Authored by Brian Richards
Biographic Information
  • Species: Heirloom Ficus Carica (Common Fig)
  • Weight: The weight of a small tree
  • Height: The height of a small tree
  • Age: Nearing 400 years old now, Geoff is an old soul.

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Character Biography

Geoff, the sentient Ficus Carica, has a rich history that spans centuries. As a descendant of the common fig tree from Tabris’s childhood home on Earth in 1998, Geoff has been lovingly cared for and preserved throughout the years. This extraordinary plant’s journey began when Tabris decided to carry a piece of home with him into the cosmos, a symbol of the connection to their roots.

To ensure Geoff’s survival in the harsh conditions of outer space and various alien worlds, Tabris sought the expertise of botanists and geneticists. Through a series of advanced genetic modifications, Geoff was endowed with unique adaptive capabilities. These modifications allowed the plant to thrive in environments with varying atmospheric compositions, temperatures, and gravitational forces. As a result, Geoff became a living testament to the incredible advancements in botanical and genetic sciences. After all, the ban on genetic modifications didn’t apply to plants as far as Tabris was concerned.

Over the 398 years of their companionship, Geoff and Tabris have visited numerous planets and encountered countless species. Geoff has developed a unique ability to communicate with other life forms, primarily through subtle changes in its leaves’ color, texture, and movements. This ability has proven to be an invaluable asset for Tabris during their adventures, as Geoff’s communication skills have helped them build bridges and establish peaceful relations with many different species.

Throughout their interstellar travels, Geoff has also absorbed knowledge and wisdom from various cultures, becoming a veritable encyclopedia of botanical and ecological knowledge. The true extent of Geoff’s abilities remains a mystery, as the plant continues to evolve and adapt to its ever-changing environment. Some speculate that Geoff may possess latent telepathic abilities, while others believe that the plant has a deeper connection to the universe than anyone can comprehend.

With Tabris’s latest posting to OED V a new chapter has opened for Geoff. She not only has a planet to live on, the first time in centuries, but she has the opportunity to contribute to the community. Known as the Leaf and Petal, Geoff has opened a shop dedicated to sharing her creativity and share her vast botanical knowledge with the colony.

Though she communicates primarily through subtle changes in her leaves’ color, texture, and movements, Geoff has found innovative ways to convey her thoughts and feelings to those who visit the Leaf and Petal. In this charming shop, customers can find a diverse array of exotic plants, flowers, and seeds from across the galaxy, as well as various plant-based products and remedies.

Geoff feels immense pride in having a space of her own where she can flourish and share her passion for plants and nature with others. She has carefully curated her shop, selecting unique and rare specimens that inspire wonder and curiosity in her customers. Through her shop, Geoff hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

In her quiet moments, Geoff reflects on the journey that led her to OED V and marvels at the vastness of the universe she has come to call home. She feels a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant community on OED V and the many friendships she has forged along the way.

Geoff is also aware of the challenges that come with being a sentient plant in a predominantly humanoid universe. She is no stranger to the occasional feeling of isolation and the struggle to be understood. However, owning the Leaf and Petal has allowed her to focus on her strengths and find common ground with those who share her love for the natural world.

Ultimately, Geoff sees the Leaf and Petal as not just a shop, but as a sanctuary where she can celebrate the beauty and diversity of life throughout the cosmos. The shop has become an extension of her own identity, a living testament to her resilience and adaptability in a universe filled with wonder and mystery.


Tabris and Sharah, during their time together on the Ark Angel, had realized the potential of Geoff’s unique method of communication. They recognized the importance of finding a way for Geoff to communicate more effectively with various species across the galaxy. Over the years, they worked tirelessly on developing a series of subroutines that could integrate with a standard Starfleet Universal Translator.

The technology they developed harnessed the power of the Universal Translator and adapted it to interpret Geoff’s unique language. This new system allowed the translator to process Geoff’s shimmering leaves, subtle movements, and subsonic sounds, converting them into comprehensible visual and auditory cues.

While the technology was not perfect, it provided a groundbreaking solution that allowed individuals to understand and appreciate Geoff’s thoughts, ideas, and emotions. The communication was almost like a pictographic language, with Geoff’s expressive foliage painting vivid mental images for those who interacted with her.

Geoff, being a sentient plant, lacked the ability to visually sense her surroundings like other species. However, through her deep connection to the world, she could perceive and respond to various stimuli. This unique perception, combined with the groundbreaking translation technology, enabled her to communicate her experiences and emotions with those who visited the Leaf and Petal.

As customers entered the shop, they would often wear a small device that connected to the Universal Translator, allowing them to understand Geoff’s language. The device would provide them with auditory or visual cues, translating Geoff’s leaf movements and subsonic sounds into comprehensible information. Through this method, customers could learn about the various plants and their origins, as well as experience the captivating stories that Geoff had to share.

Though the technology did not allow for traditional conversations with Geoff, it fostered a deeper connection between the sentient fig tree and her visitors. By breaking down communication barriers, Geoff’s unique perspective and vast botanical knowledge could be shared with others, inspiring a greater appreciation for the natural world and its many wonders.

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