Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Position: XO on USS Europa
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 154.3 lbs/ 70 kg
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Age: 46
Actions Available

Character Biography

Race: Vulcan
Sex: Female
Age: 46
HT: 5’6”
WT: 154.3 lbs/ 70 kg
EY: Dark Brown eyes
HR: Dark Brown
SK: Butter Cream (Asian)
Ethnicity: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Vision: 25/20
DoB: September 1, 2359 (Virgo)
Religion: N/A
Citizenship: Vulcan Citizenship (Brought on thanks to an officer exchange program)
Languages: Federation Standard and Vulcan

Birth Order: Youngest
Marital Status: single (widow)
Children: None
Surviving Relatives (Immediate):

Sivr Slyc-97……………………………Father (Vulcan) [Vulcan Science Academy, mentor-Vulcan]
Savel Slyc-53 ……………………………Sister (Vulcan)[Vulcan Science Academy, student-Vulcan]
Lafeen Fekl-50……………………………Brother-In-Law(Vulcan) (Vulcan civilian-Vulcan]
S’Rac Fekl-5……………………………Nephew (Vulcan) [Vulcan civilian-Vulcan]
T’Par Fekl-5……………………………Niece (Vulcan) [Vulcan civilian-Vulcan]
V’nyn Slyc-67 ……………………………Brother (Vulcan)[Vulcan Starship, Security Officer- Cesk]
Jopia Tufar-63……………………………Sister-In-Law (Vulcan)[Vulcan Starship, Medical Officer- Cesk]
Sikl Slyc-21……………………………Nephew (Vulcan)[Vulcan civilian-Vulcan]
T’Sir Slyc-14……………………………Nephew (Vulcan) [Vulcan civilian-Vulcan]
Kekec Slyc- 74……………………………Brother (Vulcan)[Federation Starship, Science Officer-U.S.S TBA]
Cassandra Slyc- 29……………………………Sister-In-Law (Human) [Federation Starship, CMO-U.S.S TBA]
Kivl Slyc-16……………………………Niece (Vulcan-Adopted)[Vulcan civilian-U.S.S TBA]
Jasper Slyc-7……………………………Nephew (½ Human and Vulcan)[Vulcan/Federation civilian-U.S.S TBA]

Place of Birth: A mining colony, population combination of humans and Vulcans.


Avik mostly meets the required standards expected in most Vulcans, her height is at precisely five foot and six inches tall and weight at a light 50 kgs. She keeps herself in good physical shape for various reasons from physical appeal to physical health, each important and logical to her mindset for a long life. Despite the good condition, she is considered petite by most of her associates. It is obvious she is made for quicker and less strength based movements rather than outright brute force. Being female, she has light curves along her hips and torso with a slightly narrower waistline under her tailored uniform. Her facial features seem to follow more the Eastern Asian descendent compared to more common European variety, with deep brown eyes with a slight epicanthic fold on the inside and medium length hair coming down a few inches beyond her jawline to her neck middle. While she’s in her middle forties, forty-five exactly, she appears to be much longer and in her early twenties. The human similarities stop there as her head is sided by the usual tapered point and upswept eyebrows.

When on duty, which is the norm for her, she wears the bright red of command with her pips on her breast. She usually ensures the tunic and slacks had the wrinkles ironed and boots fully polished, giving her a slight over tidy and professional look. Her medium hair is often pulled back into a short ponytail from her days as a chief medical officer where she often expected to perform anything from surgery to evaluations at a moment’s notice. Off-duty, a rarity, she tends to favor practical outfits with an oriental flair element to them.


T’Par and Sivr were both mated in a prearranged ceremony many Vulcan go through, resulting in Avik being the youngest of 4 children throughout the couple’s lifetime together. She was born while both parents were investigating geology pheromone upon a mining colony established by a joined effort from the Vulcan and human races. Upon learning she was pregnant, T’Par originally intended to give birth on their homeworld of Vulcan where medical technology was far superior and would increase the infant’s survival should complications surface. Due to biology and the unexpected, Avik was birth began almost a week before T’Par and Sivr had planned to travel back to Vulcan.

Unable to leave the current operation in its delicate state, it was logically agreed on that Sivr would remain for the rest of the duration while T’Par and her newborn would travel back to Vulcan to wait for him. Avik later learned Sivr’s performance could’ve been much better if he wasn’t thinking of his newborn daughter and their family back on their homeworld. Avik’s parents oversaw her education through the years making her childhood uneventful until her mother contracted Tuvan Syndrome around the age of 61. Most humans, upon learning of the disease’s results being degenerative and incurable, would’ve passed through grief’s stages and the homestead heavy with the emotions. However, this wasn’t the Vulcan’s way. There wasn’t any tears or emotional outburst from Avik as she silently observed the ongoings and mediated, her logic having great difficulty controlling her churning rage, sorrow and worse within.

With a diagnosed 10 years still to live before being euthanized, T’Par and Sivr decided to move back to the colony where Avik was born. Mainly to increase their daughter’s exposure to outside races and allow Sivr some stability to develop a place to finish out her childhood years. The experience was difficult since most of the colony’s population was made of humans and only a few Vulcans, making her a minority. Several conflicts naturally occurred with her as the physically injured party.

