
Hobbies: Sparring, Art, movies/holos or holodeck time, chess, poker, diary/journaling
Music: New Age, Electronica, Rock/Metal, Classical

Blood Type: B+;
Vision: 20/20
2365 - Treated for nearsightedness (Age 5)
Suffers from frequent migraines, being managed by injections through Starfleet medical services (Sickbay) - Diagnosis inconclusive, may be a combination of factors.
2388 - Treated for facial fracture - broken nose, micro fractures of orbital bones and micro-tears in the frontalis muscles
No other major medical history - Last updated 11152088
Orientation: Bi-sexual (active)

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