Mia Salazar-Murphy

Authored by Tyra Schroll
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Engineering and Operations on Oed V
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 115
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Age:
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Character Biography

Genesee Salazar- Mother
Jorge Salazar- Father
Abey Salazar- 19
Alexia Salazar-Wishon (deceased-mother of Abey-) 45
Dena Salazar-Waban- 27 (Married to Dakota Waban- Son-Elan Waban (7 months old))
Kele Salazar-7
Married to Nicholas Ray Murphy.
Mia is the oldest of four children. She has three younger sisters, a brother in law and a nephew who is just a few months old. Genesee is a kindergarten teacher at the Chief Leschi schools. The three oldest children attended the school and graduated and the youngest child is now attending the school. Jorge works on his family’s orchard, where he and his brothers are in charge of the winery. Mia’s paternal grandparents live near by the orchard and her maternal grandparents reside on the Puyallup Reservation.
As a child, Mia was outgoing and constantly getting into trouble. Her parents were often called for conferences because of her behavior in school. Mia is an intelligent person and was easily bored with the work that she was being given at school. Most of the time, she had the work completed before she would get home and would then forget to turn it in. Her oldest sister Alexia died when Mia was 5 leaving her parents to raise Abey.
In High School, Mia followed the career path of woodworking. This allowed her to work with her hands, use her imagination and design various items. She became proficient at engineering and the organization of a small engine room. She was mentored by the maintenance staff at the school as well as her father, who taught her to fix the machinery in the orchard and winery.
Upon graduation from high school, Mia decided to leave the area and attend Star Fleet Academy where she continued her study of engineering. During her second and third year, Mia settled on Operations and Engineering because it afforded her the best of both worlds. She was able to get dirty in the engine rooms of the star ships, but she was also able to organize the needs of the ship with the resources that were available to them.
After graduation, Mia was initially assigned to the USS Chirikov as an ops officer. She spent four years on this ship before transferring to OP 45 where she was made Chief Operations Officer.

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