Valkris MacLaren

Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on Oed V
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Mixed race (1/8th Cardassian, 1/2 Klingon, 3/8th Human)
  • Weight: 148 lbs
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Age: 24
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Character Biography


Race: Mixed race (1/8th Cardassian, 1/2 Klingon, 3/8th Human)
Sex: Female
Age: 24
HT: 5’6”
WT: 148 lbs
EY: Russet Brown
HR: Light Auburn
SK: Light Sepia
Ethnicity: N/A
Vision: 20/20
DoB: April 6, 2369
Religion: Through Valkris has exposure to multiple religions back on Earth, she leans to a slight mixture of her own which follow an almost parallel to her father’s Klingon beliefs.
Citizenship: Dual- Klingon Empire and Federation Civil
Languages: Fluent in Klingon and English

Birth Order: Youngest. There is one from her mother Jani MacLaren, her older brother Jeremy MacLaren is a full human from a prior marriage and Valkris’ half-brother.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Surviving Relatives (Immediate):
Mother’s side

Arlean MacLaren (surname: Ryrant)- 85………Grandmother (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Weston TBA- 92………Grandfather (½ Cardassian, ½ Human mix) [Unknown]
Jani MacLaren-55………Mother ( ¼ Cardassian, ¾ Human) [Starfleet Officer, Security- Outpost position TBA]
Ka’Pek, son of K’lawuk-59………Father (Full Klingon) [Klingon, Qo’noS]
Jeremy Garrison, 28………Half-brother (⅛ Cardassian, ⅞ Human) [ Civilian (Doctor), Earth]
Keria Garrison, 26………Sister-in-law (Full Human) [Starfleet Officer, Engineering- Ship TBA]
Trenton Garrison, 1………Nephew (1/16 Cardassian, 15/16 Full Human) [Civilian(Child), Earth]

Father’s side

None- Any close members were killed off in the Dominion War.

Deceased Relatives (Immediate):
Father’s side

K’lawuk, son of Ka’Yell -76………Grandfather (Full Klingon) KIA- Dominion War
Kahli, daughter of M’Kora -75………Grandmother (Full Klingon) ]KIA- Dominion War](2300-2375)
Loka, son of Ka’Yell -74………Granduncle (Full Klingon) [KIA-Dominion War] (2301-2375)
Kahmur, son of K’lawuk -37………Uncle (Full Klingon) KIA-Dominion War
Ta’Mor, daughter of K’lawuk -38………Aunt (Full Klingon) [KIA-Dominion War] (2337-2375)
Syna, daughter of K’lawuk- 16………Aunt (Full Klingon) KIA-Dominion War
Mari, son of Loka-23………Cousin (Full Klingon) [KIA-Dominion War] (2352-2375)
Divagh, son of Loka- 34………Cousin (Full Klingon) [KIA-Dominion War] (2341-2375)
N’Kora, son of Loka- 28………Cousin (Full Klingon) [KIA-Dominion War] (2347-2375)

Mother’s side
Chasidy MacLaren-98………Great-grandmother (Full Human) [Deceased-natural death] (2274-2372)

Place of Birth: Qo’noS (Mother went into labor on planet unexpectedly)

Description: Valkris’ takes after her father in more ways than one, her most dominant feature being her appearance. There’s no hiding she is Klingon with her sagittal crest reaching from her forehead and edging beyond her hairline. It has a softer appearance compared to full-blooded Klingon women due to her human side diluting it. Her skin is light sepia in coloring and has a slight thick quality to it, enabling it to not blister under harsh sunlight. However, it doesn’t protect her well against colder climates. Along the strong features of her face her russet brown hair frames her face, often cut short between her shoulders and jawline to provide less of a grip to her enemies. In this cut, the strands became banana curls and gradually press close to her scalp. On the rare occasions, she will let her hair grow out as it becomes straight and more wavy than curly.

Her body is considered muscular with a stocky appearance, her height reaching up to 5’6”. However, she does retain a hint of curve making it obvious she is female to her very core. She has the ridges on her spines, chest, and feet which are more defined than her head sagittal. Her internal anatomy, from the eight chamber heart and redundant neural system to twenty-three ribs and bone design, is Klingon. There are various scars that cover along with her body, from her arms to her legs. Each one from the times she failed to protect herself while she learned to wield her bat’leth and mek’leth in her father’s lessons. Almost all of these have faded, merely lighter discolorations now and fond memories.

When on duty, she wears the Starfleet ’s traditional security officer uniform, the yellow shirt to the black slacks and boots. She always has her communicator on her right side and phaser on her belt, appearance often straight and crisp to give a serious impression. Off-duty she is more casual with her wear often wearing clothing that allows her to move yet compliments her figure, a bit of evidence to her vanity from her human side.



Valkris was never planned. Her mother never expected a child to be created when she began a relationship with a Klingon, Ka’Pek the son of K’lawuk. Through what unraveled would one of the happiest moments of her life as it brought her daughter Valkris into her life.

