Benjamin Grey

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Athena
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 89kg
  • Height: 1,89M
  • Age: 30

Character Biography

Parents: Margaret & Christian Grey

General Background
Benjamin was raised on a farm in southern Scotland where he gained an interest in Medicine. He showed a great aptitude at a very young age, as many of his family did. Some fairly important people took notice and started paying attention to his career as an amateur veterinarian
He was taken on a special scholarship, the McCoy Foundation for gifted youngsters and accepted into the prestigious Cambridge Medical University in England. There he showed great talent and graduated with honors as one of it’s most successful students. He was then Accepted into Starfleet Academy where he continued his studies.
He showed exceptional talent during complicated surgeries and has since performed several high difficulty surgeries for Starfleet Medical

His mother was a retired Quantum physicist and his father a retired doctor that took up farming on the Grey family farm.
He has no Siblings.
Physical Description

Ben is a tall, slender with long strong arms. He is very thin. He has very strong hands. He has dark hair which he combs backward and keeps it at relatively short length.
He has intense green eyes.

2364 – Born February 13th
2381 – accepted into Cambridge Medical School
2385 – Joins Starfleet Academy, Medical Division
2388 – Graduates, Placed on the USS Polaris
2390 – Promoted to Lt. j.g. and made CMO
2391 - Requests Demotion back to Junior Officer - Reassigned to USS Genesis
2392 – Requests a transfer from the Genesis.
– Transferred to Starfleet Medical Outpost Z1 on Betazed
2394 – Reassigned to the USS Athena as CMO
Starfleet Background

Starfleet Academy:
Benjamin spent only 3 years in the academy to learn the basics of being a Starfleet officer. He showed little affinity to anything non-medical related. He mostly excelled at student drinking more than anything else. He was never much of a fighter, opting to avoid conflict if he could.

The USS Polaris
He worked well on the ship, mostly under a Ferengi DH. His superior’s antics often forced Ben to take charge of the Medical Department and having to treat his superior on two different occasions for strange reasons. He was also forced to deliver a child two times whilst his boss lay unconscious on the floor both times.
This lead to mutual distrust between the two as Benjamin gained fans amongst the medical staff, from the ones that considered him to be unqualified for his position. After a few years of service, his Ferengi Department Head retired and left a letter of recommendation for Ben to take over as CMO on the ship. The former CMO was then killed in a freak shuttlecraft accident. The Captain took the recommendation and promoted Benjamin to Chief Medical Officer which he served faithfully until he resigned the position. After a year as Chief Benjamin felt the pressures of the job mounting up. He requested a transfer and a demotion back to junior officer. This was granted and he was assigned as a junior medical officer to the USS Genesis

USS Genesis
Benjamin served on the Genesis for a single year as a junior medical officer under doctor Sage Brennan. After only a year he requested a transfer to spend some time away from space.

Medical Base Z1.
Benjamin was transferred to the main Starfleet Medical outpost on Betazed where he became a member surgical team that dealt with high-risk surgeries for people with dangerous ailments.. After a few rather uneventful years he yearned for the stars again so he again requested a transfer to a starship which was approved soon after and he was assigned as CMO on the USS Athena.
Medical Background

Benjamin is a very healthy man but is overly fond of strong liquor. He is fit after being raised as a farmhand and lives a mostly healthy lifestyle.
Due to a family history of Genetic manipulation, he grew up with an abnormal sense of smell, more akin to that of a bloodhound than a human. This incredible medical condition is one of the leading reasons for his becoming a Doctor. He is able to discern the identity of a person by their smell, even in a room filled with dozens of people, this includes their race and gender. He is known to keep a file on notable individuals with a simulated scent file that he creates himself. He is also able to smell out the several liquids that inhabit a humanoid body thus being able to notice for instance if someone is bleeding. This ability has been fairly useful in his role as a doctor. It, however, can also be a hindrance as a very strong smell can momentarily incapacitate him.
To counter anything like that he carries at all times a locket which contains in it a calming scent of his own design. It is in constant flux so the smell changes based on whomever that smells it.
Psychological Background

Benjamin was struck hard by the death of his Ferengi Department Head on the Polaris. This led to a dangerous period of drinking and reclusive behavior. He finally took hold of himself and requested a transferal and demotion from being a department head because he no longer trusted himself to lead people. He decided to gather experience first, knowing that being clever is only the first part.
He is generally a calm person with little volatility but he is protective of his friends and peers almost to a fault. Any and all clashes between him and others are either due to alcohol or his sense of right and wrong.

The Grey family secret:
During the Warp 5 era of spaceships the then Clan Leader of the Grey family, the strange Charles Grey managed to modify his body in a way that all of his children and their children were modified on a genetic level. How he managed this and why is unknown. No one understands how his genetic changes only start altering the brain of the child during the final month of pregnancy.
This change is not guaranteed but at times is so drastic that the child becomes different on a fundamental level. Gaining a slight trait over other humans but not so that he becomes a so-called ‘Ubermensch’. This has led to a fear of mating with other Species in Benjamin’s family because they fear what might happen if they’re unique trait might possibly kill the child.

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