Dagen Thor

Authored by Gene Gibbs
Biographic Information
  • Position: CE on USS Genesis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Trill (joined)
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Age: 42
Actions Available

Character Biography

Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Trill (joined)
Position label: Chief Engineer
Full Name: Dagen Thor
Played by: Gene Gibbs

Current Assignment: USS Genesis
Office: Engineering, Ship Spec Specialist, Chief Engineer
Crewmember since: July 2017
Species: Trill (Joined)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs – build average but has a few extra pounds.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark with wavy curls … a bit salt and pepper now
Complexion: Fair with dark Trill spotting, often with a 5 o’clock shadow showing
Date of Birth: 16 July
Age: 42

Place of Birth: Remadin City, Trill
Education: Graduated with honors at Mt Plaxz Academy
Graduated Starfleet Academy
Marital Status: Single

Family name: Norel
Father (Shel), Mother (Karah)
Siblings Rossel (deceased, USS Enterprise E), Sister Deela – whereabouts unknown
Grandfather Burle (deceased, old age)
Reese, Uncle, retired, honorary member of Remadin Symphony Orchestra

Starfleet Career Summary:
Graduated Starfleet Academy, practicum spent on USS Columbia
Promoted to Lt jg and made CE of Columbia
Transferred to the USS Draco as engineer
Promoted to Lt and made CE of the Draco
Left the Draco and reschooled in advanced engineering
Posted as a advisory engineer on the Enterprise E – injured in the Scimitar Incident
Posted as XO on the Atlantis briefly until past injury caused him to withdraw
Marked as ‘Inactive’ as status as Dagen took a ‘suggested’ Sabbatical
Made a recurrence on OP42 as a contract engineer
Posted to Mars Shipyards and education in current engineering advances

Growing up on the Southern Peninsula in Ramadin City near the Drell Mountains he had a rich and whole experience there with family outings and good schooling. Mentored by his grandfather whom Dagen grew very close to he kept in close contact with him. At 6, he scored well in the symbiot aptitude testing which he continued and worked diligently on until he ‘failed’ in his late teens. His two passions were skiing and the pursuit of one day being chosen for a Joining. So good at skiing, Dagen was chosen as a potential team member to represent Trill in the Federation Olympics in the biathlon. However, inside of the same month, he was passed over at the Commission and did not make the final cut for the Olympic Team. This blow came two weeks before his entry to the Academy.
Unable to easily work through these two disappointments Dagen’s marks suffered in the first year at the Academy such that he was again going to not ‘make the cut’. Only through the intervention of his sponsor, Mr Ortal from his school, was he allowed to continue at the Academy under probation. He was hounded by the Vulcan superintendent at the time who felt that he had no place in the Academy but his seat should be cleared for another who was better suited. This was taken up as a kind of challenge to Dagen who worked to be ‘worthy’ of this Vulcan, who, whether by bias or design, made his life very difficult while the Trill was there.
After his second year break Dagen was recalled back to Trill by the Symbiot Commission. One symbiot, named Thor, had apparently chosen him against all tradition to be his next host. While this caused no small consternation amongst the Commission, Thor’s will prevailed. As his current host’s health failed Dagen held a vigil as it were at the Commission. A month later he was joined to Thor.

Romantic relationships with a Xena Pisik, a medic in Starfleet until her departure, and another, a common law relationship with a woman named Lori during his stay on OP42 – while Dagen had been under the alias of Duncan.

Medical History:
Broken leg and fractured skull while on the Columbia in a holodeck skiing accident
Standard allergic potential to insect bites after Joining. Fear of ‘death by mosquito’
A bout of depression and counseling after a failed romance on the USS Draco, and further counseling after other significant losses in his life.
Seriously injured in the Scimitar incident on the Enterprise E where his brother died. This undertook considerable physical rehabilitation and counseling where he is still plagued with guilt over his brother’s death. A recurrence of this injury caused him to transfer off the Atlantis, and this injury has been monitored since that time. Currently due to his placement at a Starfleet advanced facility and having undergone rigorous treatments and exercise this injury is behind him now. Physically he is whole from this ‘impaling’ through his abdomen that nearly killed Thor as well, he has occasionally complained of ‘phantom’ pains from there and recurring dreams of the incident.
He is fourth in line of hosts for ‘Thor’. Prior hosts included:
Surrel – A science officer serving on the Euripides
Thrace – a poet who never left Trill
Linn – a exobiologist and mother of 4 children

Psychological Evaluation:’
Dagen has had his share of setbacks in life. His first Academy year was nearly a failure after his missing out on his addition to the Olympic Ski team, and, soon after, not making the cut in the Trill Commission. This caused his marks to suffer and he was on probation after this. He was Joined between his second and third year at the Academy. While he ended well, Dagen’s Academy experience was rocky at best where he had issues with a Vulcan professor by the name of Savel who felt he did not rise up to the Academy’s standards.
Once out of the Academy his career advanced well with promotion after promotion. His brother Rossel followed in his footsteps and was a security ensign on the Enterprise E. Dagen was able to obtain a dispensation to be on board with him (as an engineering advisor) when the incident with the Scimitar occurred. During the collision Dagen was seriously injured and Rossel was swept into space. Dagen blamed himself for this as being unable to save him. His grandfather died not long after whom Dagen was close to after a short illness, and his sister took the death of Rossel badly. She began what Dagen called ‘a downward spiral’ and then eventually leaving home. Dagen at this time was undergoing classroom studies at Starfleet; a ‘encounter’ with an Admiral regarding his family did not go well resulting in an altercation. This resulted in a demotion and his ‘sabbatical’ He narrowly avoided a courts martial; his prior record and testimonials helped him avoid a sentencing. Dagen took it upon himself to find his sister which led him to OP42. The nature of what happened there is not fully known, though he was alleged complicit in the death of a Cardassian landlord on OP42. Though he was cleared of charges, the stain of this remains as does the psychological scarring of the incidents from the Scimitar and beyond. The tenaciousness in which he has pursued his studies, interests, career and personal quests has been both a bane and a boon to his mental health.
Dagen’s return to the doorstep of Starfleet was a surprise by all. The Starfleet consultants opted to provisionally take Dagen back provided that he undertake counseling, physical attention to his past injury, and educational upgrading. This was accompanied by a cut in his rank once more which he did not dispute even though he had legal grounds to do so. Given his history and experience he was recommended to take on both the education of, and hands on work in the construction of a Manhattan Class vessel. The results of this is in the below notation.
The Manhattan Project, as this was named by Dagen, was undertaken with the diligence and tenacity that his character and history demonstrated. While his work as been pristine and he has taken to his studies on the Manhattan Class vessel including two full years of hands on work in her construction, he has been burying a considerable weight of guilt and regret which he has sublimated with his studies, work and interactions. Counseling evaluations share a concern over this, however do not see cause or reason that Dagen should not return to a more active duty position. Once gregarious, Dagen has shown himself to have withdrawn in many social contacts and avoided contact with his family, though in contrast he has been outgoing in performing ‘extra’ work to those in need on the Starbase.
(joined the Genesis in July 2017)

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