Liam Madison

Authored by Janice B.
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Athena
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 44

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Character Biography

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 44
HT: 5’ 7”
WT: 180 lbs.
EY: Grey
HR: Dark with Grey streaks.
SK: Medium Belguim
Blood Type: O negative
Vision: 20/20
DoB: January 8, 2355 (Capricorn)
Religion: Atheism
Citizenship: Federation
Languages: Federation Standard

Birth Order: Youngest
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Surviving Relatives (Immediate):

Noah Madison- 47……………………………. Brother (Full Human) [Federation Civilian, Alpha III]
Amy Madison (surname: Doyle)- 46……………………………. Sister-in-Law (Full Human) [Federation Civilian, Alpha III]
Joseph Jr Madison-27……………………………. Nephew (Full Human) [Starfleet officer, USS Outpost 154]
Emma Madison- 21…………………………….Niece (Full Human) [Starfleet officer, Nurse-USS Icarus ]

Place of Birth: Alpha III

Description: Liam appears to be strictly the business type of individual. This means to see him smile, express approval or laugh is a rarity and one that would have to be earned through time. He takes pride that in every fraction of his appearance, the goal is driven by practicality and will always reflect that. His hair is a dark raven color with the showing tells of grey streaking the sides and stopping an inch from the roots adding to his mature image. It cut short to prevent contaminations as the front bangs and sides are slicked back against the head, just enough where it doesn’t fall into his grey, smokey eyes. Most had found their angular curves seeming to study them, making the hair on their back rise in alarm, then shift away to let the sensation linger. His eyebrows are well trimmed and set close to his eye tops, adding to his ‘scary’ aura of an academy instructor. Along the bottom of his face is slight stubble that he trims every three days to retain a professional and adult look.

Liam is about 5 foot and 7 inches, weighing at about 188 pounds, both his lean frame and medium Belguim skin color. Despite his age of 37 years, he is rather healthy since he takes measures to keep both himself and his colleagues in working order. When on duty, he wears the blue uniform associated with the Science department, the pips to match his rank of CSO on his right breast area. Being a work alcoholic means he is rarely ever dressed for a casual occasion, but on the rare chance he is then he tends to enjoy a black colored polo shirt, ironed slacks, and well-kept appearance.


It was just months before Liam was born when Joseph Madison lost everything in a trade deal gone wrong, incurring the wrath of some unsavory characters and an endless sense of fear for his family. This fear was enough to force Joseph to make a final choice and life-changing choice, taking his small business owner wife, Sophia, and eldest son, Noah, to move to Alpha III. It was an Earth-like Colony that centered around culture, industry, and trade making it an ideal place for Joseph to reweave his life back together. When Liam finally arrived into the world, he was sickly and weak causing him to be under observation for the weeks that followed. Once healthy enough he was released and sent home with weekly checkups until he turned one year.

Since both parents were often very busy, the boys were often left to raise themselves and Liam developed a firm dependence on his brother. Noah, he could easily see, grudgingly hated it which created a slight rift between them since they were both like night and day. However, despite the parent’s a loaf influence in their children’s lives they were encouraged to explore their own interests and become independent in following it. Unlike Noah who was into business and trade, Liam’ interest was in science. It began during his school years and gradually snowballed into various areas. His intelligence and ability to absorb information had drawn the attention of one of his high school teachers, Mr. Simons. The man suggested to Liam, when he began at age, to enlist into Starfleet Academy because it would provide endless opportunities.

It was a small dream, but one Liam had set his eyes upon and intended to follow it through.

Liam joined the Academy less than a month before the Dominion Wars officially began. Everything changed within those two years as the Federation and its allies fought the Bree and the Cardassians, the effect rippled through the colonies like a wildfire. Supplies were rationed from simple replicator food items to precious metals and materials for starship repairs. During this time several men and women were quickly drafted into starship and military roles, Liam’ father and mother were both among them. Noah was considered unfit for service due to his mental state failing the requirements for space duty. So once again, he was left to watch over both Liam and the homestead. Like brothers, they clashed often on everything about what each believed was right. It wasn’t until about a year into the war did news about their parents’ death finally make back to the boys, the ship blasted to pieces in the line of duty. There were no bodies recovered so the burial was a casket with two mourning boys watching their parents’ final departure.

Showing hints of his parent’s working habits, Liam tossed himself into his studies at the Academy. He focused on his primary talent in physics but branched into the surrounding sciences so add to his resume for his future. It wasn’t hard for his mind to grasp as each area had overlapping places through his true enjoyment was physics, of any sort. He graduated around the top of his class when he was assigned to the USS Utah, a ship dedicated to exploration. He served as an Ensign despite his credits, upon the ship honorably until it retired in 2382 when he turned 27. Having only served three of his first six-year term, he was then reassigned to the USS Aristotle and allowed to serve an additional six. He advanced to j.g. under an Arthur McCain, the ship’s resident Chief Science Officer due to exceptional performance. Liam fitted well in the exploration nature of the ship but he often came off as cold and aloof to his fellow officers, difficult to get to know. However, when he opens up when he’s found to be a good and loyal friend despite his serious attitude.

He remained for about six years, the ship’s environment suitable for his needs until he received orders to transfer to the Starbase 154 for his next assignment. Given no details and disliking the abrupt change in his surroundings, Liam managed to transfer within the week to the base. He was surprised to see an old cadet associate, now CO Robert Sherman, greet him on arrival and explain the situation. The older man was well aware of Liam’s abilities causing him to find them suitable for the current position left unfilled as he showed Liam his office that he would be working at for a term of five years. While on the starbase, he discovered his nephew would soon be following by requesting assignment there and working in the security sector. Liam was not exactly pleased but never once voiced his disapproval, though it was obvious through his actions toward the occupation.

When his term was up, he was assigned to the Athena thanks to Robert who knew the Captain well. They needed someone reliable and the first person Sherman knew was sitting right within his Starbase, Liam taking some convincing to actually accept the reassignment. Bidding farewell to both his nephew and his closest friend, he packed all his needed belongings and shipped out to arrive at his new destination: the U.S.S Athena.

High School: Alpha III High School
Extra Curricular Activities:

College: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;
Rank at Graduation: Cadet Lt.
Major: Particle Physics, Quantum physics
Minor: Astrophysics, Biophysic,
Extra Curricular Activities:
Awards: State Chess Championship of ‘69 (3rd), Hartman’s Junior Science Foundation (participation certificate)

Posts/Tours of Duty

  • Ship- Position
Served aboard U.S.S Utah until it retired-Cadet Served aboard the U.S.S Aristotle- Promoted to Lt (J.G) CSO Served aboard the Starbase 154- Promoted to CSO (Lt.) Serving aboard the U.S.S Athena-CSO (Lt. to Lt. Commander) FAVORITES/PREFERENCES Colors: Black, it’s practical Pet: None, he hates animals. Movies/Holos: Murder Mysteries, Historical Fiction (Science based), Select Comedies. Books: Satire, Non-Fiction, Realistic Fantasy Favorite Subject: Science Theories Hobbies: Builds model Starships, Starbases, Settlements, etc of places he’s been from scratch, fencing (novice). Music: Lyricaless Music, Opera, Orchestral (none rock version), and Renaissance MEDICAL HISTORY
  • Event/injury- treatment, treatment success or failure, or any other notable medically related events
During a Mission, Liam was infected by a foreign creature- surgery, removal has been impossible without risking the patient's life, the creature has created alterations to the subject's biology including enabling him to require feeding on radiation, heat resistance, and increased endurance against physical harm. Hands are also to radiation microwave heat at the palms. OOC NOTES

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