Ashlynn Summers

Authored by Tyra Schroll
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 120
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Age: 33
Actions Available

Character Biography

Blonde hair
Hazel Green eyes
Father: David Summers
Mother: Heather Summers
Brothers: Andrew and Nathan Summers
Sister: Amber Summers
Ex-Husband: Gary Waters.
Daughter: Kaliona Alexxandria Waters 6 years old
Ashlynn is the middle child of David and Heather. Born on 14 February, in Port Gamble, WA. Ashlynn often found herself lost in the shuffle of her older brothers and her younger sister. Immersed in history, Ashlynn found herself able to wander the city and learn about her surroundings. Ashlynn attended local schools and had a small group of friends. Ashlynn found a place in the sciences and found that she liked working with people.
As a teenager, Ashlynn found a job with a local doctor as an office assistant. It was working here that helped Ashlynn decide that she wanted to go into medicine. The doctor allowed Ashlynn to borrow his medical text books and read them and then he would quiz her on the content. After graduating from high school, Ashlynn attended the University of Washington and graduated with a medical degree.
After college, Ashlynn joined Star Fleet and continued her studies there. Ashlynn was initially assigned to Star Fleet Medical before being assigned to a star ship. Her first assignment was aboard the USS Winslow, after spending three years
Additional Medical and Psychological Results during abscence from ship:
Patient Number: 0005326798
Patient Name: Ashlynn Rylen Summers
DOB: 14 February 2356
Diagnosis: Grade IV Glioblastoma and unspecified eating disorder
Initial presentation: Pt arrives in ED with active hallucinations and other visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and severe headaches. Initially thought to be psychiatric in nature, however after a psychiatric evaluation, it was determined the problem was organic in nature.
Pt underwent a battery of tests and it was determined that the pt had a grade 3 anaplastic oligodendroglioma. Further testing of the cells from the tumor indicated that it was malignant in nature. A full body scan determined that there were no other tumors at the time of diagnosis and that the tumor was isolated to the temporal lobe. Diagnosis upgraded to Grade IV Glioblastoma.
Scans revealed that the tumor was approximately 4 mm is diameter. It was determined by the medical team that surgery was the first course of action, followed by radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Surgery was scheduled for the next day.
Surgical notes: Tumor was on the anterior portion of the temporal lobe. The tumor was excised with only a small portion remaining that could not be removed due to it’s location. Radiation treatment following surgery was successful in removing part of the remaining tumor. During surgery, there was a mishap with anestheology, in which Pt went without oxygen for a period of approximately 4 minutes, once found it was corrected. There was no lasting effects noted. Pt. was transferred to Surgical ICU for extensive monitoring after surgery.
Medical Notes: Pt was subsequently treated with the following medications: Vincristine-2 mg/IV days 8 and 29, Temozolomide 200 mg daily, days 1-8, Lumostine, 130 mg on day 1 and then plus procarbazine 75 mg on days 8-21 plus vincristine 2mg IV on days 8 and 29; administer every 6 wk for up to four cycles. Pt continued to have moderate seizure activity and was given Klonopin 4mg per day.
After surgery, Pt had difficulty with speech and movements on the right side. Pt was enrolled in physical and speech therapy and has been successful in regaining full use of her right side and her speech is greatly improved. Pt does still have instances of inability to put words together. This will not affect her performance, it will be necessary that co workers be patient when she is not able to gather words. Speech therapy is recommended to continue when shipside.
Pt is being released from monthly medical check ups at this facility and is cleared to return to active duty with the following conditions, she continue taking the medications listed above with the exception of the Vincristine, unless the tumor begins regrowing at which time, Pt should return for more aggressive treatment or the attending physician aboard ship should follow the above treatment protocols.
Dr. Gwen Nguyen
Senior Oncologist
Swedish Medical Center Seattle

Psychiatric notes:
Pt presented to the ED department with active audio and visual hallucinations as well as suicidal thoughts. Through assessment it was determined that some of the symptoms were a result of organic concerns that were addressed medically.
After completing surgery and a sufficient recovery time, appointments with the psychiatric staff were set to assess any mental health issues that the pt may be having. The initial appointment took place in the pt’s room five days after surgery, pt was very closed and would not discuss anything regarding her past or present situation. Pt avoided all eye contact even when the contact was forced.
Subsequent sessions were held in the psychiatric offices at the hospital. As the sessions progressed, pt became more open to discussion about past incidents in her life that affected her at this time, including significant spousal abuse and attempted murder by her now ex husband. Pt indicated that she had no idea where the ex husband was at this time and did express concerns that he might return and attempt to harm she or her daughter.
Pt at times was fixated on organizing items and displaying extreme frustration when it was impossible to attain perfection. Pt began to recognize these episodes and found other productive ways to handle the intense emotions that she was feeling. Pt has made significant strides in dealing with the issues that have led to her current situation, psychologically speaking. Future interactions will have to deal with control issues surrounding food and weight. Pt has been very slow to regain weight that was lost during treatment for the tumor.
Final Psychological diagnosis: PTSD due to domestic violence, Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety and Depression.
Final Psycholgoical statement: PT is stable on medication for the above listed conditions. There are episodes of OCD that will break through, however she is stable enough to return to active duty with the stipulation that she continue therapy sessions and continue medications that have been prescribed as follows: Seroquel 150 mg at bedtime and Paxil 45 mg per day.
Also of note, 6 year old daughter was seen on several occasions and seems to be adjusting to her mother’s condition adequately, however, the child is showing signs of stress and some behavior issues that are consistent with a child dealing with a parent’s significant health issue. Child has strong support in the grandparents and Mother is aware of the behaviors and tries to deal with them accordingly. Child becomes aggressive and will lash out physically, she is also obsessed with whether her mother will become ill again. It is suggested that the child continue to see a psychiatrist and address the issues that she has surrounding her mother’s illness and how it has affected her.

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