Mathys Ducote

Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Age: 33

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Character Biography

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 33
HT: 5’9”
WT: 130 lbs
EY: Smokey Grey
HR: Brown, wavy curl
SK: Caucasian
Ethnicity: N/A
Blood Type: AB +
Vision: 20/20
DoB: May 13, 2366
Religion: N/A
Citizenship: Terran, United Federation of Planets
Languages: English, French and Cajun French

Birth Order: Oldest and only boy
Marital Status: Divorced
Hayden Tiane- 15………… Son (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]

Surviving Relatives (Immediate):

Daque Ducote- 67……………………………. Father (Full Human) [Starfleet Reserved, Earth]
Abigail Ducote (surname: Johnson)- 69……… Mother (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Samantha Ducote- 33………………………… Sister (Full Human) [Starfleet officer, Engineer-USS Icarus]
Tia Kingston (surname: Ducote)-30…………. Sister (Full Human) [Starfleet officer, Science-OutPost TBA]
Amber Calder (surname: Ducote)- 28………… Sister (Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Keven Kingston- 33……………………………. Brother-in-Law(Full Human) [Civilian, Earth]
Rory Calder- 35………………………………. Brother-in-Law (Full Human) [Starfleet officer, Security-USS TBA]
Paige Graham- 31………………………………. Ex-wife (Full Human) [Civilian, Colony Rigan]

Place of Birth: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana


Mathys is a handsome, bright young man with a youthful face and rugged appearance. His face is usually smudged by oil, grim or other residue from projects giving him a dirty, unkempt look. He has a slight beard that curls around his chin and his upper lip, adding several years upon his babyish face and keeping him looking in his late twenties. Rarely shaving it, the color is natural as the medium, golden flowing locks of golden brown hair. When on duty he slicks it back and tie it into a ponytail, preventing the wavy locks from framing his rectangular face. When let loose, they give him a sort of angelic look as his mother describes. Despite his white skin, a gift from his Acadian roots, he doesn’t burn easily unless he’s spent half a day in the scorching sun. On his lean frame and centered on the lower back is a image of a skeletal alligator encircling the upper edge of a bayou scene filled with yellow firefly dots. The gator had a tall, feathery voo-doo hat topping its bony head with a cheeky, no good smile.

His eyes seem to have a hint of mystery and allure deep in his smokey, dark grey irises. When in a brooding mood, they seem to darken and storm like a warning or a trick of the eye. On duty, he wears the traditional CE uniform of yellow tunic and black, ironed out slacks. His rank is pinned on his breast clearly for all to see. When out of uniform, he’s usually in a slightly oversized jumpsuit that protect his casual wear. The top usually rolled down over the waist and tied there with his sleeves when he’s on break, giving him free range.


Like his twin sister, Samantha, Mathys was born on one fine May 13th morning, their mother neck deep in labor and bellowing until her work was done. It was worth it most days but the two seemed to be a magnet for trouble, something she reminding them of every single day of their lives. Mathys’ family took stead in the Crawdad capital of the nation, Breaux Bridge, LA. It was a small community outside the more bustling city region of Lafayette where folks looked after one another and no one’s kid could hid any wrong doing if they tried. Daqote Docute, his father, was restaurant owner whose establishment was known for its more hotter, more better philosophy when it came to cooking and often based most their dishes around the abundant seafood found locally. His mother, however, was a high school counselor through thankfully not theirs.

Being the oldest and only boy, Mathys found himself straddle with much responsibility as three years later, Tia popped into their lives. She was shortly followed by the youngest Amber two years later creating a large family that he was proud to be a part of. It also was fun having the promise of digging a moat and making gator lined trap for when the girls started to dating to look forward to.

At about 9 years old, the Dominion Wars hit and his father was drafted into the Starfleet once more after being on the reserve list since graduation. This turned their family dynamic around as his mother was forced to raise all four children alone and keep the restaurant running, quitting her job as counselor for the school. It was only thanks to the aid from neighbors and friends that the large family managed to survive the ordeal until the War came to an end and with good fortune, their father came home. Mentally he wasn’t unscatched as dealt with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time in the field and the horrors of war he witnessed, drawing a wall between his family and himself. Those next two years tested the two patience and devotion as mother sent him, and his sisters to stay with their Nanny (grandmother) for months at a time.