Gradually, her parents noticed her interest in medicine and requested one of the current Vulcan doctors, Serok, to mentor her in the profession. He accepted and that was how she met Salkr, his son, who would later become her arranged mate. They were mated when she underwent por fam at the age of 16 alongside his own. At the age of 21, she was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy under the medical division and her knowledge about her own races, and limited others was increased greatly. Meanwhile, her mate had enhanced his own knowledge through experience and worked several odd jobs from starship repair to trader’s assistance.

She was 27 when the Dominion War broke out causing Salkr and herself to volunteer for the military, knowing their skills better benefitted their goal this way. They were both assigned to the same ship, the Venur, as no one knew how long this war was to last and it was sensible to prepare for the worst. Avik served as a Junior Officer while Salkr went to Engineering, each playing to their own individual strengths. Two years later, the clash ended but not before the Venur took a devastating blow and was stranded upon a moon of an uninhabited planet. Severe damage was done to the hull within Engineering which sucked out Salkr, his katra unable to be revived since Avik was within sickbay. What survivors remained worked on salvaging what they could and surviving until a human starship, the U.S.S. Kiser, arrived a few months later summoned by their distress beacon.

Since the war had broken out, many things were delayed in order to address more important matters. Among these things was her mother’s euthanization. Her other sister, T’Mirm, had been attending to their degenerating mother while she patiently waited for the release from her suffering. All the family had collected and witnessed the event while Sivr stood by her mother’s side, placing the contact on her should on the request until the chemicals ceased her bodily functions. Afterward, the family spent some time reflecting upon their mother’s life and exchanging their own information about themselves. Several months later Avik transferred to Starfleet Academy, determined to explore and enrich her knowledge through experience. Since most Vulcan ships had purely Vulcan officers, it made perfect sense that Starfleet would allow her to interact and treat crew members of various other races other than Vulcan.

She graduated from the academy at Lt. Cadet, among the top of her class, then was assigned to the U.S.S. Benedict Allen. Despite her experience on board with the Venur, she remained a Junior Officer under the human CMO, Diego Reade. He was a thirty-four-year man with a gentle nature, his compassion for helping all creatures shined in his actions and was something Avik appreciated. Sadly, she couldn’t quite mimic it as well when it came to animals. At the end of her term, she was promoted to CMO and reassigned to the U.S.S Janus.

On board, she resumed a new six-year term service while commanding the officers underneath her. Her commanding officer noted her reliability and show of authority, gaining her a promotion during the last year of her term when the previous XO resigned. It was a temporary position as another officer was already considered but couldn’t officially take the position until he had finished training another for his previous position. This allowed her some experience with the position when the Europa’s XO position was available and a request was sent for a transfer, feeling the experience would be beneficial to explore the outer reaches of space.


High School: Vulcan Standard Courses and mentored under Serok, a friend of her grandfather.
Extra Curricular Activities: Medical Puzzles.
Awards: N/A

College: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;
Rank at Graduation: Lt. Cadet
Major: Genetics, Biomedical Sciences, and Anatomy Studies.
Minor: Neuroscience, Developmental Biology, and Bioengineering.

Extra Curricular Activities: (Academy) Chess of any sorts, but rather found of 21st-century rules.
Awards: N/A

Posts/Tours of Duty

  • #### - Location - Position, # of Tours

Served aboard the Venur-Cadet, 2366-8 (2 yrs)
Served aboard the U.S.S Benedict Allen-Promoted to CMO, 2363-71 (8 yrs)
Served aboard the U.S.S Janus-CMO then temporarily promoted to a XO, 2371-7 (6yrs) * Assigned to U.S.S Europa-XO, 2392 (?)

Colors: White, simple and shows no favoritism toward any of the other colors since by science’s definition it absorbs them all.
Pet: None. She doesn’t have a liking toward animals but does respect them. The same can’t be said for the animals.
Movies/Holos: Mysteries, Informational.
Books: Audio (Peace and War, Tactics, Books with a logical approach and informational in medicine)
Favorite Subject: Learning or information she lacks.
Hobbies: Listening to Audiobooks while performing other tasks, Working out in various methods.
Music: Classical, Non-Lyrical music


  • #### - Event/injury, treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events



Avik is odd for a Vulcan as she tends to eat a different source of food every day. She had found, strangely, her system adapts to changes in diets much faster when it continually being forced to eat a wide selection every day. However, she gives her system a day or two to adjust to the contents before moving onto the next batch. She prefers a vegetarian diet but has been known to eat meat easily and without hesitation, often including it in at least one meal a day. To prevent ill repercussions or illness, she’s had to take enzymes daily and after each meal which she’s grown used to.

Since Slkr, Avik has never again taken on another mate. However, she has gained a few casual partners which she used to satisfy her pot fam, making it possible not to require another mate. She never has devoted herself fully to developing them into full relationships since it logically didn’t make sense to do so and remains single.

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