Valkris was born on Qo’noS during the stardate 2369. Jani MacLaren ended up going into labor suddenly a few hours before her departure back to Earth and like many mothers when giving birth to half breeds, Jani’s labor was complicated further by this fact. She required medical procedures to allow a chance for both mother and child to survive which was provided. Despite this, her father, Ka’Pek, a fully blooded Klingon, was proud to see his daughter’s bullheaded nature when she entered the world at her own decision, a few months earlier than expected. Regardless of the danger, Valkris was fortunate enough to be born healthy and screaming into the world.

For the first four of her life, her time was spent on Qo’noS to prevent cutting Ka’Pek out of her life. The Klingon homeworld was an interesting and often unpleasant experience for Jani as she tried to adjust to the traditions, greatly helped by the fact she was already familiar with them prior to getting involved with Ka’Pek. It wasn’t without its drawbacks. Many Klingons held distrust and lacking respect toward her and her daughter. So it was little surprise that after being in the toxic environment, Jani and Valkris often took trips back to Earth. Mainly to introduce her family to their newest member and to escape the prejudice toward her. Unfortunately, her mother, Arlean MacLaren, was furious at her daughter. Unkown to either Jani or her daughter, there was a dirty family secret. Their grandfather had been half Cardassian thanks to unpleasant encounter during his mother’s generation. This left stressful feelings between in Valkris’ grandparent and her mother for years to come.

They didn’t talk for four years. It was only when the Dominion War was just beginning, and interrupted their happy life like it had for thousands in Valkris’ generation and dragged on for two whole years, did Jani finally contact her mother. This had left Valkris be raised back on Earth, though her grandmother partly blamed Ka’Pek for his agreement to remain in Valkris’ life and risk the child being born. For the next four years, Valkris was raised alongside her five-year-old step-brother Jeremy, Jani’s son from her divorce from Elden Garrison.

At the age of eight, she could easily hold a training bat’leth and this prompted her mother to return with her back to Qo’noS. Her father began to teach her to wield it. Her year’s training were far harsher compared to most Klingon children as her father left scars, bruises, and memories she could draw upon for experience into the years to come. He was a firm believer if there was no pain than one hadn’t learned anything teaching her he could, from using Mok’Bara to proper use various weapons from the bat’leth to D’k tahg. Though she isn’t a mastery in these, her preference leaning toward the two mentioned depending on the situation when it comes to Klingon weapons. Many expected the prejudices to weaken her resolution to enter the Klingon world but it only seemed to spur her onward, especially those displayed by her Klingon family. At age of ten, she reached jak’tahla which, for her mother particularly, was a nasty nightmare to tame. Mainly since many adolescent Klingons experienced mood swings, aggression spurts, wild hair growth, and the dreaded gorch.

She went through the first part of her Rite of Ascension at the age of twelve. She proudly lite the kor’lova candles, and following six years later she underwent the second half of the rite. Her body passed through the Klingons holding their painstiks at the ready and endured their sting, testing her endurance. She could easily how eager somewhere to make her crumble and fall to her knees during her rites, a pleasure she refused to give them. Her voice was strong though she feared, a human trait from her mother’s side, she might fail and crumble into disgrace midway. Thankfully she didn’t and thus, proving herself a warrior.

Over the following years, she drifted from Qo’noS since tensions were running high between the Federation and Klingon Empire. In addition, her mother had grown ill enough to pull at Valkris’ human empathy and draw her into making the decision. Through she still visits her father from time to time. When she turned nineteen, she took the Starfleet Academy entrance exams and was accepted. Her first two years were basic learning over everything a cadet should know before being introduced to the stars. During her last two years, she narrowed her career down to Security where she took to various degrees and most ranging in high marks.

High School: Most of her life was spent between Qo’noS and Earth. She was taught by her father and his immediate family- at least those who were willing. When a resident on Earth, she attended Haley Senior High School.
Extra Curricular Activities: Weight Lifting

College: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra; (Currently attending her final year)
Rank at Graduation: Junior Officer
Adv. Tactics and StrategyAdv. Survival Training
Adv. Targeting and MarkshipCriminal Justice
Adv. Personal Attack and Control (APAC)Zero-g Combat

Hostage Rescue Psychology/Xenopsychology
Public RelationsStarship Flight Operation SFO
Extra Curricular Activities:

Known Skills/Talents/Knowledge:


Posts/Tours of Duty

    2392.1.5 - Location: U.S.S. Turing (Later named Chimera) - Rank: Ensign/COS - Position: Security Officer - # of Tours: 1 (Previous)
    2392.1.5-2393.6.31 - Location: OED V - Rank: Ensign - Position: Security Officer - # of Tours: 1 (Current)

    Colors: Crimson and Gold
    Pet: Canine
    Movies/Holos: Action movies, Klingon Audio Books, combative and physical puzzles
    Books: Historical, Fantasy/Fiction
    Favorite Subjects: Combat Tactics,
    Hobbies: Sparring, Reading, and challenging her mental and physical limits


    • #### - Event/injury, treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events

    2392- Several occasions she has come in with fractures, broken bones and other none punctured injuries customary to Klingon mating rituals/Each injury has been healed without issues and she has been returned to duty
    2392- Severe burns and broken bones during the Chimera’s last mission/she was removed from duty for the most of her days on the Chimera until reassignment



    **Currently, Valkris has absolutely no knowledge of the Cardassian taint in her blood and likely neither does Starfleet until a proper blood test is done seeking out those DNA markers.

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