He has been working at his father’s restaurant until he was sixteen and while he loved it, his love of food stemming from his parents, the income was meager at best. The place was busy, but slowly and gradually going under during the off seasons when tourism were at their lowest. It was this time he caught wind of a Ferengi and Human shipping company that dealt with cargo going, using their own docking bays and ships to the galaxy. Especially supplying colonist worlds with things from luxury goods to medical supplies and even hauling back their own contribution to sell back on Earth. With some determination as well as agreement to work at lower wages in exchange for hands on teaching about the engineering arts, he was hired on part time during the school year and full time in the summer. It was hard work but he learned fast about the ins and out of space traveling ships.

Mathys also met his first love when he was about eighteen and during an unprotected moment, their union produced a healthy, bouncing baby boy. It was stressful though he made plenty of money to get by on as he was forced to quit his father’s employ and work full time under the company. He was promoted to the rank of junior assistant by twenty, then took to studying for the starfleet academy examines which he passed in a month with impressive marks thanks to his prior experiences.

This was when his life started to take a mudslide down. What he thought was a happy marriage shortly revealed itself as an ugly lie when he came home early, revealing Paige and another man intertwined in their bed. It broke his heart to realize the woman didn’t love him in the same way he loved her. The divorce was mutual and quick, through he tried to fight the custody battle for several months. It was struggle balancing his career, his schooling, and trying to be a single father. After about three years, his graduation drawing onto the final year, he was indirectly connected to some smuggling evidence within the company. Most the ships he was working on had been seized as evidence and the investigation to prove his innocence harmed his case to gain rightful custody of his son. The judge ruled in his ex-wife’s favor and he was allowed limited visiting rights. Near graduation, new evidence was discovered that cleared him from all charges. By this time it was too late to help him and he would need to save money to pay the lawyer, then apply for an appeal against the court’s decision. He graduated when he was 24 then was assigned to the USS Zeus, his ability to work up to CE assistance was made easier when the man knew of his abilities and had past evaluated him while in the academy.

Two years later, the USS Zeus had a skirmish with the pirates while escorting a small group of colonist to their new home. During the fight, the CE Williams and several senior officers were killed when one of the interfaces within the warp core room malfunctioned and ended up exploding thanks to insider sabotage. This put Mathys in charge as he manned the station, ordering the fires put out and the core repair under way. He was awarded a Star Cross for his quick actions in repairing the warp core and aiding in saving the lives of hundreds, through it was bittersweet ceremony to the young man.

After receiving his medal, Mathys requested a transfer to another post. He was placed on the Dresden where he served for about two years before being reassigned to the Europa. When asked why he didn’t remain on the USS Zeus, he was honest. It felt disrespectful to take the place of a man he so well respected and admired. Due to his valued service, the USS Zeus CO aided him in a promotion as the new CE on Dresden. There he worked hard in order to keep the ship in top shape. Reasons for why he was reassigned remain unknown save between the Europa CO and himself.

High School: Breaux Bridge Senior High School
Extra Curricular Activities:
Awards: Star Cross…… 2392 [USS Zeus]

College: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;
Rank at Graduation: Junior Officer
Adv. Software Engineering
Adv. Computer Science
Minor: Computer Engineering
Extra Curricular Activities: Mechanics, Swim Team, Hoverbike Racing
Awards: Louisiana Engineering Achievement award (LEA)

Posts/Tours of Duty

  • Location - Position, # of Years during Tour
Zeus- Engineer- 2 years Dresden- CE- 2 years (shortened due to reassignment from STF) FAVORITES/PREFERENCES Colors: Pet: Movies/Holos: Books: Favorite Subject: Hobbies: Music: Country, Instrumental MEDICAL HISTORY
  • #### - Event/injury, treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events
  • 2376- Backlash of Father's PTSD event (unexpected)/laceration along the underside of the forearm, required nine stitches and painkillers without any additional complications.
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