Naomi Locke

Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Position: Science Officer on SS Sojourner
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Height: 5’ 7”
  • Age: 24

Actions Available

Character Biography

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 24
HT: 5’ 7”
WT: 168 lbs
EY: Hazel (Amber Dominate)
HR: Brass Golden Blonde
SK: Light Belgium
Ethnicity: N/A
Blood Type: O +
Vision: 20/30 (nearsighted)
DoB: December 1
Religion: Christian
Citizenship: British
Languages: English (British Variety)

Birth Order: Single Child/Oldest
Marital Status: Dating
Children: N/A
Surviving Relatives (Immediate):

Father’s side

Griffin Locke- 49 …… Father (Full Human) [Retired Military, Lt]
Ambrose Locke- 43 …… Uncle (Full Human) [Retired Military, WO]
Emily Foster (surname: Locke)- 39 …… Aunt (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Joann Locke (surname: Chadwick)- 70 ……. Grandmother (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]

Mother’s side

Lauren Locke (surname: Kipling)- 47 …… Mother (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Cedrick Kipling- Grandfather- 72 …… Grandfather (Full Human) [Retired Military, Capt]
Gracie Kipling (surname: Jervis)- 64 …… Grandmother (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]

Place of Birth: Leeds, Yorkshire within England

Description: Naomi, on first glimpse, doesn’t look like the ideal military officer material one would expect. Especially since one side of her family was highly loyal and served with a passion in the military for generations, something she carried onward in her search for higher education. Her figure is considered plump and obviously curvy that even tailored uniforms can’t hide her gender. However, she is fit without a doubt as on closer examination there’s a subtle hint of muscle underneath. Each movement has a poised, carefree quality to it despite what she is doing and she’s usually brightening her face with a fun-loving but mischievous smile. She often wears contacts for her nearsightedness as she hates how her glasses rub. Due to instances where her contacts have fallen out, she keeps a pair on her at all times.

Her short, blonde locks are often pinned up in a variety of ways that are interesting to look at. Some strands are dyed with washable bright pinks, blues, or purples to add color to her life. On her off days, she likes to experiment with soft but bright colored eyeshadow. When in the casual, she enjoys wearing tight-fitting tank tops, and knee ripped jeans with several pins on the seam side. Often she’s seen toting around in sandals when off duty. When expected to follow orders and become the ideal junior officer, Naomi never fails to both fit in and still have her own unique flare. Her uniform is the standard one that is expected to be worn, from the prime condition shirt to the ironed slacks and polished shoes. However, there is one thing that always sticks out: her hairstyle.


Naomi Dai Locke was born in Leeds, England, a colorful town within Yorkshire. She was the daughter of parents Griffin and Lauren Locke, their love seemed everlasting and undying throughout their years. On the outside, they seemed like the perfect couple. However, within the household between friends and relatives, Griffin had a mild controlling nature and high expectations, especially of his young daughter. Through his presence was influent due to his duties to the military, when he was home it was well known to all within the walls of their small apartment. Naomi seemed to take after her grandmother, a rebel at heart, and every rule was continually broke in various ways as she grew up. This resulted in numerous broken bones, injuries of several different levels, and small trips to the local clinics to get patched up in her father’s absence.

Her biggest rebellion was when she had almost graduated from secondary school. Her father, without her knowledge, had pulled some strings and gain her immediate acceptance within a prestige university then expected her to attend after her education. This created intense conflict between the two since Naomi had other ideas. Unlike her father, she didn’t want a medical profession for her life and had gained interest in biological sciences. Her aims were a career in the scientific fields and she resisted with a passion, resulting in words and a few blows being exchanged. In the end, Griffin Locke to outright banish her from the home. This forced Naomi to pack up her things and reside with a friend nearby on the outskirts of Leeds.

Unfortunately, her friend wasn’t the best influence over her as Naomi gradually learned. Callie was a party hard type of girl, her lifestyle wild to outright bonkers, which seeped into Naomi’s life rather easily. She did more experimenting in those brief years than her whole life. Surprisingly, her grades declined only to just below perfect when she drew into her final year. This was the time she realized she couldn’t expect her savings to last much longer. Obviously, she couldn’t expect Callie to support her through it since the woman was barely paying the rent. So, Naomi took the only available route: the military. Many students used the same method, served for a certain amount and have them pay for the university while she was enlisted. It was a fast pace experience as she flew through her courses, gradually eliminating her party hard life, or learning to work on less than four hours sleep, for the more structured one of Britain’s finest.

She later became enlisted into the Starfleet Academy by her own merits when she ended up passing exceptionally well on a test, her intelligence and passion giving her an edge. When approached about the fact, she immediately agreed without fully realizing what she was getting herself into. She would later blame her adventurous nature when faced with the challenges ahead. After accepting the offer, it was agreed that she would finish her terms of service upon the starship called the S.S. Bonaventure.

High School: Leeds High School
Football (soccer), and Cricket
Awards: Football (Soccer) Championship for her High school x2 years, Cricket Fundraiser Recognition

College: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;
Rank at Graduation: Cadet
Major: Xenology. Numerous Animal sciences, ecosystem studies, and related sciences.
Minor: Virology.
Extracurricular Activities: Football (Soccer)

Posts/Tours of Duty

  • Location - Position, # of Years Served
Assigned to the S.S. Bonaventure- Junior Officer, **** FAVORITES/PREFERENCES Colors: Purple, Pink and several others. Pet: Jacques (pronounced Jock) ~ Golden Retriever (left with her grandparents on her mother’s side) Movies/Holos: Thrillers, Scary, Adventure, Mysteries, and Action. Books: Mysteries, Adventure, and Action Favorite Subjects: Partying, Soccer, Science. Hobbies: volunteering for a local animal shelter, scrapbooking, board games. Music: Techno, Rock, Metal, and few other related groups. MEDICAL HISTORY
  • Date/Age - Event/injury, treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events/status
****/5-deep head gashed from tumbling down stairs/ healed ****/8-broken arm from falling out of a tree, disjointed finger, dislocated shoulder/healed ****/11-sprained ankle when she attempted a stunt off the playground slide (trying to slide down on her feet)/healed ****/15-laceration after falling off a motorbike, stitches then bandaged/healed ****/16-mild head impact but the cause is unknown, lost rear molar, bloodied retina from blunt impact, eye bruising, and a laceration across her temple required six stitches, broken arm, and infection (about 3 days old) /mostly healed but molar is reconstructed and replaced ****/21-foot broken injury during military training, surgery to realign the bones then set and cast for few months/healed Orientation: OOC NOTES

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